20 July 2007

2007-2008 Basketball Schedule Announced.

It's out. Let's see who we are playing:

Winthrop in Jackson on Dec 13

  • Winthrop made the sweet 16 last year. This is one of two off campus games we are playing in Dec to offset the low attendance while the students are away. Here is the Winthrop official website: . There isn't a Winthrop Spirit or Rivals site.
  • A Winthrop message board : WinthropFans.com

Southern Miss in Southaven on Dec 28.

  • This is the second off campus game. We will also play Southern in Jackson in the future.

New Mexico on Dec 1st in Oxford.

  • This game was picked up after Memphis asked to be released to play Georgetown.

To view the release click go here.


Anonymous said...

Heres another very popular UNM site.


Anonymous said...

The definitive UNM Lobos fan forum:

You asked for a bit about our team:
-New coach in Steve Alford, formerly of Iowa.
-Former McDonalds All-American in JR Giddens. He's a bit hard to get control of, but with the new coach hopefully he'll spread the ball around while drawing double teams. Grades are also of concern with this guy.
-Finished last in the Mountain West Conference last year
-Great recruiting this offseason should bring some more height, which the Lobos lacked last year.
-One of the best 3pt shooters in the conference in Chad Toppert.
-Seniors include Tony Danridge, JR Giddens, and Darren Prentice.

That's just a quick rundown. Visit TheRedMenace.com for more info.

Anonymous said...


Good Winthrop fan forum site.

The Hotty Toddy Blog said...

Thanks! I've added that site to the article.

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