30 July 2007

Ole Miss: How we are perceived, cont.

This is part II in my series: How we are perceived. I've asked all 11 Big 10 universities' fans what they think of Ole Miss sports. In the first blog I posted Illinois and Indiana's responses. In this blog I will look at Iowa, Michigan & Michigan State. As I said in the first blog, I will not make any comments on what their fans say. I will simply let them speak for themselves. I will post links to the message boards if you wish to discuss, shed light on or defend Ole Miss.


Iowa and Ole Miss have never met in football. I am not sure if they have ever played in basketball. Oxford and Iowa City are 613 miles apart and according to google maps a 9.5 hour drive.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

The Rebel Flag--Legend12

John Grisham--citizenHawk

Program with very little recent success, besides Cotton Bowl with ELi.Have not yet made strides with new coach, although there is hope. Willis was an amazing linebacker.--bdg8

Thousands of people waving Confederate Flags--uirx2002

The Egg Bowl--hawksurprize

Archie Manning and his homecoming queen wife (they rarely mention that during broadcasts.) LOL!!! But it probably should have been that disgraceful flag. --dtripp26

The Ole Miss campus is the prettiest and neatest in the USA....also, with the prettiest coeds!--hawkshoundstooth

Hot women.--rchawk

Colonel Reb...The Confederate Flag KEEP THEM! Good looking unis and legendary for good looking coeds--CloydWebb

Archie and Eli--HawkCub

Archie and Eli.--luvthehawks

Chucky Mullins-- R to the C

James Meredith --vbede772

I hear your women are incredible- and you dress up for games--Upside Job


Eli Manning--FlickShagwell

Is that where Scott McKinney is from.--ihawk in FWB

I think of cute girls......... Way back when I was in college, someone wrote an article (or book.. I have forgotten), which purported to give prospective college students the REAL scoop on where to go to college. I remember that Ole Miss was designated as the best destination based on this critical metric....... I remember, thinking Damn!! Why didn't someone tell me that while I was still in high school.--Titus Andronicus

My thoughts on Ol Miss are that you should not have let Rob Evans get away. Once he left, it was all downhill both for the Miss bball program and ASU's program.--YaleHawk

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Thank you for Archie Manning--Legend12

out of sight, out of mind--citizenHawk

Have to resort to the Kansas State way of doing things. Taking players with questionable character, grades, etc. Or maybe that was Schaffer. --bdg8

Don't have strong feelings about Ole Miss - can't help but think it's a little backwards given the visibility of the Confederate flag. --uirx2002

It's a team I'd like to see become a contender in the SEC.--hawksurprize

Orgeron is probably going to land Ole Miss on probation and that flag needs to go. --dtripp26

Ole Miss has turned out some great alumni--hawkshoundstooth

Small enrollment school competing against giants (See: Vanderbilt, Northwestern etc)--CloydWebb

Don't really have any feeling on them--Hawkcubb

I am sorry about saying this but I think of Racisim.--luvthehawks

Pretty neutral, really. I think Orgeron (sp?) is going to get things going in the right direction.--R to the C

Below average state school with a superb campus.--vbede772

I don't mind them--Upside Job

I hate Eli after the 1st pick of the draft and his crying because he didn't want to play at San Diego. Honestly, I dont mind Ole Miss but I almost tend to favor MSU as of late. (i dont know if that is a big deal for you or not)--Hawkfan_08

I'd love to see them win the SEC in football.--ihawk in FWB

I like it and consider it one of the great State Universities in the nation.... from the point of view of obtaining that "Oh so critical" well rounded college experience.--Titus Andronicus

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?


why not? I'd love if we played any SEC team--citizenHawk

I would like to. It would be fun to see a SEC game on the road.--bdg8

It wouldn't be a bad thing.--uirx2002

Yes. In football, aroad trip down Spouth would be fun.--hawksurprize

I'd love to. Playing Ole Miss would be a major step up from our current OOC schedule.--dtripp26

Wish Hawks would play Ole Miss in football--hawkshoundtooth

That would be a great series, especially in football. Make it a late September game though. The heat distracts me from ogling hot women. --rchawk

Yes.....in both--CloydWebb

Don't care one way or the other--Hawkcub

I would love to play Ole Miss in Football, we got Brad Banks from a Mississippi JC, we could use another southern state to help recruiting.-- luvthehawks

Absolutely. I would love to play Ole Miss in football.--R to the C

Yes, we have played Florida and LSU as of late. Would be some passionate football games. I really dont think of Ole Miss for basketball, just like you probably dont think of us.--Hawkfan_08

love to, but we only play bad teams in our non conference schedule. is ole miss going to be bad?--FlickShagwell

Bring on any SEC team.-- ihawk in FWB

You bet ........ I think they would be a great opponant for us. A big brand-name school with tradition..... Just far enough away to be an adventure and arrouse curiousity..... Particularly if we could drop the Iowa State game for you guys..... --Titus Andronicus

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

Crooked. Crooked. Crooked--Legend12

competitive football conference. some great games --citizenHawk

Crazy fans, questionable character, best football conference inn the country.--bdg8

Strong in athletics, poor in academics sans Vandy.--uirx2002

A Conference that's stuck on itself. --hawksurprize

Dirty rotton cheaters but great game-day atmosphere and amazing women.--dtripp26

SEC is a great conference, and is a strong football conference right now, but the BIG 10 does not take a backseat to anyone!! --hawkhoundstooth

Classic football and die-hard fans.--rchawk

You are a piece of chuck in a meat grinder conference, and will be battling uphill forever--CloydWebb

The conference is pompous and arrogant.--HawkCubb

Great Sports conference--luvthehawks

Exciting conference. Passionate fans.--R to the C

The poster child for Murray Sperber's thesis.--vbede772

I've been in Tennessee for the summer and I think that their fans are far more passionate about college sports and college football. Its a really cool conference, and they have a great rivalry with the b10. --Upside Job

SEC is a great and competitive conference. Academics is not a key factor outside of Vandy but not a big deal.--Hawkfan_08

hell of a football conference. great athletes, and their fans are dedicated.--FlickShagwell

I am jealous as hell of the SEC .... The Big Ten is supposed to be the premier conference in college football.... The SEC has risen to the point where this is less clear-cut....... But I think we are developing a pretty good rivalry given some of the recent bowl matchups. I am looking forward to settling a few scores.--Titus Andronicus

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

Yes....I l-o-v-e women with Southern accents. --Legend12

I know nothing and have heard nothing.--bdg8

No, but I'd probably be a fan of any southern football venue. However, I'd probably choose LSU, SC, UGA, Tenn, FL and probably Bama before Ole Miss.--dtripp26

No, but a football series would be a great opportunity to do so. I've heard nothing but good about football Saturdays in Oxford.--rchawk

No....but I bet it's great!--CloydWebb

No, have heard that there is area that is the place to go. Officially a dry campus but people drink there anyway.--Hawkcub

No, but would love to, I hear it is a beautiful campus with many lovely ladies. I heard about the egg bowl and how the players walk to thge stadium with crowds lining both sides of the street welcoming them.--luvthehawks

Never been there. Haven't heard much about it.-- R to the C

No. I may have seen two games on TV. In one I distinctly remember thousands of people waving rebel flags while a mostly black football team ran out on the field. I thought that was interesting to say the least. --vbede772

No, but I'd really like to, and see first hand if the women are as good as advertised.--Upside Job

I have not been to an SEC stadium, but you guys have home games when you play in the south for bowl games so I kind of get the feeling.--Hawkfan_08

never been, but love the idea of the students dressing to the nines for games. sounds really cool. will probably never go, as i would have to actually physically BE in mississippi, but have heard that you guys do it up pretty big there.--FlickShagwell

No, it's great according to Scott McKinney.--ihawk in FWB

No ... I have watched games on TV and agree that it is one of those fabulous experiences that is unique to college football.--Titus Andronicus

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The last and only time Ole Miss and Michigan played was in the 1991 Gator Bowl. Ole Miss fans would soon forget that game. We last played Michigan in basketball in 1980 in the Sugar Bowl tournament. Ole Miss won that game and also won the tournament. Oxford and Anne Arbor are 823 miles apart. According to google maps it's a 12.5 hour drive.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

That Chris Vernon youtube skit --MemphisGoBlue

I think tradition and an unfortunate slide. I also think "Hotty Toddy, gosh almighty (and then unfortunately, when's Ole Miss gonna beat somebody...it rhymes, which you know, is unfortunate). But seriously, I think of tradition on a rather unlucky slide--SocSikBlue

In order as they popped into my head: 1) Rebel mascot controversy, 2) 7 OT loss to Arkansas, 3) Pics of a drunken Eli Manning....probably not what you were hoping for, but thats what popped into my head. Its probably because we don't hear much about Ole Miss here outside of the things I mentioned. I like their uni's if thats any consolation.--BayAreaWolverine


Chucky Mullins--desmondcharles

Eli Manning--wolve66

We kicked your butt in a bowl a few years back--HHVAWolve

Stars and Bars (Doesn't bother me one bit, but the old man looks like a worn our Colonel Sanders)--JoeTheWolf

first thing I think of? Probably the 1991 Gator Bowl and Michigan's 35-3 shellacking of the Rebels in a game that wasn't that close. Michigan had 715 yards of total offense on 85 plays including 391 yards rushing. I don't think we've cracked 300 in rushing and passing in the same game since then.--blockm2

stuck up hotties--NawlinsBlue

Hot southern girls--CZA_Behave

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

strong dislike --MemphisGoBlue

Seems like an old fashioned southern football (of footbaw) kind of place.--SocSkiBlue

I like em OK. I was just in Mississippi by the way. Had the best fried chicken I've ever had.--BayAreaWolverine

great fans (also being a South Carolina fan i met a few at the games)--s.caro...verine

Neutral, I don't hear/read too much about Ole Miss.--wolve66

Positive feelings--I remember when we played you in the bowl, your coach and fans were very gracious--HHVAWolve

Don't really have any.--JoeTheWolf

indifference. We just don't play Ole Miss and they aren't a national power in football or basketball so I rarely see them on TV, let alone think about them.--blockm2

generally a feeling of respect, a friend of mine went there--NawlinsBlue

Southern tradition--CZA_Behave

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

no --MemphisGoBlue

For both, sure. Basketball could be ugly just because I haven't heard a lot about either team recently. Seems like we might not want to televise that one.--SocSkiBlue

Sure, that would be a fun game to watch. Never pictured playing Ole Miss till now.--BayAreaWolverine


Football, but Ole Miss wouldn't be my first choice.--wolve66


Sure, but some folks say we are afraid of anyone not in the MAC--JoeTheWolf

not high on my list of games to watch--blockm2


Yeah, but down the road once Coach O establishes the program a bit more.--CZA_Behave

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

generally favorable, with the exception of Rickyvol and the UF trolls that visit this site. --MemphisGoBlue

Ehh, fine with the conference in terms of pure standing, but not alright with the attitude of many of their fans. The SEC is not God's gift to man and it is not invincible. It is close to the top conference right now, but there are certainly many examples of it falling to supposedly weaker conferences. The idea of "Southern Speed" is laughable and any recruit that thinks that they can escape the cold has little to no chance of playing in the NFL.--SocSkiBlue

Over-rated. Thats not to say they're not good, they are, they've just done an excellent job of convincing people they're better than they really are. It kinda goes hand in hand with the 'southern speed' myth. We're constantly told we can't hang with their southern speed, yet we've beaten the SEC 4 of the last 5 times we've played them in bowl games. Maybe they do have 'southern speed', and it just doesn't matter when they play Michigan. I don't know what it is. I love their passion for college football in the south though. I also love southern food (my favorite)...that doesn't have anything to do with the SEC, but it should be noted that I love hush puppies.--BayAreaWolverine

the most balanced from top to bottom --s.caro...varine

I think it's a good conference, but it's not as great as some of the arrogant fans think.--desmondcharles

Unpredictable conference. The best team doesn't always win the title. Conference play seems to run in streaks.--wolve66

SEC is a great football conference but a little weak on academics, if I must be truthful--except for Vandy, which seems like a fish out of water in the SEC.--HHVAWolve

Good conf, but coocky fans make me hate it. I don't understand why they think their conf. is so much better than the others. I just don't get it. If (and when) we win a NC, we would/will brag about our team, not the Big 10.--JoeTheWolf

pretty much like the Big Ten with a few more lunatic fans who have never seen a game outside their own conference--blockm2

excellent conference, maybe the best some times, but overly worshiped by everyone in the media to a point that it is ridiculous--NawlinsBlue

SEC needs to realize they have an overall losing record to Michigan and stop pretending like they are the only conference in the country that plays top level football.--CZA_Behave

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

I've never been there on a gameday, unfortunately. It is a really nice place, a classic southern campus. I enjoyed Oxford as well. People on campus were very friendly. The girls certainly lived up to their reputation looks wise. I would enjoy playing Ole Miss in football. I root for you guys and have contempt for any cow-school abbreviated MSU. We have one of those up here as well.--knoxblue

no, but I hear the Grove is nice.--MemphisGoBlue

Can't say I have, but I have only heard good things. Would like to in the future for sure.--SocSkiBlue

No. Haven't heard anything about it.--BayAreaWolverine

no but i have heard the grove is a blast--s.caro...varine

I never been there , but like most fans in the south you guys are very into your sports teams.--desmondcharles

No, I haven't heard of the game day atmosphere.--wolve66

Nope--I am sure it is beautiful and steeped in history--Faulkner comes to mind.--HHVAWolve

Never been to Oxford, but would like to. Haven't heard anything about the gameday experience. At least none that I can recall--JoeTheWolf

yes, I've been. Not quite my cup of tea. I'd rather wear jeans and drink beer and throw a football around before a game. Too many people too dressed up IMHO for football. It's a pretty area, but not a real football atmosphere if you ask me.--blockm2

I have been to the grove one time many, many years ago, but never inside the stadium. I had good time, I recall there was some drinking involved- maybe more than a little. That's all I remember:)--NawlinsBlue

No, my uncle did and highly recommended it though.--CZA_Behave

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We have never played Michigan State in football and I don't remember playing them in Basketball either. Ole Miss and MSU played in the 1999 NCAA tournament. MSU, the second seed, beat Ole Miss in the second round. Oxford and East Lansing are 805 miles apart. According to google maps the driving time is just over 12 hours.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss

Beautiful women.--rearvu

Deep southern tradition. About as southern as southern can get.--Bleedgreen1


(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

I do not know why in the world they fired Cutcliff.--TampaSpartan

Seems like they haven't been relevant in football and baseball for awhile now so I really don't have any strong feelings one way or another.--bleedgreen1

The last bastion of collegiate confederacy in the south.--rearvu

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Certainly, if you agree to play the East Lansing home and home football date in mid November.--rearvu

Sure why not. I don't think we've ever played each other before. I don't think a rivaly would start, b/c of geography, and we really don't recruit in Mississippi (in either football or basketball) but it would be a good thing to do.--bleedgreen1

I'll take basketball!--TampaSpartan

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

I live in Florida, the SEC is packed with talent and great coaches.--TampaSpartan

Good conference as far as athletic teams. Academics are lacking. I get the impression that the football teams are a little shady, but I can't think of anything specific right now. The fans give the impression that the SEC is the best at everything and every other conference sucks.--bleedgreen1

Its good--rearvu

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?


Yes I have in 1996 when they played Alabama. My roommate in law school grew up in Mississippi and graduated from Alabama. I had a very positive experience. Three things stick out in my mind: (1) The weather. For us up here, we expect football to be played in cold weather. People go to games bundled up typically (except for maybe the first four games or so). The weather in Oxford was beautiful, warm and sunny. Really seemed odd to me; (2) People dressed for the games like they were going on a first date to some fancy restaurant. I saw so many females in dresses and males in ties I couldn't believe it. Up here, like I said, people bundle up for the games. Even when the weather is warm for a game, people go to the games in a tee-shirt and shorts. My roommate said that nothing special was happening that day, it was just a normal occurence. (3) Very good looking women. Maybe that had something to do with the females being all dolled up, but it certainly left a strong impression on me 11 years later!; (4) Confederate flags. They passed out confederate flags out to everyone who entered the stadium. Just about the whole Ole Miss section was waving confederate flags during the game. I hear they stopped that practice since that time though; (5) Very nice people.--bleedgreen1

No, but I hear it is wonderful.--rearvu

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Mr. Aaron said...

Ole Miss did play Michigan State in basketball. They beat us 74-66 in the 1999 NCAA tourney. It was a great game and I actually thought the Rebels were going to win it, but Matteen Cleaves willed the Spartans to victory...Keep up the good work, I love having a good Ole Miss blog to read!

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