31 July 2007

Ole Miss: How we are perceived IV

This is the final part of the How we are perceived Big 10 blogs. In this blog I will look at how fans from Northwestern, Purdue and Wisconsin view Ole Miss sports.


Northwestern and Ole Miss have never played in football. Oxford and Evaston are separated by 634 miles. It takes 10 hours to drive from Oxford to Evaston according to google maps.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Many things. Not many are nice.--Gladeskat

Nothing IMMEDIATELY jumps to mind, since Ole Miss isn't as high profile as Alabama (Bear Bryant), Kentucky (basketball) or Florida (Spurrier, even though he's gone). But I guess the rebel grove is first on the list. I guess the Mannings are the most famous athletes/coaches that come to mind. --CleveCat

your racist Senators--NU64

Racism. "whited sepulchres". Archie Manning.--NCCat66

Two words - Michael Oher--DurhamCat

Orgeron is a mean drunk--CoralSpringsCat

The Egg Bowl and excellent tailgating are the first things that come to mind. Overall, I view Ole Miss as having a strong football tradition and loyal fans. I've read articles on tailgating in the Grove and the Walk of Champions and it is supposed to be great atmosphere.--AstroCat

the south, didn't they play Nebraska a couple years ago?--flagonthefield

Eli Manning. If he doesn't produce more this year, then "that wasted draft pick, Eli Manning".--VAcat

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

As you ask specifically about the University of Mississippi, let me add that I see that school as no better or worse than its peers. I have heard from friends who have attended games in Oxford that the campus is very nice and the gameday atmosphere is electric. As an alum of NU however, I'd prefer to see NU schedule games with representatives of conferences that adhere to higher standards of academic ethics. The ACC, Big East, PAC 10, and Big Ten all have difficulties balancing academics and revenue-producing athletics, but at least are trying to maintain an ethical standard.I see the SEC as a big circus tent run by a modern-day P.T. Barnum who puts on a great show and asks people to ignore the suffering behind the scenes that supports it. In this case, the suckers who were born every minute are the student-athletes in the SEC programs. PS: I too love the beagles!--AgingB...rRedux

have no problem with the "rebel" name, but Ole Miss is definitely associated with bigots. Trent Lott, for example. --CleveCat

Do people there know it is not 1850 anymore?--NCCat66

vague, nither good nor bad--flagonthefield

Old South, the good and bad of it.--VACat

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

No.--CleveCat & NCCat66

I would not mind playing Ole Miss in football, but I don't see it happening. In the Chicago area there is not enough fan interest to justify scheduling a non-conf game against Ole Miss.--AstroCat

Vandy is a much better fit if we wanted to play the SEC --flagonthefield

Old South, the good and bad of it.--VACat

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

I think that many of us, not only at NU but throughout the Big Ten, perceive SEC schools to exploit poor to marginal students in revenue- producing sports to generate alumni support and build national profiles. Our perception is that these students are kept eligible in order to serve the school's interests, but have no real chance of graduating with meaningful degrees. As alumni of a school committed to ensuring that our teams are composed of true students-athletes, we find the practices of the SEC schools reprehensible and the success of their teams tainted. This is not to say that the schools do not have many wonderful students taught by top-echelon faculty, but that large numbers of SEC athletes have no business in college other than to play sports. --AgingB...rRedrux

Although every conference is crooked, the SEC is the most crooked. Even many SEC fans admit that. --CleveCat

Vanderbilt is a good school with a pretty campus and a great BB coach (who hails from Illinois and played at Purdue).--NCCat66

I have a very high opinion of SEC football, but I just do not have the time to follow all the conferences. Mostly, I focus on the Big Ten--AstroCat

pretty tough conference in more than one way--flagonthefield

SEC is purely about athletes and money. Vandy has the only student-athletes with the exception of a few at each school.--VACat

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

Yes. Lots of tailgating, the rebel grove, and the SEC tradition of co-eds attending the game in their dresses and high heels. It was fun. The "18 MPH" speed limit on campus is pretty clever, too (it's a tribute to Archie Manning).--CleveCat

No. Nothing....I admire your intestinal fortitude. Good luck with your poll. If we are in error regarding Old Miss, you might want to pass along to us facts that would contradict our impressions of your school.--NCCat66

No, but heard it's a great gameday experience.--VACat

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Ole Miss and Purdue have played only one time in football and it was back in 1929. Oxford and West Lafayette are 577 miles apart. The drive from one to the other will take you around 9 hours.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

The Confederate flag--ecouch

Move the Egg Bowl back to Thanksgiving evening. Use to enjoy watching it--Chicago Joe

If it is outside the Big Ten I don't really care about it.--4thandshort

Who gives a crap?--SantoForHOF

Tailgating in the Grove, arguably the best looking coeds in the country--mrbreeze

The Grove. Hotty Toddy. Ultimate, premium, formal tailgating - women in sun dresses and heels, centerpieces, candelabras with average football.--Gerarad Francisco

The "rich" kids of Mississippi. That's the way everyone treats them there.--Whiskey and Coke

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Racists, 100 years in the past. Hot chicks though--ecouch

The fact it was called the Egg Bowl always made me giggle. It was always interesting to see the uniforms and the stadium at night. About the only time us Yankees ever got Mississippi exposure.--ecouch

I like Ole Miss. Archie played there, and he's the father of Peyton, and we love Peyton here in Indiana--Mighty Argyll

If you've ever spent any significant time in the south, you'd know that the racist label attached to the rebel flag is not entirely accurate. It's a symbol of history and carries a certain machismo association with being a rebel, but you'll find plenty of people who display the old rebel flag with no intention or thought to promote racism. Most southerners are aware of the connotation, but some reject the newly-placed stigma attached to a symbol they grew up with. Not saying true racists won't fly the rebel flag because there is certainly that too, but it's mostly just viewed in the south as their history and heritage. If you talk to southerners about the confederacy, they mostly think of it as a failed attempt for independance rather than an excuse to keep slaves as we northerners tend to see it. Until recently, people weren't taught to be offended by such symbolism.--FiveWeight

Great southern university experience, mostly middle of the road in athletics, though they have struggled in football a bit lately. The football team had a couple of really good LBs that went to the NFL in '07--mrbreeze

Beautiful campus. If I knew now then what I know now, I would have applied to Ole Miss. Attractive coeds is an understatement.--Gerard Francisco

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

No - football Sure - basketball. I don't see you guys coming this far north in football.--ecouch

don't see why not, I think the Purdue faithful should have to opportunity to experience the southern hospitality, as well as the SEC football atmosphere--mrbreeze

Football--Gerard Francisco

Absolutely! Especially in football. And I would very strongly consider a road trip to Oxford for a football game.--Mighty Argyll

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

Best football conference in the country.--ecouch

Great football conference - speed kills.--Gerard Francisco

Perennial power conference, always one of the top 3 conferences in the nation, and lately I'd say #1 conference in the country.--Mighty Argyll

Not much general football knowledge. While most know their own team well they don't know much about the rest of the country. They also refer to the past alot...especially Alabama fans. They think the south is a football haven...when the truth is most people are just as big of die hard baseball fans....which I am really impressed with (baseball support)--Wiskey and Coke

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No and No--ecouch

Twice, both times stayed over night in Olive Branch and drove down. Once had a great breakfast at one of the two places you could actually get it on saturday morning. My wife needed handicap parking, as we drove in the officials on the street waved us thru and pointed us in the direction we needed to go. I didn't even have time to roll down my window to ask. The stadium is not so big that your seats will be bad. It was a great experience overall.--mrbreeze

Awesome. The Grove blows away any setting in the Big 10 and I have been everywhere worth seeing (sorry IU and Minny). The team walk to the stadium through The Grove through Whiskey Alley is excellent. We had our tailgate party catered. The fans were really hospitable and friendly. My crew all concluded that we should have foregone U of I, Purdue, ND, Washington, etc. and gone to Ole Miss.--Gerard Francisco

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Ole Miss and Wisconsin have never met in football. Oxford and Madison are 725 miles apart. It takes 11 hours to drive between them.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

I am from the South, my grandmother lives in South Carolina. I really understand the importance that the Civil War has in southern identity and nationality. BUT ... Colonel Reb, well that is a bit much. Sorry, but that is the first thing I think about. Second is that a girl I knew in High School who was pretty hot and smart went there.--gpshealy

Eli Manning and how the team has more or less sucked since he left.--shetownbucky

I'm an older badger: James Merideth.--tennesseebadger

That it's a poor state and the song "We're Going To Miss Ole Miss" by the Chad Mitchell Trio (circa 1964?)--bdgrinmifl

The rioting when James Meridith enrolled.The second thing that comes to my mind is back in the 1970s on a flight I met the recently fired Ole Miss fooball Sports Information Director. He lost his job because Steve Sloan had been hired as Football Coach and wanted his own people hired. How long did Sloan stay at Ole Miss?--Badger1964

When I think of Ole Miss- I think of Miss and the controversy surrounding the state flag. In fact I just googled it and read a very interesting history. A vote came before the citizens of Miss to vote for the current flag or a newly designed flag w/ 20 stars in a circle-one for each state admitted before Miss and one bigger one in the middle for Miss. Personally, I thought a choice should have been for the "Magnolia Flag", the official flag over Miss that flew 33 years from 1861 to 1894- I think that flag w/ its history would have won the vote. Anyway, the current one w/ the "Stars and Bars" won out.--Badger89

Brent Schaeffer - though I'm glad you have him now, at the time I was really hoping he would be a Badger.--agrostis

I think of that kid from the Michael Lewis book (Michael Oher??). I have a passing interest in Ole Miss now as I'm curious to see what type of player he becomes.--keepitontheground

I've heard it's a great time at Oxford. A good friend of mine who went there for grad school have talked about going to a game there, I'd like to see it for myself.--SouthernBucky

Football on Saturday is just an adjunct to the Debutante's Ball. Hairdressers in Oxford are the town's elite. The real rivalry is the coiffures and designer jeans worn by the coeds at Ole Miss vs Auburn.--Combad57

A cartoon from the sports pages on the Newark Star-Ledger on New Year's Day 1960 showing charicatures of the 8 teams playing in that day's bowl game (there were only 4 NYD games at that time). John Vought's team was taking on Paul Dietzel's LSU and the "Chinese Bandits" defense. Mississippi won, 21-0. Every time I hear the University of Mississippi mentioned in a football context that cartoon flashes in my mind. --OldBadger

Old South culture. Guys in ties and girls in makeup and dresses. --crazyatthecamp

My buddy from law school who went to Ole Miss. His little brother was a kicker for Ole Miss at the time. Also, John Grisham.--shantydaze

Tie: Eli Manning and the reputation of having hot babes--NYChez

Mostly the Mannings, although now it's that wildman Orgeron.--SpudsBadger

A good program school that has potential to become a solid SEC team on the field. By hit and miss I mean one year they're 9-3 and beating teams like Florida. The next season, they could be losing to Vanderbilt. Off the field, they seem to be a clean-run program. --ngosz

First thing that comes to mind about Ole Miss is missing out on McKnight--grayslayer3

The great Archie Manning and his overrated son Elie Manning.--Sports Fan24

Rebel Flag--tippiwoo

The Grove, the flag issue(agree with sportsfan on this), hot coeds with daddys 318 BMW from HS graduation, etc.--army1

Eli Manning and Deuce McCallister--nugbadger

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

I've heard that Ole' Miss is a fun time on Saturday afternoons in the fall. As far as their atheletic programs goes, outside of Eli Manning, I consider Ole Miss to be one of the "also ran's" of the SEC. Ole' Miss has a LONG way to go in order to catch up with the LSU's, Florida's, Auburn's, Tennessee's, etc. of the world. Would I like to schedule a home & home with the Rebels? Absolultely. I'd love to bring Badger fans down to Oxford and show SEC country how we roll!--CampKohl

Truthfully, when I think of the SEC, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Vanderbilt, and LSU come to mind before Ole Miss. Not sure why, but probably due to their history and or success. (I think of Vandy because I root for them to win every conference game )--shantydaze

As far as for Ole Miss, I never thought any feelings positive or negative. I don't want to sound condescending but I believe that may be a result of Ole Miss not having a lot of sucess through the years on the grid iron or the parquet flooring.--Badger89

Good school stuck in a stellar conference--grayslayer3

One of the weaker football teams in the SEC. --Badger1964

Indifferent. Have heard good things about the university from a co-worker. I've seen their sports teams play on TV several times, and they play a hard-nosed brand of football. Great baseball team. Basketball team could use some help. --ngosz

Good talent horrible coaching, Like you more than other SEC schools--nubadger

They are a mediocre SEC team. Kind of like Minnesota. In their best years, they could perhaps contend for a title. But in their down years, they are in the bottom 2 of the conference. --SpudsBadger

Pretty indifferent. Watching the Egg Bowl (think that's it) on Thanksgiving was always fun.--agrostis

The school that proportionately produces the most Stepford wives.--Combad57

I would agree though that it is a bit of an unfair stereotype. I know that Ventress Hall is very pretty. I always think of it as a pretty good school academically.--gpshealy

May not be the best academically but I'm sure a number of successful business people have their degree from Ole Miss. --SouthernBucky

Ole Miss is one of the last remaining schools that favors conservatism in the country. It is a polar opposite of many places, especially UW.--crazyatthecamp

First, I cringe at the expression "Ole Miss". Sorry, but I find that just a bit...um, precious. I always call the school Mississippi. Second, my feelings about the place are inextricably tied to James Meredith and the events of 1962; as with the cartoon mentioned above, that happened during my high school days, an impressionable age. Those things said, I recognize that Mississippi is a different place now, and that since John Vaught's day you've been underdogs more often than not within the SEC. So I often find myself pulling for your team to win against your top conference opponents. --OldBadger

Indifferent, just one of the SEC teams that doesn't get talked about much because they are middle-of-the-pack or worse lately. And I'd have to agree with gpshealy on the Colonel Reb thing.--shetownbucky

Old Miss is a reformed institution finding its way in the new south, a symbol of the old dixie doing good things for its state and and the old cotton belt. Regarding athletics, I was surprised at the shabby treatment of David Cutcliff. You'll have a new Athletic Director and football coach someday soon.--tennesseebadger

Ho-Hum academic institution as the "main state school". Stuck in an awful recruiting position in the SEC. --bdgrinmifl

Combads post sums it up. I live in the south and attending a fball game in the south vs the midwest is a night and day experience. Pressed Khakis, Polo shirts, Daddys little girl looking for her MRS degree and the Grove are what I think about. I still dont get why ANY africal american student would play at a school that fought so hard to keep the flag. Folks can call the Civil war whatever they want but to deny the slavery issue and its link to that war is wrong. DEAD wrong--buckyfever

Like all of the deep South to an old timer like me, the mention of it brings up early and, unfortunately, indelible images of black-and-white TV and non-violent "negro" protesters being mugged by officials with fire hoses and dogs and horses and clubs and the like. I think the reason these images won't go away is because TV was a new thing at the time that had captured everybody's imagination, I was young and innocent, and I just could not believe that human beings could do something as violent and hateful to others, and that this could happen in the U.S.A. Learning about it in hisotry books in grade school was one thing, having it happen in front of my eyes was something else. In short, I suffer from inappropriate prejudices built up long ago that I should put behind me. But they seem to be reinforced a little every time I see the state flag of Mississippi and run across people like the pathetic guy from the Citadel.--billbadger

Why do black parents encourage their children to go there?--Sports Fan24

Might be able to compete with the top SEC teams about once every 10 years, but tend to be a notch below the big boys (Florida, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, LSU)--NYChez

As for Ole Miss I've always been a fan because my grade school/junior high Catholic school back in Beloit, WI. was nickednamed the Rebels and had Colonel Rebel as a mascot. I always sought out kindred spirits. And because I love underdogs and because Ole Miss has been an underdog when it comes to SEC sports, I loved them for that too.I am fairly young so I don't live everyday like its 1963. UW has had its share ugly incidents as well (Sterling Hall anyone?) so I don't begrudge Ole Miss' past problems either and leave them in the past. Both schools are changed places since the 1960s.--BadgerRepublic

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Yes to football. Basketball, I really don't know a thing about their BB program.--gpshealy

Basketball yes and football no.--shetownbucky


Yes- especially football.--crazyatthecamp

Would love to play ya in both--grayslayer3

Absolutely. I think that would be a fun series for Ole Miss to visit Wisconsin, and vice versa...no matter what sport. Like an earlier post, OM is available in '08 and '09 - get something set up!!--ngosz

Yes, especially in football where I feel we need to increase scheduling schools from other BCS schools--shantydaze

Yes easy wins in both sports.--nubadger

I would like to see Wisconsin play Ole Miss in the future. However I would expect to hear the usual chorus that Wisconsin is playing a weak team from the SEC--Badger1964

Hell yes. Your coach is a recruiting expert, not a football expert. I've seen him more in Rivals magazines than big football games. Last year was a disaster.--agrostis

I wouldn't put Mississippi at the top of my list of potential opponents in either sport; I wish we'd play more often in the Mid-Atlantic area, since I live in Virginia. (Of course, those who live closer to Oxford may have a different view, lol.) However, any football game involving the Big Ten vs. SEC is a major event in my book (see below), so this would be an interesting, if unlikely, matchup.--OldBadger

Ole Miss would be a great SEC team to play, since I believe they will always have recruiting problems and less that stellar personnel. (two SEC schools drawing from a small population base, with less that average football tradition, and all the SEC and Texas school lurking around to steal your best athletes.)--bdgrinmifl

They are getting dangerous in basketball as is the whole SEC, thanks to an influx of Yankee coaches. Love to play 'em in both sports. It'd be Falconer vs Ambrose.--Combad57

Yes, that would certainly give me a reason to go there and check it out.--SouthernBucky

Yes and Yes- to play both teams in football and b-ball, why not, I still view Ole Miss as a pretty solid team.--Badger89

Considering Wisconsin's usual less than stellar NC opposition, I'd welcome playing Mississippi in football. In basketball we play a relatively strong NC schedule, but I certainly wouldn't mind a game. (But isn't Mississippi State the strong basketball school?)Only two SEC schools, Tennessee and Arkansas, play an adventurous NC football slate. I understand UT won't play a B10 school because of the chance of playing again in the Outback or CapOne on January 1. Maybe Arkansas would schedule a Big Ten team.--BigAppleBucky

Absolutely we'd like to play you. I'd have to believe that a few thousand Wisconsin fans would make the trip to Oxford.--NYChez

In a recent thread, I posted some possible opponents for our open dates in 08 & 09 and Ole Miss was one of the 5 or so BCS conference teams available. Our schedules need some upgrading, so if you have the Ole Miss AD's ear, Hotty Toddy, tell him to give Barry a call. Otherwise we'll probably end up with 1-AA teams.--SpudsBagder

I would play Ole Miss in football and basketball in a heartbeat. I've never been to Oxford but I hear a lot of good writers come from there and that gamedays there are special just like in Madison..It should be pointed out that many African-Americans who live in Wisconsin originally come from Mississippi, so our states share a connection.--BadgerRepublic

No, nothing to gain.--Sports Fan24

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

Good teams on the field.--gpshealy

Great teams but fans are too arrogant, close-minded (read think SEC is unbeatable, too fast, etc), and will always say their team lost the game rather than the opposing team won it.--shetownbucky

The SEC plays good football but no better than some other conferences. However its acadmeic standards are reputed to be lower than those other strong conference.--Badger1964

By far the craziest fans in the country. I think it's funny how schools trash others within the conference, but then stand up for them when it's bowl season or NCAA Tournament time. --ngosz

SEC is the best football conference in the country. Fans need to pressure their legislatures (Florida excluded) to fund academics more seriously. Tennessee and Old Miss are not regardeded the same way as Visrginia, North Carolina, or Wisconsin.--tennesseebadger

Horrible academics, Cocky Players, fast defensive lineman.--nubadger

Best football conference. Bottom dwellers still suck. Middle tier teams are stronger than other conferences most every year.--agrostis

like the SEC but the SURE EVERYONE CHEATS seems to be an acceptable mindset amongst fans. Tenn had what, 8% grad rates in the 2001 season and IMO, no one cares. I think the average alumn could care less and sees most of these kids as rentals/expendableBest conference year in and out but I think the b10 is as good year in and out. Wis is 2-2 in its last 4 games with AUx2, ark, uga) and 3 were VERY close and could have gone either way.B10 has a few bottom feeders but so does the SEC(vandy, miss state, Ole miss etc).--army1

The SEC is a great, intense football conference with many of the best programs in the country.--crazyatthecamp

SEC football is king right now, but that changes from year to year. They are always vying for the crown though.--SpudsBadger

I think of the SEC as the Big Ten's major off-field rival. By that I mean that we rarely see schools from those conferences playing each other during the regular season (the recent Indiana-Kentucky series was an exception, more an extension of basketball rather than football rivalry), but off the field the two conferences have the most clout. They have been 1-2 in attendance for decades; since Div. I-A was formed the Big Ten led all conferences from 1978-87, the SEC 1988-92, Big Ten 1993-97, SEC 1998-2006. In recent years both have averaged more than 70,000 per home game; no other conference has averaged 60,000. And those numbers are backed up by TV viewership, so that contracts with these two conferences are the most lucrative.On the field, the SEC has been better taking account of top to bottom quality of play. Teams such as Indiana have pulled down the Big Ten's overall strength. But it's been much more even among the top teams, especially as the Big Ten has gotten out of the "Big Two-Little Eight" era of the 1970s-80s. The annual bowl matchups between the two leagues are a highlight because of the paucity of in-season play. And in this decade, the record in those bowl games is even: Big Ten 11 wins, SEC 10. So, overall, I view the SEC as the top league in overall strength, and the main rival to the Big Ten.--OldBadger

Great athletics, not so good academics with Vandy being the exception to the rule.--Shantydaze

I think the SEC is the top football conference, even with our 3-1 bowl record. Probably not by much, and certainly not as much as their fans would believe, but I think it's the best. I think they have the best talent, particularly in the top 60% of the teams, but I think they're coaches are overrated.--bdgrinmifl

I think the SEC is a great football conference, and I would like to see more games scheduled with the Big 10 and Wisconsin. I think it would make the Big 10 a better conference.--billbadger

The SEC is always tough but the lovefest from the media and how it's the be-all, end-all of college football gets a bit much for me to bear.--SouthernBucky

SEC, very strong conference, probably #1 the last couple years but I always believe the Big 10 is right up there and sometimes #1 too. I believe SEC often gets the nod cuz they are so strong not just up top, but very balanced and solid toward the bottom too. Although I think the same for the Big-10 too and I think we prove it overall in bowl games. --Badger89

The SEC is probably the best athletic conference in the country.--Combad57

Best football conference, but not by as great a margin as SEC fans seem to think (# of NFL draft picks for SEC and Big Ten are about the same most years, plus SEC teams never play cold-weather games in Big Ten country).--NYChez

Great conference, but overhyped (not overrated).--Sports Fan24

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No, and haven't heard much about any of the gameday experience in SEC land except for people showing up on Wednesdays and Thursdays in their RVs and the people that go to the games in formal wear. I don't know if that applies to Ole Miss or not.--shetownbucky

No. Looks like a good time from the bits I've seen on TV.--SpudsBadger

Never been to or heard about Oxford--grayslayer3

Oxford is home to some great writers too--army1

I have not visited but want to some day. I understand it is much more laid back and personable than at UT.--tennesseebadger

Never heard much about Oxford Football Saturdays, but as a small town, I bet it's wild and fun.--bdgrinmifl

Been there but not on game day. The city didn't do much for me.--Sports Fan24

Have not visited Oxford. And I'd be interested if UW did play at Ole Miss.--ngosz

No have not been there, but sounds fun and would be cool to visit someday.--Badger89

Nope. But I would probably make the trip.--Combad57

I spent three months or so in Mississippi in the summer of 1969. Alas, it was mostly in Biloxi, where the highlight was a surprise visit from Camille and her 200 mph winds. I never got as far north as Oxford. I have read about the gameday there, which sounds like an unusual experience. I would think that a home-and-home series could provide culture shock to fans of both schools, lol.--OldBadger

No. I have heard there are a lot of incredible hotties present.--BobUW68

Yes. The Grove is the BEST tailgating experience I have witnessed anywhere. The women were all beautiful (albeit somewhat snooty) and the experience overall was pretty good. Every college football fan should tailgate in the Grove once in their lifetime. Also memorable was Barbara Bush giving the pregame address and hotty toddy!--crazyatthecamp

No, but being a college football fan, I would love to.--shantydaze

Have not visited, but heard it's the best gameday atmosphere in the SEC.--NYChez

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