05 August 2007

Adams or Schaeffer? Who will be QB at OleMiss?

Last year at this time Brent Schaeffer was riding into town on a white horse, ready to save the day. Brent made it but it wasn't on a white horse and he didn't save the day. He struggled.

Seth Adams was an afterthought, a good back up. Now it appears it is Adams who will have to save the day this year.

Coach O has been alluding to the fact that Adams will be our starting QB next year. Yesterday he stated "Seth had the best day. He completed some passes and made really good decisions."

So what happened to Brent Schaeffer?

There has been rumor that he has had academic problems. Also, it has been said that he does not act as the leader of the team on or off the field. Statements from Coach O, such as "Schaeffer's a great player, He's talented and has a strong arm but is a very inconsistent player. His inconsistent lifestyle leads to that....Just attending class, attending meetings, being a leader. Nothing lawbreaking. He's been on his best behavior. Just being a quarterback you have to have leadership qualities. We tell them everything counts from the time you get up to the time you go to bed" makes one wonder what Schaeffer is thinking. (Capital City Press) Perhaps the pressure has been too much. Being named the starting QB before arriving and treated as the second coming of Eli by us fans has to have placed a lot of pressure on Schaeffer. Yet, being the QB of any SEC school yields enormous pressure.

Also, don't count out Michael Herrick yet either. He has gained weight and according to Coach O should "push for a starting position." (commercial appeal)
Miracles do happen. However, at this time it looks like Adams will be our starting QB next year. I still think Brent Schaeffer will get some good quality playing time. There is no doubt that Scaheffer is the overall better athlete.
We all know it takes more than just skills to lead a team. Maybe Schaeffer will reach deep down inside and become a true leader. If not, then Adams deserves to be starting QB.


Flounder said...

I would have to say schaeffer. I think he will step up this year.

Also we have added you to our blog also. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Looks like he will be a WR...

Seth said...

Yeah, I been reading about it on the message boards. Well, I hope it works out for him and for us!

Anonymous said...

not sure it will, he does not seem to have the commitment to anything he did, grades, position, working out in the off season according to our coaches...wish he would but chances are he wont work out...oh well...

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