12 August 2007

Cal Fans talk about Ole Miss

This is my last blog from the Pac 10 Schools. I am glad to see the time that a lot of Pac 10 fans took to respond to my questions. I believe after reading this blog, Ole Miss fans will have a new favorite Pac 10 team to root for.


Cal and Ole Miss have never played in football. Oxford and Berkeley are 2,137 miles apart.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?
The Grove, sweat, and nice clothes--TedfordsBears

Archie Manning--59bear

Patrick Willis, the newest 49er!--GFang

Coach Ed Orgeron --bearvalley

Archie Manning, and a general history of mediocrity.--polarbear91

Without a doubt, the Miss Mississippi that came to our campus for an event we used to have where bands and "female representatives" came from universities all over the country.--57bear

The Grove.--Tngoldenbear

Archie Manning, and that wild 1969 game vs. Alabama--Ldbcalbear

The Grove (not sure what it is, but I've heard the phrase a lot); John Grisham, James Meredith--JSC 76

THE Deep South--I Bear

Mannings; Patrick Willis; John Grisham--ManhattanMadMan

Sitting on the green in my white suit sipping juleps on game day while beautiful women in tafetta dresses and hats eagerly refresh my drinks and light my cigars.--gobears54

Probably the first thing that springs to mind is the images from Vaught-Hemingway of all those Confererate flags in the stands. I know Ole Miss eliminated that in the mid-90's, but I still recall that quite vividly. --CaliforniaGoldenBears

James Meredith, Stars and Bars, Archie Manning, 18 mile speed limit on campus, Hotty Totty.--Bear Devil

Eli Manning playing behind an absolutely terrible O-Line--wanderingbear82

didn't the coach castate an animal to make a point to the football team?--jabes

Unfortunately, the only thing that comes to mind about Ole Miss is the Obregon YouTube clip, which I won't link. You're welcome.--CalBearJim

Smoking hot chicks, Eli Manning, Coach O and his gravelly voice--grandmastapoop


Definitely just Patrick Willis.--NorCalLongHorn

Lots of different things come to mind about Ole Miss. Warm September days and evenings surrounded by the feel of classic, Deep South football. Lots of great history and storied rivalries, especially with the neighbor to the east.--pasadenadreaming

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Football tradition; a team in SEC near the bottom that is bound to become a strong conference competitor in the near future--ManhattanMadMan

Happy they made it into the 20th century in the 1960s--59bear

Generally positive.--JSC 76

Great college atmosphere. Underperforming in fb.--bearvalley

Generally positive. Sure, we all remember James Meredith, but we also remember hearing about the outpouring of love for Chucky Mullins in the early '90's (?). Archie Manning, Johnny Vaught, and the Rebels. Quite possibly the comeliest / sexiest co-eds I have ever seen. When I went to game there in the late '80's, the miniskirts and heels were in fashion, and that leaves an impression.--CaliforniaGoldenBears

Very good game day experience. Can't get enough boiled crawfish in a brown paper bag.--Tngoldenbear

A very respected and great university of the Deep South, and one with a beautiful campus. --pasadenadreaming

They were a football power in my youth; I'm sure they'll return one day.--57Bear

Lower-Tier SEC team with an excellent recruiter as a head coach--wanderingbear82

N/A - Ole Miss isn't on the radar.--AKATequila4Kapp

Around the mid '90's, one of our former QB's, Dave Barr, took the job as QB coach at Mississippi, but I'm not sure he was there for an entire season, as I think he was still pursuing a shot at the NFL via NFL Europe. Do you remember him by any chance?--CalBearJim

I'd love to go to a game and find me a nice southern belle--grandmastapoop

Very little only because it is not some place I have been or have much interest in visiting...Hard to shake the historical perspective then about the "old South" and the old days of segregation and all white football teams. Also I think we see it as academically weak. --BearsLiar72

Pretty scary in the early '60s. Allegedly terrific place to see mediocre football.--Bear Devil

a.They are the Rebels which has some stuff attached to it that is probably better left for a different forum that this one. b. Archie Manning & Chuckie Mullins--I Bear

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Yes, would love to play Miss in either sport but definetely a home and home in football--TedfordsBears

Sure, we can use the wins--59bear

Now and then, I ponder what intersectional schools I'd like to see Cal do a home and home with, and Mississippi always comes to mind. Don't ask me why. Football-yes. I'd make the road trip. Basketball-take it or leave it, since I would not travel for it.--CalBearJim

Love to.--JSC 76

Yes. The more games against SEC football teams the better. I love the competition, exposure to new parts of the country, etc. It would be great. Basketball is less important--AKATequila4Kapp

I'd love to have a home and home series with Ole Miss.--TNgoldenbear

Anything is better than our current basketball schedule, so sure. It would make for a nice B game in football, but I am not sure I would want it to be the highlight of our schedule.--wanderingbear82

always good to have a home-and-home with a community that really cares about their team--jabes

Sure, sounds like fun and maybe we could go see the place as I am sure it is probably a nice university.--BearsLiar72

Football - yes. Basketball - don't care.--CaliforniaGoldenBears

Home and home in football would be great. Hoops, not so much.-- Bear Devil

Absolutely .. nothing like setting up a good tradition between Pac 10 and SEC--ManhattanMadMan

Yeah, why not. (CAL fans have ever played them)?--I Bear

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

SEC is very good with a lot of tradition and I respect them but I am not impressed with the academics--TedfordsBears

Almost as good as the members think it is--59bear

In general, I think the SEC is a first-rate football conference with the most rabid fans in the nation. I think the academics are a joke for athletes, but I think all SEC schools do a good job of providing a "traditional college experience" for in-staters. I think Vandy & Florida are good schools, and Georgia's pretty decent. The other 9 are decent to mediocre. Academically, the SEC can't hold the Pac-10's jock, but football-wise, I have a lot of respect for the tradition of the SEC, even if the SEC fans do toot the "conference horn" a little too loudly.--CaliforniaGoldenBears

Best conference in college football--grandmastapoopGood conference with great fans that can be a little full of themselves when talking about the SEC.--57Bear

Probably best fb conference, especially the upper half.--bearvalley

A great conference of course, with tremendous rivalries and very talented teams. Watching games from this conference for years, it's always been so impressive to see the passion that exists for football. The atmosphere surrounding the games is something to experience. The only thing that's bothered me about the SEC is having Arkansas become a part of it. For some reason, I still think of Arkansas as belonging in a conference with the Texas schools, maybe just because of the great history they had playing those teams.--pasadenadreaming

SEC is the best conference in college football, hands down. Love the gameday environment.--wanderingbear82

The conference lives off the name programs, which are admittedly awesome. However, the conference has some bottom feeders that never seem to get mentioned when discussing the overall strength of the conference. Also, I think the OOC schedules are shameful. To expand a bit, look at Georgia (supposed name program) and Kentucky (one of the up and comers that is "hindered" by playing in the great conference), both 4-4 in conference. We always here how great these teams are because they play in the greatest conference ever known to man. But if the conference teams beat up on each other and never play anyone of significance, then how do we really know how good they are? Georgia 3 played OOC home games and barely beat horrible Colorado by 1. Kentucky at least played Louisville and got throttled. I give Tennessee a lot of credit for being just about the only top team in the conference to schedule a legitimate OOC game. --AKATequila4Kapp

Tough conference, esp. with defense and running; overhyped but overhype is due to strong tradition of football fans at all levels, which is very cool--ManhattanMadMan

One of the two best conferences in 1A football.--JSC 76

Great league, fun to watch, a little on the smug side.--polarbear91

Unbelievable atmosphere for football. Great football conference, but fans are waaaaay too needy and insecure. Shaky academics and shady ethics in recruiting.--Bear Devil

Some Tenn fan put it nicely. SEC has nothing but football. Life is football out there. SEC schools are great on saturday, and horrible the other 6 days. For all the smack talk, any coach who loses to an outsider should just hang themself. I will be shocked if, when Cal wins in a couple weeks, Tennessee fans dont do a heavens gate (as they should, along with all the other SEC fans, if football really as importaint as they think it is)..--Phantomfan

surprising 'conference' loyalty, I just can't see Pac-10 fans chanting 'Pac-10, Pac-10' the way Tenn fans chanted 'S-E-C' when Cal got whipped @ Knoxville--jabes

Just a little too arrogrant, but the folks I encountered in Nashville/Knoville were for the most part nice and friendly.--I Bear

Powerful football conference that is almost the equal of the Pac-10.--BearsLiar72

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our game day experience?

Never, missed my chance one time and still regret it. Heard great things about the entire experience except for the dress up deal. I'm not sure I could handle sweating through a late summer/early fall game in my slacks and tie.--TedfordsBears

I'd love to visit Oxford -- never have, but have heard it's one of those archtypical college football experiences.--JSC 76

Yes I have, and it was a great experience, and just as I imagined it would be but only better. The game day setting was none like I've seen before, and I've visited a few universities outside of Berkeley. It wasn't necessarily more intense than others, but the way everyone was dressed...the girls and women in beautiful sundresses and the men in fancier attire than you would think for a football game was impressive (this was two years ago). And it wasn't just a few people, I mean...there were many people dressed up for this game spreading out throughout the campus. It was really a great feel and experience. Mississippi and Tennessee are great states to visit.--pasadenadreaming

No. Nothing. I am sure it is a huge thing... Would like to see it. Once saw some pictures in SI of some hot Ole Miss chicks.--Phantomfan

I have been to Oxford on game day. A friend of mine from Pleasant Hill, CA went to Ole Miss after junior college, and I'd go visit him from Atlanta (moved there after school). It was an all day social event. I had to wear a coat and tie to sit in the student section, and had to bring a date. Great traditions! Auburn was the visitor, and Ole Miss lost a close one. Went to Memphis the day after the game for ribs at Cozy Corner (The best!). Stayed at the Peabody Hotel while in Memphis - Great concierge. Beal Street was a blast. --TNgoldenbear

No, but loved visiting Oxford on a non-game day. Awesome college town. The square downtown and the Grove are fantastic. Loved visiting Faulkner's house. Very high end, high maintenance tailgaiting in the Grove.--Bear Devil

No but I read somewhere that Oxford is one of the best tailgate experiences in college ball; would definitely love the chance to visit the area, the game, and a trip up to nearby Memphis..plus I'm a big Grisham fan--ManhattanMadMan

Oxford - yes, great experience. Charming southern campus, tailgating in the Grove, although I don't think in those years Ole Miss' team did the pre-game walk thru the Grove. Of course, I was young single and horny, so my attention was elsewhere. Couldn't believe seeing gals in sundresses or skirts and heels at the game, and the dudes wearing shirt and tie. That was different, but seemed to be mainly a frat thing. Again, beautiful women, but then again I went to college at Cal & one other unmentionable school, so my perspective is warped.--CaliforniaGoldenBears

No. My understanding is that Ole Miss has a very nice pre game, but I've never talked to anyone who's been there nor have I seen any photos of it. Been told that the ladies among the magnolias are quite lovely.--I Bear

Gonna be there for the Bama game. Flying from L.A. to Memphis then driving to Oxford. Can't wait. Big down side is I'm missing Cal v. Oregon State.--piemelon

Never visited, but I've heard it is a classic cfb experience.--bearvalley

I have not had the pleasure. I seem to recall hearing that you have the most beautiful coeds imaginable (I suppose that is okay, but ours are good at math).--AKATequila4Kapp

I've heard about the grove and how Ole Miss has the hottest women in the SEC.--grandmastapoop

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