07 August 2007

Eating Crow list cont.

Continuing with my "Eat Crow" list. I've decided to invite Mark Schlabach from ESPNU to join the list. Recently he wrote an article : "What's Hot (and not) for 2007".

Of course he put Coach O on the "Not" list. Here is what he said:"Magnolia coaches. Ole Miss' Ed Orgeron and Mississippi State's Sly Croom enter the season on the hot seat, after they led their teams to 13 victories -- the past two seasons combined. " This of course accompanied by a non flattering picture of Coach O.

Be original for once. Do some research. Yes, we've had a few rough years. Yes, we know the media is still upset over Cutcliffe being fire. GET OVER IT. Is Coach O on the hot seat? No. He will be given at least one more year even if he has a losing record this year. With the talent he is bringing in, folks like Mr. Schlabach will be sitting down to a nice crow supper.

Fell free to read the rest of the story. However, I would take it with a grain a salt as he has Alabama, Arkansas and LSU in the hot category.


Anonymous said...

Sounnds like he told the truth, unfortuntely the truth hurts right now...

Anonymous said...

of course he has Alabama in the ho list, they just hired a 4 million dollar coach and shattered any kind of Spring record anyone could dream of breaking. Go google nick saban and see how many articles come up...and you'll see why Alabama is on the hot list.

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