01 August 2007

Q & A with Chuck Rounsaville from the Ole Miss Spirit

Chuck Rounsaville of the Ole Miss spirit took a few moments to answer some questions for the Hotty Toddy Blog:

1) How long has Ole Miss Spirit been going on? (Both Internet and magazine)

25 years printed publication; 9 years on Internet.

(2) What's the best part of your job?

I consider myself about as lucky as anyone I know. As a lifelong Ole Miss fan (my Dad played football at Ole Miss in the early 1930s), I get to make a living following something I'd pay to follow. I don't know how much luckier someone could be. Besides that, I doubt I'm smart enough to make a living doing anything else!

(3) Who is your favorite person in the Ole Miss Athletic department to interview?

I don't really have a favorite. Everyone at Ole Miss is extremely good to me and The Ole Miss Spirit. We have a good working relationship with everyone over there - coaches, players and administrators - and that makes every interview special to me. Coach O is a good interview because he's open and honest, has a good sense of humor and his drive to excel surfaces with every interview. Andy Kennedy is a good interview because he's quick-witted and wants good publicity, which I think we provide, because he knows it will help his program. Mike Bianco is a good interview because he is passionate about his sport and his program. And the list goes on.

(4) Which player has been or is your most favorite to interview?

Too many to name just one. Deuce, Stew Pat, P-Willie, Eli, Cory Peterson, Broc Kreitz, Eli Anding, Walker Jones, Shawn Cobb, Nate Wayne, Todd Sandroni, John Darnell, Romaro Miller, Andrew Wicker all stand out, but so do many others. Corey Actis is fun to interview on the current team. . . Again, I have been fortunate enough to have interviewed them all and they all brought something to the table.

(5)What's one thing you wish Ole Miss fans would consider before posting?

That we are all Rebels. We may support differently, but at the end of the day, we all love the Red & Blue.

(6)Are there any changes coming up for Ole Miss Spirit?

We hope we are constantly evolving, but we have no "hard" plans for big change. We try to adjust to what our subscribers want as we go, where the changes are sometimes not even noticeable.

The Ole Miss Spirit website has free and premium memberships. The premium memberships offer unlimited access to Scout.com, premium forums, recruiting rankings, total access to videos and online chats. A one month Pass is 9.95 (7 day free trial at the beginning). There two other membership options: three months(29.95) and annual (99.95). The Ole Miss Spirit Magazine is included with the 3 month and annual memberships.

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