17 September 2007

10 Things to do after losing to Vandy

(10) Tell yourself, "Basketball is just around the corner." You know deep down inside that this won't make you feel any better but it might buy you a few hours.

(9) Win the SEC and National Championship on XBOX.

(8) Take a drive to Starkville on Sunday and remind yourself why you are a Rebel.

(7) Remember that Jevan Snead is on the bench and that he will save the day next year.

(6) Remind yourself of the good days by watching Eli, Deuce and P-Willie on Sunday.

(5) Avoid talking to family or friends who don't care about football for at least a day. "It's ok, it's just football". This is something you don't need to hear. They don't understand and they never will.

(4) Skip Church on Sunday. God will understand. The last group of people you need to see on Sunday are State fans. (Especially after the Auburn win).

(3) Skip work Monday. See explanation above.

(2) Wait 48 hours before reading or posting on an Ole Miss chat board. Misery loves company and the message boards exemplify this.

(1) Tell yourself it could always be worse, you could be an Irish Fan.


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Anonymous said...

It's only going to get worse, Ole Miss fans. Good luck with your upcoming coaching search.

Anonymous said...

Basketball hell, when does baseball start?

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