04 September 2007

Is Missouri taking Ole Miss seriously?

Last year was a good old fashion beating by Missouri. It was the kind where you turn off the TV or radio early and go try to find something to keep your mind off football. It was our worst game of last season. As a result, I think Missouri might be lulled into a sense of false security.

Towards the end of last season we improved greatly. We lost to Alabama and LSU in overtime (both away from home), we took Georgia and Auburn to the wire and came very close to going to a bowl game. Our 4-8 record last year was a bit deceiving. True, the media and pundits pick us towards the bottom of the SEC west again this year. Most of this due to our youth and having the nation's 3rd toughest (CBS) schedule.

I don't know if Missouri realises how dangerous we are. I've been surfing message boards, blogs and news articles. There hasn't been much discussion of the game on MO's Scout or Spirit site. Here is one prediction I found:

"Missouri should score 45+If you allow that many passing yards to Memphis, then
Daniel should have a field day. Missouri isn't happy with Saturday's finish....
they will be out to play much better. Missouri 45 Ole Miss 19"
There have been a few Missouri fans who've posted that they think it will be a difficult game. Yet still the message boards don't seem to be hopping.

If the fans aren't talking much trash, the players are. Offensive tackle Tyler Luellen, talking about Chris Strong, said this:

“It’s going to be rough for him. With as fast as our offense is, he’s going to
be running a lot. They’re going to need to be subbing a lot or something, I
don’t know, to keep him going.”

Maybe Missouri will drop mule leaflets on the players this week in practice like Tennessee did many years ago. wink wink

I personally like all of the non-attention from Missouri and its fans. In the past it has worked to our advantage. Could Missouri whip our tails again this year? Sure. However, I get the feeling we may be getting a lot more attention in Missouri when the game ends.

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