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09 September 2007

Late to the Party

After a hot and humid day in the Grove and a 34-7 score in the 3rd quarter, I was ready to head for the exit. I am glad I didn't.

This lost boils down to a poor spot by the officials, a fumble in the second quarter and a couple of bad calls. I am not taking anything away from Missouri. They have a great QB and he runs the West Coast offense superbly. They remind me of Ole Miss in 2003. In order for them to win they must outscore their opponents.

It was nice to see a productive offense. We moved the ball well. It was nice to see the offensive line show up. I was very pleased that the team didn't quit like 15,000 or so fans in the 3rd quarter. (Like I wanted to.)If our offense can move the ball like we did in the second half and we catch a few breaks, I feel we have a great chance to go bowling again this year.

Now it's on to Vandy. Vandy runs the west coast offense. Their QB was hurt yesterday and I haven't heard if he will be back or not. But Vandy does not run this offense like Daniels and Missouri. Vandy is a key game this year. I feel we must win this game in order to win at least six.

I am heading back to Ohio. The drive will be a bit easier than I thought sitting in the stands in the first few minutes of the 3rd quarter.


PhilipVU94 said...

Oops, thought I was on the home page and that was the last entry. :) Well, in any case, looking forward to your posts.

Jody said...

I enjoy your blog. How many games will you be traveling for? I live in the Nashville area and make it to every game home and away. If you don't travel to the away games, I could email you some pics from my travels. Also, I'd like to see you get some post game feedback from opposing fans...especially those that visit the Grove. It would be interesting to see what Mizzou fans think of the Ole Miss football experience.

Seth said...


Sure, I would love pics... Please e-mail me at


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