10 September 2007

Missouri fans talk about the game, Ole Miss & the Grove

(1) With a big lead in the 3rd, were you happy with the final outcome of the game?
Only idiots aren't happy with Wins... YES!--AWOLTiger
A win is a win, but not happy the way our defense let Ole Miss back in the game.--ozarkdave
Obviously happy with a win but...........not pleased (again) with 2nd half. We've got some work to do.--Panthera
(2) If you attended the game, what did you think of the Grove? (Did it live up to all the hype?)
great and yes--FieldHouseDrinker
Didn't attend, but heard great observations from others.--AWOLTiger
The Grove surpassed the hype. It was great!!!--ozarkdave
The Grove is awesome and for me definately lived up to the hype--Panthera
(3) If you attended the game, what did you think of our campus?
didn't see much other than the grove and the stadium--FieldHouseDrinker
Beautiful campus and even more beautiful co-eds.--ozarkdave
(4) If you attended the game, what did you think of our facilities?
stadium was very nice. Good sight lines, short bathroom lines.--FieldHouseDrinker
Vaught-Hemingway Stadium was nice but our north end zone seats were hard to find.--ozarkdave
Thought the stadium was just fine and loved the shuttles giving rides!!--
(5) Would you like to play Ole Miss as a regular OOC foe in the future?
Yeah, but our AD is limiting our OOC to one Div1 opponent.--AWOLTiger
Yes.--ozarkdave, Panthera
(6) What impressed you the most about Ole Miss this year?
the girls--FieldHouseDrinker
Seemed to have improved quite a bit.--AWOLTiger
Your beautiful co-eds in dresses and high heels!!!--ozarkdave
Don't know how to answer that one. I think you guys are getting some better athletes. Most of the fans I talked to before during and after the game are not happy with the coach--Panthera

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