06 September 2007

Mizzou: Welcome To Oxford and Ole Miss

Welcome to our place, Tiger fans. We are very proud of our campus and traditions. This blog is a brief introduction to Oxford and Ole Miss.

To get started watch the video below on Oxford:

What about food?

Oxford has many unique locally owned restaurants. So drive past those chains on West Jackson Ave and make your way to the square. You can't go wrong with some down home southern cooking at Ajax on the square. Another good place is City Grocery, also on the square. For a list of places to eat, check out the Oxford Dining Guide.

Other links to look at on Oxford:

The Grove:

To reach tailgating heaven make your way to the Grove. There is no way to describe the Grove on a football Saturday. You have to experience it yourself. Once you do, you will understand how this is one of the top sporting experiences in the country.

A "must do" in the Grove is the Band Pep Rally one hour and twenty minutes prior to kickoff. Make your way to the Victorian building (Ventress Hall), stand just in front of the stage and get ready to see this:

It's ok to get goose bumbs, even if you are the opposing team.

CNN visited the Grove back in 2003 and filed this report:

The Alumni Association put together a video on the Grove. It's in two parts below:

Part I

Part II

If you would like to tailgate in the grove here are a few things to consider:
  • The Grove opens midnight Friday and has a 15 minute unloading zone.
  • No space is reserved and can be claimed on a first come basis
  • Portable generators are not allowed.
  • Open Flames are prohibited
  • The team walks through the Grove two hours before kickoff.
  • For more info visit: Tailgating in The Grove.

Hotty Toddy:

Hotty Toddy is an Ole Miss Cheer. Here is how it works:
Someone shouts "Are you ready" and the crowd yells:

Hell Yes, Damn Right

Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty

Who the Hell are We?

Flim Flam, Bim Bam

Ole Miss, By Damn

For more information on Ole Miss Traditions visit the official Ole Miss website.

I hope everyone that makes it to Oxford this year has a great time while visiting the city and while tailgating. I just hope you have a miserable time at the game!

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