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12 September 2007

Q &A with The Vanderbilt Tailgate

The Vanderbilt Tailgate, a Vandy Blog, agreed to answer a few questions about Vandy and this weekend's game.

(1) How is your QB and will he play Saturday?
It seems like it isn’t as bad as we thought. So I do expect for him to start the game Saturday. Although if he struggles early he will be replaced by MacKenzie Adams.

(2) Most Ole Miss fans think of this game as a must win in order to get back to post season play, do Vandy fans feel urgency as well?
Absolutely we do. No offense to Ole Miss fans, but this is a game Vandy should win. Or at least that is what we think. It is at least a winnable game. We were all disappointed after the loss to Bama but in all honesty we were not really counting that as a win when the schedule was released. This game has been a very competitive game over the years so it is always a game that can go either way. And there is always something weird that happens in this game.

(3) Vandy gave up a lot of yards on the ground to Bama, what changes will need to be made in order to keep Ole Miss's BenJarvus Green Ellis in check?
I don’t know that they could stop him if they put 15 players on the field. If Vandy loads up against the run, Seth Adams may have a field day. Our defense has not allowed a passing touchdown this season. The only way to stop BJGE is for our defensive line to just plain step up. We are thin on the line so we don’t have a lot of options and to top it off our best defensive tackle Theo Horrocks has been banged up this year.

(4) What type of offense does Vandy run and how is it similar to the West Coast Offense?
Vandy runs a lot of formations. It seems there most common formation is 1 rb, 1 te & 3 wr. But they will motion out of that to empty backfield or into 2 rb’s. I don’t think it is so much of the west coast offense except they do throw a lot of short passes but they do go deep. They do not use the tight end like most “west coast offense” teams do.

(5) What is your prediction for the game Saturday?
24 – 20 Ole Miss

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