11 September 2007

Vandy Week: 82nd edition

This Saturday the Rebels and the Commodores will meet for the 82nd time. Ole Miss and Vandy clashed for the first time over 100 years ago back in 1894. Ole Miss wasn't Ole Miss or the Rebels then. We were simply the University of Mississippi. We lost 0-40. Hopefully we will fare better than our first ever meeting. Over the past 10 years Ole Miss leads the series 8-2.

This game is very important for the Rebels. In order to get back to post season this is a must win. We usually have quite a few Rebel fans in Nashville. This year, we should fill every empty seat we can find. If you haven't got your tickets yet, there are plenty available for as little as $8.88 on Stubhub.

As you prepare for the game on Saturday. Here are some good Vandy resources:

Vanderbilt Sports Line- A good Vandy Blog

God Bless the Freaks-Another good Vandy Blog

The Vanderbilt Tailgate-A Vandy Blog

The Tennessean's Vandy Page

Vanderbilt Student Newspaper

Campus Map

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Anonymous said...


First off great blog. Being a midwestern/BigTen native I really enjoyed the survey of how Ole Miss is perceived throughout that part of the country.

As this is easily the most in-depth Ole Miss blog I've come across, I was wondering if you'd mind fielding a few questions about Oxford, Ole Miss, and the traditions of the Grove? If so please feel free to email me directly at:


all the best,

PhilipVU94 said...

Another great new Vanderbilt blog is Star and Stripe: http://starandstripe.blogspot.com/

I've settled on the name "Save the Shield" (it's an odd line from our fight song) for my sports blog, but shame on me for making sure the title was up there clearly when I was messing around with themes.

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