01 October 2007

For health reasons stay away from the message boards

Did I listen to the same game Saturday? Maybe I was stuck in horizontal world. A world in which the Rebels played very well the first three quarters, despite players dropping left and right from injury. If you get on the message boards you would get a very different impression from what I got on Saturday.
Folks on the message board are in deep states of depression. They want to fire the AD and fire the coach. Some are already posting potential coaching lists. I have to wonder if these are teenage boys posing as serious Rebel fans. When I was 12 and Ole Miss lost, I felt the same way as a lot of the posters do. Now, I give myself an hour to sulk and then I try to be real about the situation.
Here is the skinny: The Rebels played a top 10 program tooth and nail for three quarters. We had a few mishaps and Georgia scored three touchdowns very quickly. Yes, Georgia ran all over our defense but our offense kept up with them most of the way. Is a 4th quarter meltdown acceptable? No, of course not. Does it mean we have the worse team in the SEC and the worse in our history? No.
Let's get real Rebel fans. We can't fire our coach, even if we only win one game this year. He has to have at least next year. Yes, we are 1-4. We've lost to Florida, Georgia, Missouri & Vandy. Three in the top 25 and two in the top 10. This is a difficult schedule. Is it fair? Perhaps not, but it is what has been handed to us. Most other teams would be in our situation if they had our schedule. Maybe they would have beaten Vandy but Missouri, Florida and Georgia are difficult teams to beat for anyone.
This kind of talk on the message boards only hurts the situation. People read these boards. Recruits read these boards. For once, let's all collectively agree to stand behind this team. If at the end of the year things need to be discussed, then we do it. I expect nothing less from our fans than to support the Rebels in good times and bad times. That means smart, reasonable and well thought out posts. It also means being in the stands to support the Rebels when you can, even at games like LA Tech.
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Paul Westerdawg said...

FWIW - #98 on your team gave the best, most passionate motivational speech to his teammates that I've heard in a long time when Ole Miss went down 24-17 (pre-onside kick).

Unfortunately, it didn't help. But he's an impressive, vocal leader. I've sat behind the opponent's bench for 8 or so years, and he's a good one.

On the downside, I'm not sure where all of Orgeron's great recruits are at. Because other than OL (which was impressive on Saturday) and Running Back, you guys are a long, long way away from being where you were in 2003.

There are better coaches than Orgeron out there. Cutcliff for instance is a better coach.

Best of luck regardless. A strong Ole Miss is good for UGA. Most Dawg fans wish you well.

Paul Westerdawg
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