26 November 2007

Coaching Search begins

Deja-vu. Just a few years ago we were in this same situation. However, this time is different. The next Ole Miss coach will come into an ideal situation. We have talent. Many commentators have written about how attractive of a job we have. Here are a few snips:

"Look for the Mississippi job to attract a lot of attention, as Ed Orgeron left a stocked cupboard."--Sporting News

"Whatever the case, there will be a new sheriff in town, and he will have more than ample talent at his disposal.If the Mississippi State game was proof that game management was not Orgeron’s strength, it was also proof that the Rebels quite clearly have the talent to compete against a 7-5 bowl team.There was also talent enough for Ole Miss to play with some of the better teams in the conference, at least for periods of time.Orgeron’s successor will have something he never had, and that’s an SEC-caliber quarterback. Orgeron thought he signed such a player in Brent Schaeffer, but that attempt was incomplete." --Daily Journal

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