07 November 2007

Ultimate Pay Back?

Many years ago, before I was born, there was an LSU player named Cannon, who as J. Vaught said, "rained on our parade." He ruined Ole Miss's chance of winning a National Championship. This story, played out each year when Ole Miss & LSU meet, haunts Ole Miss fans.
What better chance than on national TV to change the story told in the future. Little Ole Miss can achieve the ultimate payback by ruining LSU's chance of playing for the national championship.
The story line is perfect. Ole Miss, 3-7, down on our luck, knocks off #2 LSU and secures national media darling Ohio State a national championship. The entire country will be pulling for Ole Miss. The entire country will celebrate a Rebel victory. What a signature win!


Anonymous said...

Go REBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's touching. Now back to reality.. LSU 42 Ole Miss 10. I think by prediction will be a little bit closer.

tullyhoreb said...

It can happen. I know nobody thinks it will, but with the 2 weeks off and players getting healthy and with greg hardy starting to get on the same page as his teamates. who knows, there have been big upsets before, look at last nite's KU & GARDNER-WEBB. Go Rebs!

Anonymous said...

Hey, can I visit you Ole Miss fans in never never land sometime?

Anonymous said...

kentucky basketball is overrated. LSU football is not!!

Anonymous said...

Fear the HAT!!!!


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