28 November 2007

WOW what a week

This is has been a crazy six days in Ole Miss football. Less than a week ago we blew a 14 point lead in the 4th to our in-state rival. The next day we fired our coach and today we got a new one!
When I watched the press conference today, I kept thinking this all seems odd. Houston Nutt is saying he is an Ole Miss Rebel. It's still surreal to me.
The press conference today went well. Nutt is definitely a motivator. While I am thankful of all the good things that Coach O accomplished while at Ole Miss, I was glad to listen to our coach without cringing.
So, I look forward to our football future. I think with Nutt we have completed our quest to find outstanding coaches in all sports at Ole Miss. We are now top notch all around!
Oh yeah, we are 5-0 in basketball.

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