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04 January 2008

Games to watch this weekend

Here are games of interest for Rebel fans this weekend:

South Alabama v. Western KY : January 5th 8:05pm- Why? South Alabama has won 7 in a row. Western KY has an RPI of 115 and are 8-4. The Rebels' RPI will improve if S. Alabama keeps winning.

Central Florida v. Sam Houston State: January 5th 3:00pm- Why? Sam Houston St. has an RPI of 29 and Central Florida is 145. A victory at Sam Houston State will significantly boost Central Florida's RPI.

DePaul v. Providence: January 5th 8:00PM(ESPN Classic): Providence has a high RPI of 25. A DePaul victory will help boost the Rebels' RPI.

LeSalle @ Florida State: January 5th 7:00PM- Why? Florida State has an RPI of 35. A LeSalle Victory increases the Rebels' RPI.

Clemson v. North Carolina: January 6th 7:30pm(Fox Sports)- Why? North Carolina is one of the 6 unbeatens left. They also have an RPI of 2. A Clemson Victory will tremendously aid the Rebels.

Kansas v. Boston College: January 5th 12:00PM (ESPN)- Why? Kansas is unbeaten. Let's loose a few more of those.

Washington State v. Washington: January 5th 10:00PM- Why? Washington State is undefeated and playing at their instate rival. Will it be enough to remove them from the unbeaten list? Probably not, but we can hope so.

UMass v. Vandy: January 5th 4:00PM(ESPN 360)- Why? Will Vandy finally fall from the ranks of the unbeatens?

St. Mary's v. Texas: January 5th 6:00PM(Fox Sports/ ESPN Full Court)- Why? No 24 St. Mary has a chance to knock off #14 Texas and help the Rebels move up.

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