08 January 2008

Kentucky is bad so the SEC is bad, right?

I do a news search several times a day to see what articles mention or discuss Ole Miss. This morning all the talk is about how the SEC is down. (See a list at the bottom of the blog)
The SEC hasn't performed as well in non-conference play as it has in the past but it also hasn't been terrible. It's 121-41 in non-conference play. Yes, the league is 1-9 against ranked opponents. Also, the RPI of the entire conference is low. However, if we replace Vandy with Florida and Ole Miss with Kentucky this year, I doubt the SEC would appear to be "as" down.
Just my opinion, but I am unanimous in it!

Arkansas-Democrat Gazette- SEC Slips, Slides while reloading
Daily Journal- As league play starts, SEC basketball has its skeptics
Cincinnati Enquirer- UK's struggles a drag on the SEC
Gatorsports.com- SEC hoops dealing with rare down season
Shreveport Times- Struggling SEC begins league play
Arkansas Sports- Perception is Reality For SEC Basketball

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