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16 July 2008

SEC's Top 10 games for 2008

With football just over a month away, I decided to take a look at the SEC schedule this year for the most exciting games. Here are my top 10 games.

(10) Auburn v. LSU- Should be the SEC West game of the year.

(9) Ole Miss v. MSU- AHHH revenge is sweet.

(8) Tennessee v. UCLA- Tennessee is making it's California rounds.

(7) Alabama v. Tennessee- Usually an exciting game.

(6) Arkansas v. Texas- Arkansas and Texas bring back the old SWC rivalry.

(5)Alabama v. Auburn- Will Saban stop the Tommy Curse?

(4)Georgia v. Arizona State- This will be a good SEC- Pac 10 matchup.

(3)Florida v. Georgia- This will be the game of the SEC East this year. I'm just glad that we only have to play one of them this year.

(2) Auburn v. West Virginia- One of the SEC's big boys plays THE Big East Big Boy.

(1) Ole Miss v. Arkansas- This will be billed as Houston Nutt's homecoming. Even if both teams haven't won a game this will be exciting.

Disagree? What's your Top 10?

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