09 August 2008

Top 10 things to look forward to

As we await the next era in Ole Miss football, here are 10 things to look forward to:

(10) Names on Uniform- A welcome change back to pre-O era.

(9) Football & the Grove- It's football time again!

(8) The O & D Lines- Our best group in a long time and perhaps the best in the SEC this year.

(7)The Presidential Debate- The world will be focused on Mississippi and Ole Miss.

(6)The Jumbotron- The largest in the SEC (at least until October).

(5)The new basketball practice facility- A 46,000 square foot facility that should help the Rebels greatly in recruiting.

(4) The remodeled larger OU Stadium- The Baseball stadium gets a major upgrade.

(3) Jevan Snead- Finally, a quality QB.

(2) J. Powe- The stud finally gets to play.

(1) The Houston Nutt era begins- Back to our winning ways.

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