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03 September 2008

Wake fans talk about the game Sat.

(1)What do you guys think of our upcoming game this year?

Should be a great game, two fairly even teams. I think that Ole Miss will struggle to stop Wake Forest's offense with Greg Hardy and Peria Jerry out. The Rebels do have a lot of athletic ability, however, especially on offense.-JaredShelton

The Memphis game (regardless of the strength of the Tigers) got most Wake fans' attention, I think. There will be a contingent that looks at the dismantling of the Rebels two years ago and expects the same thing. My general feeling is that we're getting you guys at a great time with Hardy being out and Jerry perhaps being limited in his snaps. Y'all should be a team that improves throughout the season as you get Nutt's gameplan in place. I think that Wake's offense will have a lot of opportunities against Ole Miss' defense. McCluster scares me (as he did when he was a freshman? in '06, though y'all couldn't get him involved too much that game).-DeacInVermont

I don't think there's any doubt that it will be our toughest out-of-conference test. Ole Miss made a colossal mistake in making the change from Cutcliffe to Orgeron, but the one thing Orgeron could do was recruit, and Nutt stands to reap the benefits. It does somewhat go without saying when an SEC team (not named Vandy) comes to town, but this is a very talented squad with a lot of playmakers. Nutt also causes havoc for opponents in much the way Wake does for its opponents in that his offenses will do some things that teams don't see very often otherwise. As anyone who watched the LSU game last year can attest to, he does an outstanding job of utilizing the assets at his disposal. I'm hopeful that Wake's experience and overall completeness will be enough to see us through, but there is no doubt in my mind that it will be a very competitive game.-wsc8521s

(2) What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?

Strengths: the defense as a whole. This is the best defense that Wake Forest has had in quite some time, and they have very good team speed. The skill positions as a whole are also strength for Wake.Weaknesses: The offensive line is talented, but very inexperienced. They didn't run block well at Baylor, but they did do a good job in pass protection. They should be thanking their lucky stars that Ole Miss isn't at full strength along the DLine.-JaredShelton

Wake's biggest strengths are the back seven on defense and the ultimate game-manager at QB. This isn't to slight our D-Line because it's good, just that our linebackers and defensive backs tend to outshine. Weaknesses are an unproven receiving core and offensive line. As a fanbase, we liked what we saw out of the O-Line from a pass-protection standpoint, but the run blocking was a bit lacking.-DeacInVermont

I would say our weakness is the O-line, just because we are shuffling so many new guys in there. It takes a while to build cohesion and I think that showed with our run blocking and pass protection (at times) in our opener. If teams crowd the box against us early on we will struggle to run the ball. But this won't necessarily hurt us because of one of our strengths...Riley Skinner. He is exceptionally poised in terms of scanning the field, knowing who to go and knowing when to get rid of the ball. Our back seven also is a strong point, with Curry, Smith and Ghee all touted pro prospects and exceptional playmakers.-wsc8521s

(3) What will Hanna affect the game?

If Hanna does affect the game, it will put more emphasis on the running game and ball security. Wake struggled with both last week, but the Deacs do have two very good running backs.-JaredShelton

Only the Lord Knows.-DeacInVermont

Let's hope not for the fans and the unveiling of Deacon Tower's sake. But as you all learned in '06, you don't want to be playing in the rain against Riley Skinner, he's a mudder!-wsc8521s

(4) What do you think about Houston Nutt being the HC at Ole Miss?

Houston Nutt is a great coach. What he did at Arkansas with limited recruiting resources was fantastic, and it was ridiculous for the Razorbacks to run him out of town like they did. The Rebs got a good one.-JaredShelton

I don't have much of an opinion of him one way or the other.-DeacInVermont

Very, very good coach. Ever since he had Arkansas a fluke fumble away from beating #1 undefeated (and eventual national champion) Tennessee on the road in his first season on the job there in '98 I've had a lot of respect for him. He got terribly mistreated there with all the success he brought them...hell he was in the SEC Championship game (and winning in the 3rd quarter) against Florida all of two years ago. The Nutt hire was as good as the Orgeron hire was bad...and that's saying something.-wsc8521s

(5) What will be the final score on Sat?

28-24, Wake Forest.-JaredShelton

I'll go with 34-20, but I don't have a lot of confidence that will be the actual score. This thing could go any number of ways.-DeacInVermont

Assuming the rain holds off...I think both teams offenses will excel and cause problems for the opposing defenses. But I think Skinner outduels Snead and some costly mistakes by the Texas transfer harm the Ole Miss cause. Let's go Wake 34, Ole Miss 24.-wsc8521s

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