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29 November 2008

Capital One or Cotton?

If you asked me this question at the beginning of the season, I would have said either. Now I am getting greedy. I say Capital One and Ohio State all the way. Playing Ohio State would be great publicity for Ole Miss. Ohio State has one of the largest alumni bases in the country. They have numerous alumni in key media positions.

Most folks assume that Capital One will still choose Georgia because Georgia is a bigger named school and will bring more fans to the game. Not so fast.... Ole Miss always travels well to bowl games. In 2003 Ole Miss brought between 20 and 20K fans to Dallas for the Cotton bowl. The Ole Miss fans are pumped up and will follow its team to Orlando. Georgia fans are bitter for not making a BCS game. This is a disappointment as they were preseason #1 in the country.

I say, Cap One, take a chance on Ole Miss!

Take a look:

Ohio State fans thoughts on playing Ole Miss in the Capital One Bowl.

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