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04 December 2008

RBS (Restless Bowl Syndrom) and Rebel Basket ball in HD

Searching for Ole Miss Bowl related news, reading the message boards... waiting to see what Bowl we go to. What city should I price airfare and hotels? Dallas, Orlando? I know which one I hope to go to... Orlando. So Capital One Bowl reps if you are reading this, put on ABBA's "Take a chance on me" and get our invitation in the mail! Not to slight you Cotton bowl. I would be thrilled to spend some time in Dallas watching the Rebels play. I just want to play a Big Ten team since I live in Ohio.

I believe we are getting serious consideration from Capital One. Here is why: If they had already decided on Georgia it would probably have already been announced. I believe that both Florida and Bama will go to a BCS game regardless of who wins. I also believe that Capital One believes that as well. If they were sold on Georgia they could release Ole Miss to the Cotton knowing that it wold be Georgia unless Bama or Florida somehow fall out of BCS consideration. They have not done that. I think that's a sign of how serious they are considering Ole Miss.

It was nice to see the Rebels play WVU in HD tonight. I was hoping for a victory. But, well you know the score.

Oh and I won an award. But.. not a good award. I was slammed for ranking the Rebels too high on the CBS blog sportsline polls. Yes I know I only voted at the beginning of the season and in the last poll. And yes, I am somewhat of a homer but I do believe that ranking the 3rd best team in the SEC (one that Bama wouldn't want to play again and the only team to beat FL this year) at #11 is not out of the question. What do you think?

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