08 December 2008

Texas Tech Traditions

So I'm curious about Texas Tech traditions. We've played there several times over the past few years. But none have been this big. I have heard they have a very good band, one of the best in the Big XII.

I also found something called Bangin' Bertha, a bell. I am not sure if it is rang or if the just have a bell. I assume they ring it.

They also have part of the Blarney Stone. Those who kiss the stone at graduation will be able to speak pretty.

Their fight song seems to be written about the same time as ours. Apparently they like to use the word "Fight" a lot back the. (Fight Fight for your Ole Miss & Fight Raiders, Fight! Fight, Raiders, Fight!)

Their hand signal is Guns up. According to the TTU site "the sign is make by extending the index finger outward while extending the thumb upward and tucking in the middle, little and fourth fingers to form a gun." (or just see the picture)

Their Grove is called Raider Alley.

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