18 December 2008

Update on AK

Paul Daugherty, Cincinnati reporter said when asked about the AK report:

Yep, actually talked to Someone Who Would Know just a few minutes ago. He said the cabbie dropped a racial slur on a member of Andy's party as they got into the cab... AK and his four companions, all his assistant coaches, got out of the cab and hailed another. As they were on their way back to their hotel, cops pulled them over and charged AK with assault.

My source said AK assaulted no one and has 4 eyewitnesses to swear to it.
Given what I know of Kennedy from having covered him as a head coach and as Huggins' top assistant, I believe this account.

Of course, I could never believe a guy like C. Blount could be charged with possessing 29 lbs. of marijuana, either.

We'll see.

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