17 January 2009

SEC West, the Big XII of 2009?

I was looking through my new SI when I found SI's top 10 for 2009. I was excited that Ole Miss is #6 and ranked the highest in my lifetime. But then I realized that the SEC owns almost 50% of the SI's Top 10. There are four SEC teams in the top 10. (Florida, Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU) What's even more amazing is that the SEC West has three of the four SEC teams in the Top 10. Is there another division or even conference that can match up with the SEC West?

We all know the hype around the Big XII South this year. The hype stopped when the Big XII South went 1-3 in post season. Everyone assumed the Big XII South was the best division in college football. Of course they were wrong. Let's up this time the pundits have it right!

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