07 September 2009

Memphis game observations

The game started out well for the Rebels.  The team seemed fired up and we scored 10 points early.  Then it seemed the spirit of the team evaporated until the 4th quarter.  Normally, Ole Miss fans would be happy with a 31 point win.  However, this time there are some folks who felt we should have done better.  Here are my thoughts on the game:

(1) This is the game for Memphis.  One could argue that this is more important to Memphis than any bowl game they play in.  A win over Ole Miss in any season is huge but with the Rebels being in the top 10 a win for Memphis would have been the biggest win in school history.  Bottom line, they were up for the game.  For us, it's a game we should win.  So it's hard for the team to be hyped for the game.

(2)  First game of the season.  It seems most teams play sloppy the first game of the season. 

(3) We finished.  The most important thing for me this weekend is how we finished.  We pored it on in the 4th.  This will be important for the rest of the season.

(4) Our  D only game up one drive the entire game. 

(5)  Jevan was very mobile in the pocket and eluded several possible sacks.

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