29 July 2007

Ole Miss fans talk about the Florida game

So what do Rebel fans think of the Florida game? I recently asked a few questions to Rebel message boarders. Here are your responses:

(1)What are your predictions for the game?

I think we'll beat Florida. They will have just played Tennessee the week before in, perhaps, their biggest SEC East game of the year. They'll be playing Auburn and LSU the next two weeks so we should be overlooked. Also the game will be Tebow's first game as a starter away. --RanchReb

If we can bring the heat on D, this could be the SEC upset of the year.--GoodOReb

A close game where we stay in it until late in the game. --IndianaReb

Comfortable win for Florida. If Ole Miss played as well as it did last year against LSU, Ole Miss might win, but I think that's a tall order. --GeorgePosey

We'll get our asses beat--Rebel_Richman

I can't begin to predict this one. Could be a close win or loss or blowout. Florida has a young defense coming in but they will be very athletic. If our QB play is reasonable, we might be able to match them. Our defense could be tougher up front than many expect but our back 7 will have some of the same problems as Florida-inexperience. I think Fla gets the nod on this one. --sampath

Fla wins, might be a close game though if we can move the ball consistently.-- uncwj83

I would love for us to win and maybe surprise them, but I'm not counting on it--cordovareb

(2) Is this our biggest game of the year?

I think Missouri is the "biggest" game of the year. I think how we perform in that game will give us an idea of how the season will go. If we can pull off a win or make it a close game since it is in Oxford, then I think we will have a successful (6-6 or better) season. --uncwj83

At this juncture in our program, all 12 games are the biggest game of the year--cordovareb

This will be our biggest game of Coach O's coaching career at Ole Miss only if we win. Otherwise, it's no bigger than the next SEC game.--ranchreb

L.S.U. is always our biggest game of the year!--GoodOReb

No, it is one of the biggest. The LSU game in Oxford will be the biggest.--Indiana Rebel

No way. It's not even in our division. We need to beat everyone in the West more than we need to beat Florida.--GeorgePosey

No, I think lsu is our biggest game of the year. --Rebel_richman

(3) What do you respect about Florida?

Florida is a good school and has become a sports juggernaut without scandals. They are a tough program to compete with. Any school that can take a national championship in two major men's sports in one year deserves some respect.--sampath

I like the fact that we have beat UF the last two times we've played. --Rebel_richman

Florida has gotten to be a very good undergraduate school--lots of students wanting to go there is making it selective. As a sports factory, they're first-rate. I thought the Florida fans got pretty brash (and the players were completely obnoxious, like Kyle "I'm going to throw away the Ole Miss game" Morris, when Spurrier was there, but they've actually been pretty decent from personal experience.--GeorgePosey

The fact that they won the National Championship!--Indiana Rebel

Spurrier was unstoppable when he played against us. I loved watching Spurrier-coached Florida teams play. I like Donnavan's style of basketball as well.--GoodOReb

Florida has great athletic programs and they represent the SEC well in all sports.--RanchReb

They are consistently very good --Florida Dawg

Urban Meyer --uncwj83
Florida is like Ridgemont High, except as a college/university--cordovareb

(4) What do you dislike most about Florida?

I don't dislike anything about Florida but like all SEC teams, they have some mouthy fans.--ranchreb
Nothing in particular, other than it's too darn far to drive to watch sporting events. --GoodOReb
Nothing, I think they have great traveling fans and enjoyed their last visit to the Grove.
--Indiana Rebel

Unreasonable resentments, really. The town's not much. It's sort of a mismatch--all Florida has to do to be really good, having 2 to 5 times as much population as the other states in the SEC, is to accept a reasonable smattering of the in-state talent. Then there are idiots who want to go there because they picture great weather and the beach. (The beach isn't really close and the weather's miserably hot 10 months a year.) They get darling treatment from the national press. I hate the national press more than I dislike Florida, though.--GeorgePosey

Nothing really. Most OM fans seem to love Spurrier...I just don't but since he is no longer the Gator coach, I am being irrelevant to the discussion.--sampath

Their haughty attitude about always winning...--Florida Dawg

Their entire basketball program. I'm so relieved I never have to see Joakim Noah in college basketball ever again! I still laugh at how pathetic Billy Donovan handled the whole Orlando Magic deal.--uncwj83

Florida has an undue advantage when it comes to recruiting. They are in one of the fastest growing states in the nation. They have beaches on both coasts. They have a hotbed of talent in just about any sport from the Panhandle to South Beach. They are tops in so many sports from football to basketball to soccer to softball to you name it. If you are a recruit, how can you say no to great weather, beautiful women in skimpy outfits, beaches within a moments drive, the greatest tourist mecca and vacation spot in the world within a one hour drive, and the largest university in the SEC. Oxford is within 1 to 5 hours of the three most murderous cities in America (Memphis, Jackson(MS), and New Orleans). Is there any comparison?--cordovareb

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