29 July 2007

Florida fans talk about Ole Miss v. Florida

I asked Gator fans about our game in September. Here is what they said:

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

Prediction: UF: 35 UM: 13

Fairly early in the season, Florida makes a few mistakes on the road, but simply has too much talent for the Rebels to overcome. My guess is 32-21 Gators.--NoviG8r

Close for a half but UF goes crazy scoring late...UF 35 Ole Miss 10.--Slick Benny

I predict UF wins. I predict our offense carries us, while a young defense makes a few errors and doesn't play that well on their first major road trip. UF 33 Ole Miss 20--BigOleNastyGator

To be honest I need to see how Florida performs. Same with Ole Miss. Right now I will say 34-20.--ColdSteel120

I think we will win i wont predict the scores.--gatorsorbust

I predict we win by 10-14--Pogfee

i'm thinking we win. tough on the road in the SEC and for some reason, the gators have been 'jinxed' somewhat stepping onto mississippi soil. we're looking to break that hex.--

(2) What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?

Strengths: Playmakers at every position on offense (with depth)...
Weaknesses: young, but VERY talented defense--Leak's#1

Strengths are Offensive Line, Wide Recievers, and Safeties. Overall, our offense should be hard to stop ... too much speed, too many playmakers, and Tebow (unlike the opinion of many) really can throw the ball. Weaknesses would be our Cornerbacks. Defense will be young but have great speed and talent.--NoviG8r

Talent and alot of it...Offense will absolutely explode. Defense line is weakness but could be good.--Slick Benny

O-line, receiver, and team speed on D are strengths. Experience on D and at QB are weaknesses.--BigOleNastyGator

Strengths is OL and WR and weaknesses right now IMO is CB but that is due to youth but it is a concern. Tebow will do great IMO and the running game will be interesting with Chris Rainey in the mix.--ColdSteel120

Strength is our offense no doubt about it. Mainly our WR's they are very very fast and have the potential to burn alot of DB's this year. Also one of our strength's is talent. We have ALOT of talent on both sides of the ball. Our weaknesses is 1. QB only because we dont know whats going to happen he doesnt have experience in CFB as the #1 guy. (but i am personally dont think its going to hurt us whatsoever.) 2. Defense - Our CB's are very inexperienced but very talented. If our defense can gell together and play to potential this will not be a weakness but right now until proven, it is.--gatorsorbust

Strengths in general are an experienced offensive line and talent all over the field on offense. We will be a high scoring, big play offense. Weaknesses are a big time RB (although Meyer is starting to speak highly of Kesthan Moore) and a very inexperienced but talented defense.--Pogfee

strengths - offense. tebow is a good /proper fit for the spread option. WR corps is lethal. will be a nightmare for DC's to scheme against. OL is maturing as a top notch unit. weaknesses - we still don't have a 'go to' big stud RB. why we're not attracting the top RB's is a mystery. we've got a few speedy/shifty ones....may have a coming out party this season at tailback. we'll see. another weakness - no leaders, we're very inexperienced and young. defense especially. CB is a concern but coach heater seems to work wonders coaching up guys to play DB/CB. middle of the DL is something to watch. if we're stout there, watch out! i think our young LB corps will surprise alot of folks too.--gatorbogey

(3) Are you planning to come to the game?

-Slick Benny

I was planning to but I have a family commitment that weekend. I know many that are going.--ColdSteel120

I am planning on going to the game.--pogfee

i came last time to oxford. nice visit. loved the grove and all. don't plan to attend this time around. spent too much last year at all the championship games we had!--Gatorbogey

(4) What do you respect about Ole Miss?

I grew up next door to a family of Ole Miss alums and have went to a few games at the Grove. I always really enjoyed myself at UM games.

Respect is hard to say. The football program has really not accomplished much of anything in the last 40 years, and I'm not a big fan of Orgeron. There are things I like about the school and the town.--NoviG8r

The Grove and its women.--Slick Benny

I respect your tradition, your fan base, and your school. --BigOleNastyGator

Ole Miss usually play us tough and Ole Miss has beaten us the last two times we played.--ColdSteel120

I love the atmosphere and the fans at Ole Miss. I have been there once before and the Grove is amazing. I really like Coach Orgeron and think if you are patient enough he will do a good job.--cogfee

ole miss is one of those classic sec 'traditional' schools/programs. good game day traditions that harken back to bye gone days. small town traditions, good manners and hospitality, etc . the girls live up to the legend about ole miss too.--gatorbogey

(5) What do you dislike most about Ole Miss?

Nothing really not to like about Ole Miss and unfortunately that means that they are pretty much irrelevant.

The only negative that comes to mind for me was that the powers at Ole Miss voted (after the fact) to strip UF of the '84 SEC title in the spring of '85. They didn't bother to do it for any schools in a similar situation before, or since.--NoviG8r

That a manning went there.--Slick Benny

On the field, I think Orgeron is a clown, and really don't have much respect for your team. Please don't take that personally. I just think ED sucks. I think you can win at ole miss, maybe not like MNC winning, but 7-8 wins a year is realistic...but not with ed.--BigOleNastyGator

The last two results in our match up. Other than that we do not play enough to have a true dislike IMO.--ColdSteel120

They always come to play and always play us tough.--gatorsorbust

The thing I dislike about Ole Miss is you beating us the last few times we have played. Damn Eli!--cogfee

there isn't much to dislike, not a regular rival. only thing that worries me is that we don't seem to do well in starkville and oxford. we've had some troubles w/ the 'rotating' west foe....seems that when you aren't that familiar w/ the venue and foe, it causes some trouble. and the smallish Mississippi college towns may be a bit surreal for our players. maybe that's the problem. the cane fans think we're a bunch of "pig farmers" in gainesville, i wonder what they would think about oxford?--Gatorbogey

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