21 July 2007

Ole Miss v. Missouri- What are the Mizzou fans saying?

What do the Mizzou fans think of our upcoming game? I posted a few questions on both the Mizzou Scout and Rivals site. Here is what they are saying:


What are your thoughts on our game in Sept?

  • "I think most of us know this will be a tougher game than some may expect. Playing in your house will not make things easy on us, but I think most of us still expect a win. "

  • "Can't wait for that game,on the road in the SEC,should be a great game."

  • "This game worries me, we could be walking into an ambush down there. I think our boys will have their dander up and will play well, but so will the Rebs in front of their home crowd."

How many are planning to visit Oxford?

  • "I cannot attend this game, I am having surgery on my foot and will likely not be recovered by then. Otherwise I wouldnt miss it. I have almost memorable southern breakfast in Oxford several years ago. I forgot the name of the place. Anyway it seems an awful lot of Tiger fans are making the trip. "

  • "We've got a group of 6 to 12 that will be strolling through the Grove pre-game and hoping to see an MU road win, which has never been a gimme in the last 20 years or so. "


What are your strengths/weaknesses this year?

  • "Strengths;Basically our O is going to be tough to stop for anybody.QB,WR,TB,TE is solid.OL should get the job done as well.A Special Teams;Always a ? but should be better than average.Defense;Our interior line will be tough,the question is our end play.True LBs are now in place and should be good.One corner spot is solid,looking for a player to step up on the other side.Safeties will be deep."

  • "We will have their dander up and will play well, but so will the Rebs in front of their home crowd. I think our offense will be hard to stop. Ole Miss is breaking in quite a few new guys, you will have a different QB than we saw last year in Columbia."

  • "Strength is def. our offense. Touting probably a top 5 Nationally rated offense led by Chase Daniel and our 1-2 TE punch, there is also a VERY deep WR core and an experienced OL. If Temple continues to run like he did in the Sun Bowl this offense might give a few DC's nightmares.

  • Weakness: I think most would say defense but I think our Defense will be alright. My concern is special teams. We were horrible on punting and allowed other teams to have premium field position to start from. This problem needs to get fixed, as well as our return game. We have not run one back since... what, the 80's? hah. The highlight to our Specialist however, is our kicker. Semi-finalist for the Groza award last year, Jeff Wolfert was 100% on PAT's and only missed two field goals all year (99 pts total). Oh and I met his older sister, she's a hottie. But I digress..."

  • "Missouri returns one of the upper-echelon offenses in the country this year, returning a 3,000 yard passer and a 1,000 yard rusher, and a pretty good set of receivers, led by our tight end tandem of Martin Rucker and Chase Coffman. Will Franklin would be our best WR at this point. Mizzou is also pretty solid up front too, returning four starters and another few that started at least one game last season.

  • Mizzou should be better on defense. We might not have an overall upgrade in talent, but we have guys that are more natural players at their positions, especially at linebacker. The only seriously troublesome spot on the defense is at DE, and maybe a second CB on the other side of Darnell Terrell. Have to see who steps up. LB's will be pretty green, but I honestly think we're talented enough there to compete."


Do you think the game will be a blow out again this year or do you think it might be closer?

  • "I can't honestly say if this game will be very close or not."

  • "Overall, I see this being a closer game, since we'll be playing on the road at an SEC school, but given the fact that Ole Miss lost two above-avg. LB's after last season, and some other key players on defense, I tend to think we should probably win by 14-17 points. The only guy on OM's offense that would make me lose sleep is Green-Ellis, but I can see MU stacking the box with 8-9 guys to stop him."

  • "Not looking for a blow out on the road.35-24 sounds about right."
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Jeff said...

I predict a 35-31 Mizzou win but would not be shocked if Ole Miss wins. Nice blog btw.

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