28 July 2007

Vandy fans talk about Ole Miss v. Vandy game.

I asked a few questions to Vandy fans about Ole Miss and our upcoming game. The one thing that stands out the most to me is how much they dislike Coach O.
(1)What are your predictions on our game?
Vandy 24 - Ole Miss 10 --

I doubt Vandy beats OM by 14. No matter how good or bad either team is, this game is decided by double digit points only on rare occasions. --DallasDore

We get revenge for last year's game. I think we handle Ole Miss rather easily this year.--

Vandy wins easily 31-17--
Vandy 420

Vanderbilt doesn't screw itself over, Nickson plays the whole game, and we win by 10+ points. --

(2) What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?
Strengths: LBs, OL, WR. Weaknesses: depth at DL--DontSlamtheDores

Strengths: WR, QB, OL, LB, Depth at RB Weaknesses: Depth at DL, Secondary(? might not be)--

Strengths: depth at WR, 5 seniors on the Oline, lots of returning starters. Weaknesses- depth on dline, inexperience in secondary, special teams.--

Strengths are WR, LB, and OL. Our maybes are QB, DB, and RB and our weaknesses are DL and depth. Kicking game is another ?, could be very good, but not sure. If Nickson at QB has a good year, VU will shock some people with how good we are.--

(3) What do you respect about Ole Miss?
The Grove and hot chicks!--

Really stretching here... the grove I guess.--

Ole Miss is the only college in the US that grows pot for research. Tried to get the cab driver to take us by there when we went in 2004 but he wouldn't go close to the place. The Grove. The girls. --

Wellll...I do respect the education my daughter got at Ole Miss. She's a very successful CPA in Nashville.--

(4) What do you dislike most about Ole Miss?
What I dislike...is the fact your coach drags his wife around by her hair, and he continues to recruit players that have no business going to college.--DontSlamtheDores

Coach O ripped his shirt off okay 'nuff said. Ole Miss was my second favorite overall program in the SEC. Until O is gone I've lost any respect for them. --

Even though they are pretty bad they still think they are going to win it all every year, arrogance. Also, the way they sign 35 players but only 20 qualify every year. Why recruit a player that can't even read?--

Coach O, Coach O's recruiting tactics, the whole Jerrell Powe situation... basically anything involving Coach O.--

I sincerely hope they keep Orgeron for a long time, too, but I don't think he'd be able to keep the entire board of trust bound & gagged for too long without being discovered....d Orgeron is the single worst coach in the conference. I even think Croom is better. I can't wait until week 3 to be reminded what a deer-in-the-headlights look is like. --

The fanbase percieves they are a better football program than they truly are. This may be the case with most schools, but Ole Miss fans take it to the extreme because they were good 4 decades ago. Just don't get it. PS-I hope you keep Orgeron for a long time. --

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