28 July 2007

Ole Miss fans talk about the Vandy game.

What do Ole Miss fans think about Vandy and our upcoming game? I asked a few questions to Ole Miss fans. Here is how they responded:

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

Vandy 28 OM 27 They were nearly a giant killer last year and have the offense returning. Our back seven on defense will still be on the learning curve for this one. --sampath

Probably Vandy by @ 6pts. Hard to say until we know what the rebel offense looks like.--PiedmontRebel

OM will win by a touchdown or more--JDell

Vandy wins.--GoodOReb

We should win, as usual...but game will be tough, as usual.--FirstDownOleMiss We win 24-17 in ANOTHER close game. They always give us fits.--BlueMountainRebel Vandy is going to be extremely tough this year, and honestly I think they'll be favored over us coming into the game. Many Ole Miss fans have trouble understanding that Vandy is not the same pushover Vandy they've been for the past 25 years. They're actually a fairly talented and decently coached bunch, especially early in the season before depth becomes an issue.Last year, they out gained us about 400-175 roughly without their starting QB. Rory Johnson's effort and the 5 turnovers were the only reason we were able to win that game. Last I checked, Rory is gone, and there is a good chance we'll actually see their starting QB this year. They actually return more of their starters than we do too. If you look at them as just another football team and take the Vandy name off their jerseys, you'd see a team that is going to give us fits on September 15. We'll be doing good to get out of Nashville with a win. Now go ahead and trash me for saying it, but they're not going to just roll over because they are Vandy.I'll put it this way. If Alabama had more than doubled our yardage output with their back up QB last year, and they lost only because they turned it over 5 times, you wouldn't see too many Ole Miss fans picking us to win this year against their starter, because we would expect Bama to not give the game away this year, especially if they returned more starters than we did. But because of the name on the jersey, most Ole Miss fans think it will be a game we can chalk up as a win fairly easily.--GroveReb84 28 -20 REBELS--MidTownReb

(2) Are you planning to make the trip to Nashville?

-- GoodOReb

maybe, it would be a good time to take my son to visit VU (for future consideration)--JDel

(3) What are your overall thoughts on the Vandy campus and stadium?

I haven't been up there in quite some time so I don't have any observations.--SamPath

Vandy has a great campus (highly underrated among SEC schools), but the stadium is a little small by SEC standards.--PiedmontRebel

only know what I've read, and I think their stadium is outdated, but the campus is pretty--Jdel

I like the setting of the campus. Stadium needs updating.--GoodOReb

I have no idea. This will be my first trip. Any suggestions??? --BlueMountainRebel

I like Vandy...stadium not very nice at all...but it has an old time feel to it.

What do you respect about Vandy?

I think they always get the maximum from the talent they have. They lose games because of depth issues primarily. --SamPath

The classiness of the fanbase. And the fact that despite being a perennial SEC doormat, they're never a pushover on the field.--PiedmontRebel

their academics--JDel

Academics. Also, enjoy how the crowd gets into basketball games. Lots of fun!--GoodOReb

Original member with loads of history...just none of it recent. I really like their football coach. He is a good one. Their sports programs are well rounded imo.--FirstDownOleMiss Their ability to have great teams without a true athletic department.--BlueMountainRebel Their Academics --MidTownReb

(5) What do you dislike most about Vandy?

They love to come to our site to talk smack before we play...not sure why....but overall...I have a positive impression about vandy and their athletic program.-

We get someone hurt EVERY DAMN GAME we play them!
-- BlueMountainRebel

of their fans have somehow convinced themselves that they beat Ole Miss every other year. We have won 8 of the past 10 in the series, 16 of the past 20, and lead the overall series 46-33-2, with the majority of their wins being in the pre-Vaught era (before 1947). --MidTownReb

Too many serious (season-ending) injuries for some reason.

Historically, OM players have received significantly serious injuries in this matchup, e.g., Chucky Mullins, Doug Zeigler, Duece, etc.; can't understand why--JDel

The fact that they're the only school in the SEC with ZERO commitment to winning in football.--PiedmontRebel

We often get a significant injury in these games.--SamPath

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Anonymous said...

If Ole Miss plays with PRIDE, we will beat Vanderbilt, and we will have a winning season. I think a basic lack of pride has been the problem since Tuberville left. Tuberville did not have squat to work with, but he made his players BELIEVE -- and he was/is a a great coach.
Cutcliffe was a lazy recruiter and seemed to not take the Ole Miss job seriously-- and that rubbed off onto his teams, which always appeared to be asleep or in slow motion. Orgeron is a great recruiter, but I have seen no evidence of any "X and O" ability, and the team never looks fired up and prepared for the kill. But I digress...

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