14 August 2007

Alabama fans talk about this year's game

I asked Bama fans a few questions about Ole Miss and this year's game. Here are their responses:

(1)What are your predictions on our game?
BAMA 45 - OM 3--FearTheNicktator
i think finally we'll get over the hump and destroy ole miss like we're used to, instead of these embarrassing 3 point wins. --tidegrad
Bama by a field goal--CRIMSONWHITE
23-20 Bama (last second field goal again)--MobileBama
Bama by twelve--Elated Elephant
24-23 UA.--billylucky
Both teams should be better than last year - Bama by 4. I have to admit this game gives me a little more heartburn than Vandy for some reason - maybe it's Coach O figuring out that Schaeffer isn't really a very good QB.--bamaCPA
No proven quarterback + Schaffer at receiver(he kept it close last year) - Eli at quarterback = 'Bama by two touchdowns. I strongly believe that Ole Miss is two years away from a seven win season. Snead will help but not until another year...--uasenior07
Bama will win 28-10--MarshalTide
We drive over. We win. We drive home.--guyhart
Will be a tough game, tougher than most think, and could be a trap if we are looking ahead to UT. I don't think Saban allows that, and Bama wins late. 24-17--MetallibamA
A hard fought Bama victory--RabidBAMAfan
I think Bama wins a close one. Again.
I think we will win in a somewhat close game. If I had to say a margin of victory, I'd say 10 points. In other words, not as close as the 2005 or 2006 game, but not as big of a blowout as the 2004 game.--Chimes05
Unless Ole Miss can find a quarterback I'll take Bama. If a QB appears, another squeaker for the Tide.--bama61
I think like most BAMA-Ole Miss games, I think we will win. --TideDawg02
I think we win by 3-10 points. In the 20's....say 27-17 or 31-21 or something along those lines.--Summer of George
Bama wins 28-16--bspit8
(2)What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?
strengths: should have a potent offense, great passing game, and a surprisingly good running game. weaknesses: defensive front 7 and depth therein; special teams is a mystery. --tidegrad
Strenghts- offensive line, wideouts QB weaknesses d-line linebacker-- CRIMSONWHITE
strenghts are safeties and cb's on defense, wr's on offense. weaknesses are LB's on defense and back-up O-line on offense--MobileBama
ery strong returning offense/young and inexperienced defense--bamalewie
Strength - O-line & Receivers Weakness - Front Seven on Defense--Elated Elephant
Strength is the offense; weakness would be inexperience in the defensive front 7--MarshalTide
Strengths: Organized and focused coaching staff, Oline, QB, WR, DB's. Weaknesses: Dline and LB--MetallibamA
NOT coaching like in the past.--RabidBAMAfan
Strengths;the whole offense. Weakness; the Dline and linebackers--BamaHeel
The strength is the offense, that unit could really put up huge numbers this year. The weakness if obvious: defensive tackle. Our situation at defensive tackle could get very bad--Chimes05
I expect us to be a bit thin and undersized on the defensive line. Depth at linebacker is likely to be a problem too. On offense, we'll just have to see if the new staff has been able overcome the several previous years of poor coaching for the line.--bama61
Strength - Offense. We return 9 starters which includes the entire OL, WR's, TE's and QB. We will have a much more balanced attack and we have a number of RB's who are talented. Terry Grant looks to be the starter. Weakness will be the defensive front 7. We have talent there but not a lot of experience and depth. Hopefully that will develop over the season.--TideDawg02
Strengths - QB and WR super strengths.........OL and RB should be strengthsWeaknesses - DL and LB (other than Prince Hall), Safety--Summer of George
Strengths- OL, QB, WRWeaknesses- DL--bspit8
(3)What do you respect about Ole Miss?
very little honestly, there are some pretty girls there, as long as you're not looking up their nose at them. the town square in oxford is pretty nice, i saw wilco there one time. --tidegrad
Uniform colors--CRIMSONWHITE
tailgating traditions--MobileBama
The Ladies? and Archie, of course the tailgating--bamalewie
Tailgating, & old South traditions--Elated Elephant
I like your nickname (for lack of a better term) that most people use for you: "Ole Miss." Thinking about it, I can only come up with a few schools that (in my opinion) have a nickname other than their schools exact name that people seem to use most often (I'm not including initials like UA, USC, etc. or the schools real nickname, like Crimson Tide, Rebels, etc.) Most are in the SEC--I may be missing a few but here's what I came up with:Alabama (Bama)Mississippi (Ole Miss)Vanderbilt (Vandy)Auburn (The Barn)California (Cal)--GSTider1
Ole Miss generally plays Alabama really tough.--MarshalTide
Well, you aren't Mississippi State--MetallibamA
pretty much everything. I have always liked Ole Miss.--RabidBAMAfan
I respect that they are trying to get into the upper echelon of the SEC. Also, the campus I remember was very nice. Also, I hear the Grove is awesome for tailgating.--BamaHeel
Respect may be a strong word, but several things I like: the concessions at the game, the uniforms (some of the best), the cheap tickets, and -- not trying to talk trash here, just being honest -- the fact that we almost always walk away with a win when we face the Rebs.--Chimes05
My favorite thing about Ole Miss...the co-eds. Year in, year out, the best looking group in the SEC.--bama12n21
One of the finest and most enjoyable tailgating venues in college football in my opinion. The square after the game was fun too.--bama61
I respect that Ole Miss and Alabama are basically mire images of eachother. Both have passionate alumni groups, both dress up for games, both have beautiful old southern campuses. Both have had a great coach in their history--Summer of George
Hot women--bspit8
(4) What do you dislike most about Ole Miss?
i have never understood where the arrogance comes from. it's not a very good school, and is historically a terrible football program, but to talk to ole miss people you'd think they were harvard and notre dame rolled into one. plus, seriously mississippi is a pit. --tidegrad
Hoddy toddy out the ying yang--CRIMSONWHITE
not having a mascot--MobileBama
Most of the fans seem to hate Alabama--Elated Elephant
There's nothing I really dislike. Did Ole Miss do away with Johnny Reb? If they did, I wouldn't like that. That's a tradition.--MarshalTide
Hotty Snotty or whatever the hell it is. Seriously. Do you guys KNOW another flippin' cheer? It's like "Rocky Top", only requires less talent. Also, Archie Manning sired Peyton.--MetallibamA
The idiot's that done away with colonel reb. That sucks!--RabidBAMAfan
Don't know enough about you to dislike anything. Yet.--BamaHeel
A variety of the things: Vaught-Hemingway (sorry, it's not nice at all), the annoying announcer going "First and 10.... OLE MISS!," the clown on the motorcycle for the pre-game, all of the old white women wearing those "Bring Back Colonel Reb" lapel stickers, the confederate flags, the nothing-to-do town of Oxford, the backroads drive to Oxford, and most of all, the fact that many Ole Miss fans have the lowest accomplishment-to-ego ratio in the conference--Chimes05
The usual cadre of drunken and obnoxious morons the afflict all the schools in our conference if not all of Division I-A. Contrary to what some Ole Miss folks seem to think, you folks have at least your fair share if not more.--bama61
Having been to Oxford, the fans (nothing personal - some are good people). I will agree that Alabama fans are somewhat arrogant but our team has accomplished alot and we have are one of the most storied traditions in college football. Ole Miss has very little justification for being arrogant as they have not been a constant factor in the SEC for many years. As for what else I dislike, your stadium. The IPF is incredible, but the stadium is average and the one endzone needs to be closed in.--TideDawg02
Some of their folks sense of being better than everyone else when all stats show they are one of the 2 or 3 bottom schools academically in the conference and their football team hasn't won an SEC Title in 50 years.--Summer of George
(5) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. Alabama game and why?
1999, my only trip to see a game in oxford, and if i never make another one, that's fine with me. boring town, terrible fans. --tidegrad
1969 Manning vs Hunter. Best game of the series.--CRIMSONWHITE
the game ELI beat the hell out of us. Why? b/c it was embarassing--MobileBama
A lightning storm in Bryant Denny in the 90's--bamalewie
'69 Hunter/Manning televison game--Elated Elephant
2 years ago when Bama won by a field goal. It was a good, defensive game.--MarshalTide
1969. Hunter. Archie. Enough said.--MetallibamA
can't remember the year, but Bama was down at halftime, and then we came out and kicked a knot in the rebs ass.--RabidBAMAfan
Most memorable may be last years' OT win for us.--BamaHeel
The 1969 game would probably take the cake (Archie v. Hunter), and the 1989 game would be a good one too; that was one of the weirdest games you'll ever see. The 2002 crushing of Eli was pretty sweet too.--Chimes05
1969, a night game at Legion Field, Archie Manning and Scott Hunter in the damnedest shoot out I ever saw. It was obvious early on that the last team to score would probably win. Breath taking game.--bama61
Haven't been around real long, but mine would be the year we went 3-8 but beat Ole Miss like a drum. For some reason that game gave me hope for the rest of the season (didn't work out too well).--Summer of George
Money's kick to win--bspit8
(6) What is your second favorite team in the SEC?
georgia--tidegrad, CRIMSONWHITE, Elated Elephant , MarshalTide, MetallibamA, Summer of George
don't have one--MobileBama
whoever's playing Aubarn and UGA--bamalewie
I really don't have one.....maybe Georgia, or Ole Miss. That's about the only two teams I can stomach in the conference.--RabidBAMAfan
Used to LSU but I don't like them now. Goofy coach and obnoxious fans. That leaves us with SC or Arky--BamaHeel
Ah, don't really have one in particular. Depending on the situation, I can pull for almost any team. Most of the time I generally pull for whoever would help Alabama the most, or the underdog.--Chimes05
LSU. I used to love going to the games in Baton Rouge. Nothing like the atmosphere at a night game and for years LSU played at no other time. The party before the game was astounding and it was the only stadium I've ever walked into that you get a buzz on just by breathing deep. Sadly, it's gotten somewhat hostile the past few years....--bama61
Miss State but that is because my wife is an MSU Alum. Otherwise I have always liked LSU and UF.--TideDawg02
(7) If you had to name a sister school (the one that is most like Bama) who would that be?
georgia--tidegrad, CRIMSONWHITE, bamalewie, bama61 ,bspit8
Oklahoma--MobileBama, Elated Elephant , MarshalTide, MetallibamA, RabidBAMAfan, TideDawg02
UGA or OU.--BamaHeel
Ole Miss and UGA.......probably Ole Miss.--Summer of George , bspit8
(8) Are you planning on coming to the game this year in Oxford?
depends on what time the game is. going to a wedding in memphis that evening, so i thought maybe i'd pop down there for it, but it's not looking like that's going to happen. --tidegrad
Yes and looking forward to it!--MobileBama
No, but I wish I were. On second thought, you can never tell, I might end up in Oxford this year.--RabidBAMAfan
Yes, got some good seats for the game. Haven't been over there in 20 years. Want to know how to get a hotel in OI would like to simply because I can usually find dirt cheap tickets to the game in Oxford, but from where I am at now, it is entirely too long of a drive.--BamaHeel
I would like to simply because I can usually find dirt cheap tickets to the game in Oxford, but from where I am at now, it is entirely too long of a drive.--Chimes05
No, since I'm slightly older than dirt, I don't make many of the road games anymore. --bama61
Yes. Went last time and had a blast, lots of fun and all the Ole Miss folks are great hosts. Should be a good game as well.--Summer of George
Went 2 years ago but not going back this year.--TideDawg02
I received a lot of extra comments. Here are some:
Good luck on your season. I used to really enjoy the Rebs back in the days of Johnny Vaught. How can you dislike a program that produces a quarterback with a name like Eagle Day or a bruising fullback named Charlie Flowers? Both of them real players too. Good luck on your season. I used to really enjoy the Rebs back in the days of Johnny Vaught. How can you dislike a program that produces a quarterback with a name like Eagle Day or a bruising fullback named Charlie Flowers? Both of them real players too.--bama61
anyway, thanks for your interest, sorry i didn't have better things to say about your school, but i just don't. good luck with your blog, though.--tidegrad
Good luck this year....and go tell everybody that Bama is on the way back.--Elated Elephant
Good luck to you guys this year--BamaHeel
I've read your blog with opinions from other schools and enjoy it. Neat little project.--Summer of George
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