15 August 2007

Rebel fans talk about the Bama game.

(1)What are your predictions on the game?
Ole Miss 17 Bama 13--Indiana Rebel
It'll be the worst (or second worst) beating we take this season. Gut feeling only.--PiedmontRebel
I think Ole Miss can win if Alabama really does try to run the 3-4 against us. If they don't, they will probably win.--jdkipp
i think it will be very close but we pull it out by a field goal.--rebelsg
OM 21 Bama 17 Saban WAY overrated. He struggled against Ole Miss every year with 10 times the talent?!?!?!?! If I were Bama that would scare the hell out of me.-- msmafia
too many variables, will have to see about the QB play and whether some key players are cleared.--sampath
We win by doing the following in order (otherwise we lose):(a) Pressure QB and cover WRs.(b) Find a QB who can throw to take pressure off of running game.(c) Average more than 40 yards per punt.--GoodOReb
OM wins a close one --JaySuede
Ole Miss wins a close one--shaunp38
(2)What do you respect about Bama?
Huge fan base!--Indiana Rebel
Used to be their fans, T-town, tradition. Recently...nothing.--PiedmontRebel
Their record against us.--jdkipp
They are a historic SEC team that had alot of success in the past.--rebelsg
Absolutely nothing.--atwood510
the great players that have come out of their program and past history.--sampath
Tradition, pride, and sportsmanship of players.--GoodOReb
Their campus, stadium, tradition, etc...--JaySuede
Demeco Ryans was a cool dude--shaunp38
(3) What do you dislike most about Bama?
That they think that football begins and ends with them. Lately they think b/c they hired Saban that they will win the NC this year.--Indiana Rebel
Delusional arrogance. Unfortunately we seem to be the one team they can back it up against.--PiedmontRebel
THeir record against us.--jdkipp
Ive encountered some rude fans but I guess you get that anywhere you go. The only other thing I can think of is even when they have a down year they just seem to have our number.--rebelsg
If they are even half as good as they think they are, why does it oftentimes take questionable officiating to bail them out? --atwood510
Many still think they are a top 5 team and they have not relized that playing by the rules has made them a middle of the pack team. --msmafia
the Saban hiring. I don't have a problem with hiring a good coach as one can get but this whole deal left a lot to be desired. No college coach is worth that kind of money and Saban revealed some character issues.--sampath
Living in Alabama, the list is endless! Total bias of the press, never giving credit to opponent.--GoodOReb
Fans. I hang out with some cool ones on a daily basis... go search youtube for "Collett Connell", too many are just like her.--shaunp38
(4) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. Alabama game and why?
2003 when Ole Miss beat the crap out of bama.--Indiana Rebel
2002 because it was a complete, unmitigated disaster. And they were a bad team that year. 2003, problem corrected.--PiedmontRebel
Probably 2005. Michael Spurlock gets two consecutive delay of game penalties inside the ten yard line, forcing us to kick a field goal (which I believe we miss). We lose by 3. We would have had four opportunities to punch it in from the one if we had just run a simple dive.--jdkipp
2003 beating that Eli put on them and the same game the first taste of PW laying the returner out on the kickoff.--msmafia
night game in Oxford when David Palmer was playing for Bama-he was everywhere.--sampath
1969 game. You had to see it to believe it!--GoodOReb
The game that got delayed by lightning. Dou Innocent was having an awesome game. We had that game won, and an official called us for roughing the kicker when the Bama guy pushed us into the kicker. Bama took advantage and won. The Gary Abide game when OM was controlling the game until Barker got hurt and Deuce Palmer came in at QB. There was one play where Palmer ran backwards 15 yards, went to one side of the end zone where OM almost had him for a safety, juked some guy out, then went to the other side of the end zone, and ended up running 30 yards downfield for a first down. Needless to say Bama came back and won.And, of course, I think it was '01 when we beat Bama for the first time in a long time. It was raining, Chris Collins made an awesome catch on third down to keep a drive alive. Very memorable.--JaySuede
Tie between 06 and 03. 06 because it was the first game in this series that I took my wife to, and 03 because that one game helped me to realize how much potential that team had.--shaunp38
(5) What is your second favorite team in the SEC?
Florida--Indiana Rebel
Anyone playing Tennessee--msmafia
Hard question. I have always respected Spurrier so I suppose SC. --GoodOReb
(6) If you had to name a sister school (the one that is most like Ole Miss) who would that be?
State is our little step-sister. Does that count?--PiedmontRebel
UGA. Athens is just a bigger Oxford. All the UGA fans love it here because it reminds them of how Athens once was.--jdkipp
Have to say Georgia. The gameday experience resembles ours alot to me--rebelsg
No one is like Ole MIss. UGA or UA may be closest.--GoodOReb
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Eric said...

I'm actually feeling upset there. I think Alabama will get surprised by Ole Miss.

Seth said...

Thanks! I hope you are right.

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