22 August 2007

Auburn fans talk about this year's game.

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

Being at Auburn, I predict an Auburn victory in the neighborhood of 14-20 points.--obert82


1. 2. 3. The girls!!--beachbum4209

I think AU will win, but I think Ole Miss will have a better year than most are saying.-- kwajmahall

Ole Miss like other teams in the SEC are a mystery type team. I will give my opinion after the Memphis game.--action54

OLE MISS IS GOING TO ATLANTA ! aint you heard?--damabama

Pain for Ole Miss. Lots of pain.--AUSheff

AU by 2 to 3 TD's..--root4au

A close Auburn victory. 24-17.--TinyTerryTaterTot

Yaw Yaw Yaw AU win.--tunacan

Auburn 24 Ole Miss 13--ever43

A thoroughly judicious thumping. I'd say 27-17 Auburn.--auguru

Game a long ways off, but right now we should be at least a touchdown favorite--eagle70


I think it`ll be a close game, just as it was last season.--AUTiger22

(2)What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?

Strengths: RB, QB, TE, DefenseWeaknesses: New OL, QB, WR--obert82

Strengths: D-line, RBs, QB; Weaknesses: LB depth, O-line (probably will be pretty good, but they are inexperienced)--JB1020

My concerns are O-Line and Kicking Game. Tailback, Sr. qb, and defense are pluses.--kwajmahall

Strengths - compared to OM, everything. Weaknesses - for OM, not enough--AUSheff

Strength = Senion QB. Weakness = WR and OL--TinyTerryTaterTot

Yaw Yaw Yaw defense--tunacan

Strength: Defense, RB's, Sr. QBWeak: OL, Kicking Game--ever43

Strengths-D-Line depth, very talented RB's Weakness-young o-line, young WR's--eagle70

D'line, tight ends...unproven wideouts IMO --Nontoxic

(3)What do you respect about Ole Miss?

Johnny Vaught, Archie Manning, the Grove, a true "southern" institution.--obert82

Hot girls, cool little college town--JB1020

Many things since I was concieved in Water Valley, MS..Many family/friends at Ole Miss. My daughter is going to Ole Miss in 2 years. I can't sell her on AU, but as long as she goes to school somewhere I am happy.--kwajmahall

BBQ nachos in the stadium--AUSheff

Wonderful college town. Great gameday setup.--TinyTerryTaterTot

Yaw Yaw Yaw sundress--tunacan

Refuses to yield to the PC crowd by still playing "Dixie."--ever43

Always gonna be a hard fought SEC type game--eagle70


(4) What do you dislike most about Ole Miss?

Not much. Fans maybe have too high of expectations.--obert82

the constant belief that you matter, the overrated-ness of the Grove--JB1020

I don't like all the conferederate stuff but that's a topic for another board.--kwajmahall

They suck and regularly embarass the rest of the SEC by losing to Memphis--AUSheff

Hung up on ancient football history. Like Bama lite.--TinyTerryTaterTot

Yaw Yaw Yaw Brent Schaffer--tunacan

Superior attitude towards Souther Miss and MSU--ever43

Nothing really--eagle70

pompous a-holes...bama fan without the "tradition"--Nontoxic

(5) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. Auburn game and why?

The 2004 game.--obert82

Tubby's return to Ole Miss in 2000 (Rudi vs. Deuce)-- JB1020

The one we lost when we dropped the short wide open TD.--kwajmahall

1990-ish game in Jackson. Hottest game I've ever been to.--AUSheff

The beatdown in Oxford in 1992. This was the beginning of the end for Pat Dye.--TinyTerryTaterTot

Yaw Yaw Yaw footbwall--tunacan

2000 game. Ole Miss was ranked, AU was coming off two bad seasons. Rudi stole the show from Duce.--ever43

Mid 80's game. OM got 2 first downs on the first 2 plays from scrimmage, then never got another one the rest of the game. Total domination.--72and82

Can't remember the year. Stan White was our QB, we were down 21-0 come roaring back to make it 21-14 and driving before the half, LB crushes Stan white he fumbles Ole Miss picks it up runs for a TD,.instead of 21-21 it was 28-14 We never could recover.5A- Ben Obamanu drops a touchdown pass in endzone in 2003. I felt so sorry for Ben, but showed what a class act he was after the game in the interview. Ben you will always make auburn fans proud.--eagle70

Tubs first yr. You a-holes cheered and shouted during the alma matta. Also one of the few victories I ever remember you all having against us. I've wiped the Ben O. drop from my memory--Nontoxic

(6) What is one thing every Rebel fan should do or check out when they visit Auburn this year?

Toomer's Corner, maybe the Davis Arbortoreum--obert82

Always exciting to see the eagle flight and Tiger Walk--JB1020


One thing every rebel fan should do in Auburn is keep their mouths shut when AU's alma mater is played.--AUSheff

I'll second that! It's a good way to get your Hotty Totty ass kicked. . . God I hate Ole Miss!--TheMadGerman

Go see the pine box that Tubby was transported to Auburn in.--TinyTerryTaterTotYaw Yaw Yaw War Eagle!--tunacan

Toomers for some lemonade--ever43

TigerWalk and the Eagle flying before kickoff {20 minutes or so before}--eagle70

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