23 August 2007

Ole Miss fans talk about the Auburn game

(1) What are your predictions for the game?

24-17 Auburn--Indiana Rebel

UM 21, AU 0--Yankeetown

Auburn plays us immediately after going to LSU and before UGA & Bama. The Tigers will be ripe for the picking at home, especially if it's an 11:30 JP game. Ole Miss 20 Auburn 17--paddler94

Close game...per usual. Jury's still out on Auburn. It could be a rude awakening for the War Eagles down on the plains. Nothing about The Tigers really impresses (no one position). Somehow, the wins that Ole Miss has gotten in this series lately ('03, '99) have come @ Auburn. I think this is setting up to be one of those years. OM 24, AU 21--CrossingDixie

The winner will be the one with the least injuries at that point in the season. Both teams seem to be bitten by that bug--shaunp38

I think we will lose by 14 points...not very close the whole game--BrandonReb58

Impossible question at this stage. We, yet, still don't know who our players are going to be. Neither do they, perhaps--Gluteus

Auburn gets upset this year. No running game--TexasReb

Auburn should win on paper. If the injury bug is kind to us and not them.....we could keep it close and possibly win. As much as I hate predicting a loss for the Rebs, I believe we will lose down there 24-17.--Lumberg

Very tight game, but in Auburn - Auburn 13 - 10 --tsreb

auburn by 10 --chumanfu2000

It is very difficult to beat Auburn on their field much less any field. I truly feel that we could beat them but we will have to play our best game and they would have to help us some. I think they will win but I think we scare the crap out of them again.--UncleTrey

Auburn victory. We might surprise 1-2 teams in the SEC, but Auburn won't be one of them. 17-28 or so.--PiedmontRebel

Tight game. But, Allbarn will probably win by 7. --MeridianOMRebel

(2)What do you respect about Auburn?

How loud their stadium can get during a game.--Indiana Rebel


I respect their home field advantage. Their stadium is always loud. They were the only team last year to beat two teams ranked in the top 5 (LSU & FLA.) They also have the friendliest fans of any other team in the SEC West. --paddler94

Well...my wife is an Auburn Grad, so I respect a lot. If I'm not cheering for Ole Miss, I'm cheering for/watching Auburn. Some of the nicest fans you'll ever meet. (Hell of a lot cooler than Bama fans) The have great gameday traditions in the Tigerwalk and the Eagle. Tailgating is a nice mix of The RV crowd and the Grove style Tent crowd. It's a great program and a great Atmosphere. Not to mention The Shot Bus at The Supper Club.--CrossingDixie

Fear the thumb! I appreciate them making Alabama a basketball school.--shaunp38


I respect that fact that, though they live in Alabama's shadow and likely always will, they STILL find a way to keep up with the best in the league in terms of the hiring of coaches, budgeting their athletic department, having top facilities, and generally speaking, "playing above their heads" from a historical standpoint.--Gluteus

That they have a good in state rivalry unlike arkansas--TexasReb

Facilities. And the fact that they got that thumb ring against Bama last year! I hope they keep that streak alive.--Lumberg

Bo Jackson, the Eagle is one of a kind--tsreb

Always have a good D and the women. My high school sweetheart went to school over there.--chumanfu2000

They always represent the SEC well OOC (save USC game). They have a fantastic venue for a Saturday afternoon game. It remains one of my favorite road trips. Loyal fans and they should have played for the national championship in 2004. That was a disgrace.--UncleTrey

The HC, the style of play, the fact that they've embarrassed Alabama for most of this decade now.--PiedmontRebel

Nothing at all.--MeridianOMRebel

(3)What do you dislike most about Auburn?

That they always complain about us doing our cheer during their alma mater back in the 90's when they went and negotiated with our coach (during the season)and took him and act like that is no big deal. I also hate how they let their athletic dept. run their University.--Indiana Rebel


Spending $100Mil+ on a basketball arena. Paying off coaches who have been fired(I think Bowden may still be on the payroll.)--paddler94

I used to really hate Tuberville, but that has faded in the last few years. Don't really "hate" much of anything.--CrossingDixie

Tubs, some of their fans.--shaunp38

They think that they are classy but in all honesty they are the Mississippi State of Alabama--BrandonReb58

Deliberately forgetting that when it comes to real success, like State, they have had very little of it from an SEC historical standpoint.--Gluteus


I hate it that they stole Tommy Tuberville from us.--Lumberg

Not much, but they seem to think they have a great amount of tradition that they don't have.--tsreb

the campus leaves alot to be desired.--chumanfu2000

Not really anything.--UncleTrey

How many other teams could end up in the NY times for grade scandals and have nothing come of it. There's just an overall air of shadiness surrounding the administration of the fb program. Other than that, they're fine. Hope they beat bama this year. Again.-PiedmontRebel

Their fans are egotistical. Maybe they can stay off of SACS probation for a little while longer.--MeridianOMRebel

(4)What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. Auburn game and why?

The most memorable is the 2003 game when I was in their stadium and watched us beat them when they dropped the TD pass. They always forget that we (Collins) also dropped a TD pass right through his hands earlier in that game and than we missed the field goal attempt. --Indiana Rebel

Gator Bowl- Archie almost whipped them with 1 arm.--Yankeetown

Auburn at Ole Miss in 1998. The outcome wasn't memorable (Auburn won), but it was a huge turning point in my life. I grew up in south AL a HUGE Auburn fan, going to at least 3 games a year. After graduating from Troy I went to grad school at OM. When Auburn came to town in '98 I was pumped and ready to pull for my Tigers, then I felt so guilty during the game, I ended up cheering for neither team. But since that day, Ole Miss has been and will always be #1.--paddler94

Most memorable Auburn game...I was sitting upper deck at Jordan-Hare for the Obamanu Drop game in 2003. That propelled Ole Miss to 6-0 in the SEC and set us up for a show down with the eventual National Champions, LSU. That was huge.--CrossingDixie

Winning down there with Eli--shaunp38

Ben Obamoanaowhatshisname dropping a wide open pass. Sitting in the Middle of the Auburn section watching 80k+ fans go from Wild and Crazy to a dead silence...it was awesome. --BrandonReb58

3-way Tie: (chronologically) 1. Gator Bowl, 1971/reason was that we would have likely pounded them had we not been forced to play with one arm literally tied behind our back. 2. 1992/Cassius Ware. 3. 2001/Eli put on his first All-American performance to bring us back from the depths. The referees literally stole that game from him and gave it to Tuberville. Omar's "non-touchdown" is one of the most infamous atrocious officiating blunders in all of SEC history, ranking right up there with the Florida-Kentucky game (same year, I think) and Justin McClintock's three-yeard-loss/first down conversion in (I think) 1997. I have it recorded and it clearly, clearly shows Omar planting the ball of his left foot cleanly within the endzone, only for the remainder of his foot to come down on the line as a result of the tackle. It was the difference in the game. --Gluteus

Ben O dropping "THE PASS"--TexasReb

My most memorable game is the 1992 game in Oxford. Cassius Ware was a terror that night!! And we finally took them to "The Woodshed" to quote then quote Pat Dye winning 45-21.--Lumberg

First year with JL Dunn as our DC. We had Stan White on his butt all day in a game that was supposed to be an easy SEC opener for Auburn.--tsreb


I guess the '99 game when we won on their field the year after Tubby left. That felt great and it was my first trip to Auburn. Fantastic experience.--UncleTrey

Probably Tubby's first year as their HC (1999?) It was good to see the rebs beat them at J-H. I was also glad to see that we made them pay the price for taking repeated late shots at our qb's knees early in the game.--PiedmontRebel

(5)Are you planning on going to the game?

Yes, I will be there for sure.--Indiana Rebel, shaunp38 , Gluteus

I'm not planning on going to the game. Going to Jordan Hare to pull against Auburn is still awkward (did it once.) I'll be cheering loud for Ole Miss from the couch.--paddler94

You're damn right I'll be in Auburn. Kill two birds with one stone. I get to see the Rebs, and my wife gets to tailgate with her friends. It's a win/win...even if the Rebs don't.-CrossingDixie

Maybe...if i can get off work!--BrandonReb58

not sure yet--TexasReb

Yes. I like going to Auburn, unlike Tuscaloosa. The typical Auburn fan is cordial and well educated on College Football as a whole. Alabama fans are usually uneducated and all they know about is Bear.--Lumberg

No, but I have been in the past and enjoyed it (this had a lot to do with an Auburn gymnist I was seeing).--tsreb


Can't wait--UncleTrey

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