28 August 2007

Ole Miss fans talk about MSU and the Egg Bowl

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

tough fight but OM by 10 points--sampath

Rebs win 28-17 by using a strong rushing attack and Henig cries on TV again.--UM_golf

winner goes to the independance bowl..--jbird0021

Another streetfight. Too early in the season to call the winner or the score.--PiedmontRebel

OM 24 State 10-- starters not much of a difference early in the season, but by the end of the season our depth is finally a big difference.--msmafia

23-14 Ole Miss--cabebanes

28-7 Ole Miss--wckOLEMISSREBS

30 - 10 Ole Miss--electricreb

Ole Miss will win.--TheVaught

Ole Miss 24-12 2. --HightowerReb

Low-scoring affair, with an Ole Miss victory, similar to last year.--TGRebTpt1

Rebels win something like 24-19 --shaunp38

(2)What do you respect about MSU?

their campus.j/k. Have a lot of friends from MSU who are very smart and professional.--sampath


good looking grass on the field, cheese.--jbird0021

They have a good veterinary program.--PiedmontRebel

It is a Mississippi school!--msmafia

To quote Michael Henig, "....umm, I guess the cheese is good"--cabebanes


Most of the State grads are efficient fast food employees.--electricreb

I cannot think of anything.--TheVaught

think their cheese is good (man, what a claim to fame that is). I also dated a couple of young ladies from M$U (if you must know who they were just look for the ones not grazing). I couldn't date them any more, not because they didn't look half way decent, rather because they were, err, how shall I say it, dumb as a load of bricks? (Grad students -- go figure.)--HightowerReb

The cheese made on campus.-- TGRebTpt1

They do have a sweet mascot....--shaunp38

(3) What do you dislike most about MSU?

Jackie Sherrill era , Larry Templeton, Melvin Smith, lax discipline, Starkville, cowbells, and OM gets confused with MSU. Some national writers think OM castrates animals before games.--sampath

Football uniforms, cowbells, the junction b/c it is a knockoff of the grove.--UM_golf


Really, really ugly campus. Their fans have a massive inferiority complex when it comes to Ole Miss. Thoroughly dishonest athletic programs under Templeton -- definitely the Oklahoma of the southeast (minus the wins.) Probably more than anything else it's the cheating. If they'd clean their act up even a little, I'd like them a lot more. The comments their fans made about Powe shows just how ignorant they are about most things that involve OM. State fans talking about academic integrity or the character of their players is like Teddy Kennedy bragging about his sense of responsibility and accountability.--PiedmontRebel

Croom and his double talk on discipline. The crimnal incidents with MSU athletes is growing at a faster rate now than during the Sherril era(that is scary)--msmafia

Their campus --cabebanes


There fans thinking they are the biggest rival for Ole Miss, Starkville, the campus, cowbells.--electricreb

Their inferiority complex toward Ole Miss--TheVaught

Since I don't have all night I shall attempt to limit my response. A.) What on earth would possess someone to want to clang a cow bell as a rally cry? A bugle or something or maybe a drum, but a a cowbell? Perhaps it started as a mating ritual or something. B.) Let's see, hmm, Starkville. STARK - 1. a sense of dreariness. 2. Bland; plain; lacking any discernible flavor. Vile - 1. substance of disgust. 2. to disdain; dread. C.) The campus looks like it was thrown together on top of a soy bean field. D.) I grow very tired of being told we are snobs by a bunch of uncivilized rednecks. It isn't our fault we are just better than they are. E.) Favoritism toward M$U by such groups such as PETA. Had Ole Miss performed a sex change operation to a poor bull for kicks and giggles such as the "Kang" did, we would never heard the end of it. (Did they really cut a hole in the side of a cows stomach and install a plate glass window? Now that's just freaky!) F.) Did I mention I hate they are a leach on the state's resources, resources that could go to THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI? G.) I grow tired of all the envy smack. It is like all my friends from Canada, except one, that without fail possessed the strongest internal drive to state in numerous ways why Canada was better than the US. I suppose the $1 health care insurance is so great that all those people wait till they retire to Florida or something to have their surgeries done.--HightowerReb

(a) Ignorant fans who won't taunt you to your face, only as you make it a block or so down the road. (b) Violation of the artificial noise-maker rule is never enforced (c) The band playing that song with only 4 notes over, and over, and over..and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. There are only so many times everyone around us can yell "Eat %^* and DIE!" (d) Your colors (poo brown and white) (e) Melvin Smith (f) Dontae Jones (g) Traveling to Starkhole for games every other year--TGRebTpt1

Fans, Starkville as a town, school colors, rednecks at the game trying to start fights with their cowbells, the fact that they even have cowbells in there.--shaunp38

(4) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. MSU game and why?

1997 Eggbowl --sampath

1997-Some of my state friends harassed me as they left with 3:00 minutes left so they could beat the crowd. --UM_golf

1997... jackie blew it--jbird0021

Sadly, the eggbowl is always memorable. The loss in 2005 stands out. As does 31-0 in 2003. --PiedmontRebel

don't really remember the date, but it was my first State OM game Forcade was the QB. I was probably 8 or 9. Ole Miss Won --msmafia

The shutout in 2003--cabebanes

31-0 Shutout of MSU in Jackie's last game, 15-14 2pt Conversion win--wckOLEMISSREBS

The wind blown fieldgoal attempt. It proved God is a Rebel fan!--electricreb

1997 -- Patridge to Peterson for two!--TheVaught

My most memorable game is either the two point conversion in Starkville. I was sitting among a bunch of drunk M$U fans ( I hope they were drunk the way they were acting). I had been heckled and taunted the entire game to the point when OM missed the field goal attempt and it appeared we were going to lose, the glass objects became airborn toward your truly and I felt it necessary to leave (perhaps would have unsafe to stay after the two point conversion. The other option is "THE STAND" in the '92 Egg Bowl. I had a great seat down on the twenty-five or so. I about froze my rear end off, but it was well worth it.--HightowerReb

This is a tie: (a) 1997- 2 point conversion in Starkhole 15-14 Rebels (b) Jackie Sherrills farewell to college ball 31-0 Rebels (c) 1983, "Immaculate Deflection"--TGRebTpt1

Tie between Jackie's last game and Croom's first. As much as we sucked in 04, Croom just looked clueless out there.--shaunp38

(5)Do you live in a divided Ole Miss/MSU family or household? If so, do you avoid each other or harass each other the week of the Egg Bowl?
My brother-in-laws, MSU grads, are indifferent. They think there should only one school with one football team and they don't care which uniform or team name is picked.--sampathMy wife graduated from State but after a season of the grove, she told me she was ready to convert b/c she loved our traditions.--UM_golf

State fans are like anyone else's...get them one on one and you can have a decent discussion about college sports. In groups, it's better to just move along. I had some good friends that attended MS A&M. I try not to hold it against them.--PiedmontRebel

Divided???, my wife holds an MSU masters degree, but has joined the good guys. She only wears Ole Miss, buys the kids Ole Miss, and keeps our Grove tent full of food. Her family was MSU only, but with the hire of Croom and the direction of the program they rarely even speak of it. Her father said he might watch again when the fire Croom.(HOPE THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!)--msmafia

Technically, I do have a mixed marriage. My wife started at OM, but had to transfer to M$U due to a change in majors. She hated every minute of it and not only roots for Ole Miss to win who ever they play against, she roots for M$U to lose who ever they play against. I think her diploma is in a box in the closet--HightowerReb

I grew up in a divided house. It was more like an entire year of pure hatred between both sides. The plus was growing up in the 80's and early 90's...Ole Miss rarely lost.--TGRebTpt1

Well, everyone on my mother's side went to Ole Miss but that changed a few weeks ago when I had a cousin enroll at State. He'll be a freshman, wants to be an architect. Whatever. He's still a Rebel deep down and won't support MSU after he graduates from there.--shaunp38

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To Hightower,

When you divide the word Starkville you get Stark and Ville not Stark and vile.

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