27 August 2007

Miss St. fans talk about Ole Miss and this year's Egg Bowl.

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

MSU wins over uM--msujan

State over OM this year. We're at home.--BADDOG

MSU 31 UM 13--Bulldog Backer

Toss-up. Rebs by 1 at this time but this pick is destined to change.--kcmagnolia

I'll go with the home field.--zombiedawg

One team will win and one will be victory challenged--robobo

State wins. Home field advantage.--maroonmadman

state by 3 something like 24 to 21--jjnem

Close game, could go either way. I do think that the home field may help us this year.--WayneBullock

(2)What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?

Strengths: players and coaches; weaknesses: schedule--msujan

LB, OL, TE, RB are strengths. DL and stopping the run is a concern. Young secondary is a concern and QB/WR play is a concern. --BADDOG

OL, WR, RB, TE, LB, DE are all strengths. Depth at all these positions is the greatest weakness.--Bulldog Backer

Strengths: Offense, LB Weakness: PK, DL--kcmagnolia

Dixon, linebackers, Titus Brown intterrupting off the edge.--zombiedawg

Basketball and Baseball, weakness Football--robobo

Strengths , o line and defensive secondary , weaknesses , special teams.--maroonmadman

strengths: ol, rb, wr, de, lb weaknesses: dt, cb's, depth, special teams(again)--jjnem

LB and RB are strengths. Kickers and offense are weaknesses. The fact that we finally are getting some depth at most positions may also prove to be a strength as time goes by.--WayneBullock

(3)What do you respect about Ole Miss?

Respect and uM are usually not mentioned in the same sentence, but I'll try: I respect MSU's ability to beat uM when they play football.--msujan

Very hard question. I hate ole miss. Being perfectly objective, I have two very good om friends. One is an alumnus, one is not. Both are great folks, but other than those two, the rest of ya'll ain't worth two cents. Snooty, conceited and arrogant are the words that come to mind....and for what??? A beautiful campus? A great tennis team? Your football team sucks, your law school and med school are mediocre in terms of national prominance. All vestiges of academic integrity went out the window with the enrollment of Oher and Powe. Here's all you need to know about ole miss. There is a long list of Mississippi governors that are graduates of UM. So you might say that we've had a lot of UM leadership in this state over the years. Well where exactly has Mississippi ranked in every conceivable economic catagory for the last 100 years? Dead last. Yes, that's what UM leadership will do for you. --BADDOG

Respectable, not great, medical school. Good Shylock training. Cute girls. Decent, not great, Fine Arts School.--Bulldog Backer

I've met many nice Rebel fans (friends with none)--kcmagnolia

I have several cousins who went to OMS and I love and respect them, other than that I can't think of anything associated with OMS that I respect--zombiedawg

Your Tobacco Money--robobo

My late dad went to ole miss but all his brothers went to State , that's how I became a Bulldog fan. My family name is on one of the buildings at om.--maroonmadman

)ummm.........you know........yea and........help me out here........ i can't think of anything right now but i do hope they beat bama, which by the way will be the first time i've ever pulled for them.--jjnem

Tough question. To be perfectly honest, I used to respect the fact that your school took pride in its academics, as is reflected by the fact that you managed to charter a Phi Beta Kappa chapter there. However, one has to wonder what is going on these days with your Chancellor's policy of admitting students (football players) who can't even read. At a time when most schools are trying to raise the academic standing of their athletes, Mississippi seems to be heading in the opposite direction. "Dumbing down" the standards for football players will reflect upon your student body as a whole.--WayneBullock
(4) What do you dislike most about Ole Miss?

The attitude of most of their fans--msujan

I guess I don't like the folks that look down their noses at MSU. If they were being objective, they would admit that we've accomplished more in athletics (Big 3 sports) in the past 10-15 years, got a pretty good academic reputation, beautiful campus, and pretty girls in our own right. --BADDOG

The Sound and the Fury. It's posturing. The blatant academic fraud it uses to qualify marginal athletes at the sacrifice of it's academic integrity.--Bulldog Backer

Pompas, arrogance--kcmagnolia

It's an institution based on folly. A bunch of psuedo southern aristocrats who've, over time drained the State of Mississippi of it's competitive chances alst while preserving the vestiges of it's faded charms. To whom much is given, much is expected. Well, so much for expectations right ? Just pour another bourbon and make sure Daddy understands the direct deposit arrangement. --zombiedawg

If the Taliban played Mississippi I would more than likely pull for the Muslims--robobo

Arrogance towards us State folks and our university.--maroonmadman

i think they actually believe that they are the national champs every year their just the only ones that know about it--jjnem

Your fans. Oh, I have some good friends who are Mississippi alumni, and they are fine people. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the group of fans who feel that they are somehow better than everyone else. The ones who refer to us as "rednecks". This has always been laughable at best, as I have been to games in Oxford and have seen as many "rednecks" at your games as I've seen anywhere else. I also find in conversations with alumni of other schools that they feel the same way about Mississippi fans-they also pick up on the "air of superiority" that many Mississippi fans seem to project. It is amusing, even if it isn't factual.--WayneBullock

(5) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. MSU game and why?

The game at uM where they wouldn't allow me to park in handicapped parking with a federally approved handicapped parking decal in my car and I had to walk on crutches for over a quarter of a mile just for the honor of climbing into the bleachers in the end zone.--msujan

1999. Throw Romaro throw.--BADDOG

Sitting in the V-H, and watching the FG to win the game get blown back, AFTER it had passed through the uprights. We won that game! The ball went through the uprights.--Bulldog Backer

Too many to choose just one. A great rival series that is hardly reconized on a national scale. The competition is fierce between the teams and fans. Some say we're tearing ourselves down by the hatred but I get up early many days just to avoid the rush of hating Ole Miss.--kcmagnolia

Pass, tip, kick, score. Then... "He has a man wide open at the 15..."--zombiedawg

CJ Sermones is wide open--robobo

1999 Egg Bowl , the pass , the pick , the kick.--maroonmadman

eli's first game to start against us. after listening to so much crap about him i enjoyed watching him hit his back numerous times while getting spanked by the dawgs--jjnem

Without question, "C.J. Sirmones is wide open at the 15 yard-line!" I believe that was the 1999 game--WayneBullock

(6)Do you live in a divided Ole Miss/MSU family or household? If so, do you avoid each other or harass each other the week of the Egg Bowl?

I used to; my dad, who passed away in 2003, loved uM as a young adult, even though his brother played football at MSU. For years, dad was a fan of both schools. However, he saw the error of his ways in his senior citizen years and became a true Bulldog. And, no, we didn't avoid each other or harass each other - he was a Bulldog at heart and wouldn't have done that to us.--msujan

No. My wife has a degree from Auburn.--BADDOG

No, although in the past I have had "girlfriends" who went to Ole Miss. ;-) --Bulldog Backer

No division in my family (some USM support, however). I grew up a Reb fan (Archie Manning, ya know) but changed the day I first visited the MSU campus and decided to become a student. What a great decision!--kcmagnolia

Well, I mentioned the cousins. We don't talk all that frequently some months so the last e-mail I recieved was some playful teasing about y'all being Omaha Bound.--zombiedawg

Divided, mostly respectful harassment --robobo

Yes , see no. 3. Also my younger brother went to ole miss , my sister went to Millsaps and married a huge usm (former player) supporter. Thanksgiving dinner at my family gets REAL interesting sometimes. The women of the family ended our annual game of backyard football one year when my younger brother got his shoulder seperated in a game of "touch" football. All my Dads' brothers went to State and one of them retired as a professor at State and has a chair in the engineering dept. named for him. --maroonmadman

Well, there are certainly graduates of both institutions in our family, although the State folks outnumber them about 80% to 20%. It is pretty good-natured-we are family, after all. My sister is a graduate of the University Medical Center. She did her undergraduate work at MSU. She graduated in 1975, and still refuses to this day to hang that diploma on her office wall. There has never been any doubt as to where her allegiances lie.......--WayneBullock

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