20 August 2007

Ole Miss v BCS history

A few days ago CBS rated our schedule as the third hardest in the country. Since then there has been some discussion on the message boards about our out of conference opponents. Should we schedule hard non-conference foes when our conference is arguably the best in the land? Will it bring us more national attention if we schedule teams from other BCS conferences?

All this talk made me curious. I wanted to check out our all time records versus teams from the BCS conferences. How have we fared in the past?


We've played an ACC opponent 18 times in our 114 year football history. The most recent was last year when we lost to Wake Forest. We have never played Duke, NC, NC State or Virginia.

Boston College (3-0-1) Last game (1951)

Clemson(2-0-0) Last game (1933)

Duke (Never played)

Florida State (1-0-0) Last game(1961)

Ga. Tech (1-2-0) Last game(1971)

Maryland (1-1-0) Last game (1953)

Miami (2-1-0) Last game (1951)

North Carolina (Never Played)

NC State (Never Played)

Virginia (Never Played)

Virginia Tech (1-1-0) Last game(1968)

Wake Forest (0-1-0) Last game (2006)

Total: 11-6-1

Big Ten:

We've only played a Big Ten team 3 times. The most recent was in 1991 and prior to that 1932. We are 0-3 against the Big Ten. We have never played IL, IN, IA, MSU, NW, OSU, PSU or UW.

Illinois (Never Played)

Indiana (Never Played)

Iowa (Never Played)

Michigan (0-1-0) Last game (1991)

Michigan State (Never Played)

Minnesota (0-1-0) Last game (1932)

Northwestern (Never Played)

Ohio State (Never Played)

Penn State(Never Played)

Purdue (0-1-0) Last game (1929)

Wisconsin (Never Played)

Total 0-3-0

Pac 10:

Arizona (Never Played)

Arizona State (Never Played)

Cal (Never Played)

Oregon (Never Played)

Oregon State (Never Played)

Stanford (Never Played)

UCLA (Never Played)

USC (Never Played)

Washington (Never Played)

Washington State (Never Played)

Total: 0-0-0


We've played Big XII schools 22 times. The most recent last year with the defeat to Missouri. We have never played Colorado, Iowa State, Kansas or Kansas State.

Baylor (0-1-0) Last game(1975)

Colorado (Never Played)

Iowa State (Never Played)

Kansas (Never Played)

Kansas State (Never Played)

Missouri (1-4-0) Last game(2006)

Nebraska (1-0-0) Last game (2002)

Oklahoma (1-0-0) Last game (1999)

Oklahoma State (1-0-0) Last game (2003)

Texas (1-5-0) Last game(1966)

Texas A&M (0-4-0) Last game (1980)

Texas Tech (2-2-0) Last game (2003)

Total: 6-16

Big East:

The only team we've played in the Big East is West Virginia.

Cincinnati (Never Played)

UCONN (Never Played)

Louisville (Never Played)

Pittsburgh (Never Played)

Rutgers (Never Played)

USF (Never Played)

Syracuse (Never Played)

West Virginia (0-1-0) Last game (2000)


Notre Dame: (1-1-0) Last game (1985)

We are 18-26-1 against non-conference BCS teams.

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Anonymous said...

You had to bring up that 1991 Gator Bowl Game against Michigan.

That one still hurts. Like the blog!

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