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18 August 2007

Ole Miss fans discuss Arkansas game.

(1)What are your predictions on the game?
Ole Miss. Arkansas is the most unpredctable team in the SEC this year. Could win the West or finish 5th (just above MSU). I'll take us in the upset at home.--paddler94
Ole Miss by 3. Time for an upset.--bwebb77
According to preseason forecasters this is supposed to be an automatic win for Arkansas but I think this is going to be much closer than last year. We were a young inexperienced team and will be far more competitive this year. Our DL will be much better which will help take some of the sting out of the loss of Patrick Willis. If our passing game is average, I think we win by a close margin- say 21-17. If our passing game looks like last year and we don't control McFadden and Jones, we will lose by 2 TDs. We won't know how we have progressed until probably the third game of the season but Memphis and Mizzou should a barometer.--sampath
Too many intangibles.....for instance, if Powe, Strong and Laurant are all on the field, I think they could be the difference makers by shutting down the hog running game. I like the Rebels at home by 6.--LudlowReb
Ole Miss 17 Ark 14. (By the Ark game our DL will be the best we have had since 1993. Running will be difficult with our defensive speed @ the ends and huge DT's.--Indiana Rebel
Close game. Dmac and Felix give Arkansas a good chance of dominating a team by running the ball. Since it's at Ole Miss and I'll be there I'm saying Ole Miss by a FG. 24-21--JesusL...TRYING
We Put 9 in the box to stop McFadden, harass DICK and win by a FG.--Valley_Reb
I think It'll be alot closer than people think they have alot of internal problem with coaches and players. We're also at home so that will give us a little more of an advantage. And if we get all of our studs on defense we could shut down mcfadden and jones and thats the key to beating them.Im thinkin a swing either way but i think Ole Miss will pull it out in the 4th quarter.--futurepanther
Ole Miss 24, UPIG 21...Assuming the NCAA doesn't shoot us from the grassy knoll, Laurent and Strong, and possibly Powe all get in and our strength will be the front seven. We should be pretty strong against a one dimensional offense. By that point in the season our QB situation will be settled and the offense will be clicking.--thegroveguru
OM by 10,,,,,,,,27-17--RedNeckRebel
I fully expect to lose by a lot if McFadden has a career game, which I expect him to do. Even with their questions at QB, if Dick can manage to throw the ball into the air, Monk will catch it. As long as they aren't putting in the towel boys at QB because Dick went down due to the weak o-line, then we will get it handed to us.--University_grey
Ole Miss by 10. They've got last year's backfield, not last year's team. If it were in Arkansas, I'd say arky by 2 td's--PiedmontRebel
Ark wins a close one, most likely.--shaunp38
Gonna be a lot closer this year at our place. Our DL is 200% better--TexasReb
I think we will see a much closer game in Oxford than we had last year in Arkansas, we all know what went on right before the game last year, we never seam to play well up there. 17 - 14 Rebs --chumanfu2000
a decent upset chance for ole miss. IF our D can contain the running game, we have a great chance. containing it won't be easy though... i'd pick an arky win but won't be surprised either way. --rebmus
I predict an Ole Miss victory.--MidtownReb
Close game. Winner has the best passing game that day.--rebelliousb
Rebels win a close one....24-21--germantownrebel
(2) What do you respect about Arkansas?
Very tough. Always have a solid running game.--paddler94
Like LSU they get their pick of any player in ARKY.--bwebb77
Natural beauty of the state. I think the mascot is unique. --sampath
Probably Frank Broyles--LudlowReb
They have nice facilities.--Indiana Rebel
Not Frank Broyles, that's for sure. Now that he's out of there they may actually do something. I respect the good fans, laugh at the delusional ones because we've all been there, and feel bad for ignorant ones.--JesusL...TRYING
I respect nothing about them, other than they had the balls to move to the SEC.--Valley_Reb
Not a damn thing. The fans are the most ignorant, inbred, hillbillies in the league...even worse than Tennessee fans. For all the money Walton pumps into that dump, they still don't have diddely to show for it.--thegroveguru
Thier Diamond Field, that's all--RedNeckRebel
I've heard they have a beautiful campus and a great stadium, though I've never been there. Although you would really have to try hard NOT to have a great looking campus in that area of Arkansas. Pretty nice fans.--University_grey
Frank Broyle is a class guy. They've stuck to the win-by-defense-and-running-game style that's characterized the SEC for so long. --PiedmontRebel
Very little... maybe their success in track.--shaunp38
Fans all over the state are welcome unlike Ole Miss--TexasReb
I respect the Razorback fans, they have always been nice to me and our group one year inparticular.--chumanfu2000
typically, a great group of fans.--rebmus
Fayetteville is a nice town.--MidtownReb
I respect that they joined SEC, instead of going the other way--rebelliousb
Beautiful campus, city, and stadium. They usually have at least pretty good team, even when the "experts" say they won't be.--germantownrebel
(3) What do you dislike most about Arkansas?
The terrible drive to Fayetteville. It's practically in Big 12 country!--paddler94
Oink, Oink, Sowie little Piglet. The fans, unfortunately I have not meet any real nice fans, mostly hicks wearing overalls, and tearing up the grove with homemade lean-tos. --bwebb77
I was somewhat put out with the way some of the fans, on national recruiting boards reacted in the wake of the great success that Arkansas had last year and to some degree the way the Springdale kids were treated by associates of Nutt. Mitch Mustain was labelled a crybaby but I think there are two sides to that story. Having said that, he should did sour a very up year for Arkansas.--sampath
How do you pick only one?--LudlowReb
Somehow, just b/c they have two wealthy donors (Wal Mart & Tyson) they feel like it is their money. Their fans are mostly arrogant without reason. --Indiana Rebel
I guess I could say their disdain and superiority complex to Ole Miss (don't get me wrong, there are some at Ole Miss that have a superiority complex to everyone, but that's not Ole Miss as a whole.) Don't really understand it at all because we are very similar, and Fayetteville has just as many hoity people in their upper social ranks.--JesusL...TRYING
I hate "PIG...SOOEY!"--Valley_Reb
The horrible fans I live in arkansas so i have to hear them whine and complain about every little thing and I hear about their national title aspirations every year in every sport. And they're unwillingness to play Arkansas State just drives me crazy--futurepanther
The fans, by far the worst in the league.--thegroveguru
Just something about Ark. that it should be North of the Mason Dixon line--RedNeckRebel
Whoo pig suie (or however the hell you spell it), and that stupid female hog mascot. It's as dumb as the female gator at UF. But...looks who's talking about mascots.--University_grey
Fans are pretty obnoxious. And the program as a whole is the worst train wreck in the SEC. Pushing the top QB in the country to go there (when he didn't want to) and all the ensuing contraversy has been one of the worst examples of program managment I've ever seen. Houston Nutt is on the hottest seat in the SEC right now and nobody's talking about it. --PiedmontRebel
Houston Nutt, their fans, the drama of this past season.--shaunp38
Very unrealistic expectations year end and year out. plus ZERO rivalries--TexasReb
Those ugly hats.--chumanfu2000
too dang unpredictable. you really never can guess how this team will do year in and year out. --rebmus
Nothing in particular. I seldom watch them or think about them unless Ole Miss is playing them.--MidtownReb
Their "recollection" of the W-L records against Ole Miss--rebelliousb
Those bedpans they wear on their heads.--germantownrebel
(4) What is your most memorable Ole Miss v. Arkansas game and why?
In Fayetteville of 1999, sitting through 30 degree temps in the rain, freezing after giving my coat to a cold kid beside me. It was a JP game so 2 buddies of mine and I drove up after classes on Friday and slept in the back of my blazer in the stadium parking lot. It was homecoming night so we got to tour the campus and join in on homecoming activities at some of the sorority houses. Anyway, we got killed, but did not leave the game early b/c a few weeks before my buddies and I left the SMU game early and missed a 21 point comeback by the Rebs in the 4th qtr. --paddler94
The 7 overtimes. Too bad we got the short end of the stick on that one.--bwebb77, sampath, Indiana Rebel, shaunp38, TexasReb, chumanfu2000, rebmus
The 1970 Sugar Bowl. Had great tickets for the game, but 3 days before, came down with pneumonia and ended up watching from a hospital bed.A close second was the '97 embarrassment in FayeteNam sitting in the cold rain all day and then having my brand new pickup break down and having to spend the entire weekend there while I waited for a Dodge dealer to open up on Monday.--LudlowReb
7 overtime no doubt. I was so glad to see Matt Jones get out of there because I can't remember a player that could make a diamond out of a turd so often.--JesusL...TRYING
The hit!--Valley_Reb
I'm gonna have to say the 7 OT game where it just went on and on but unfortunatly they pulled it out i remember the final score was like combined for over 100 points--futurepanther
The night Deuce returned the opening kickoff and waved to himself in the jumbotron as he raced down the sideline. Syniker Taylor followed with an 80 yard bomb for TD. We waxed their rear ends that night. Also, the 99 yard run John Avery had...I was sitting in the endzone right behind that play.--thegroveguru
7 OT, and the Games with Ark. while they were in the SWC--RedNeckRebel
Obviously 7OT in 2001 in Oxford. I suffered through every second of it. Close second would be 2003 in Oxford, "The Rain Game." Started pouring down so quickly that you didn't have time to get under cover before you were soaked, so everyone in the student section just stayed. We sat out in the pouring rain for the entire game.--University_grey
Fayetteville in the rain (97 or 98.) Embarrassing.--PiedmontRebel
The 38-16 Ole Miss win in 1999. It was one of Cutcliffe's few moments of head coaching excellence--MidtownReb
Marathon over time game. I needed to pee, SO BAAAAD.--rebelliousb
The 7-OT game. Need I say more? But my FAVORITE memory is Chris Mitchell's "The Hit" in 1990 to preserve a 21-17 Rebel victory.--germantownrebel
(5) Name your second favorite SEC team.
Auburn. Long story.--paddler94
LSU, family thing.--bwebb77
You've got to be kidding. I'm an Ole Miss fan - first, last and always. There are NO other SEC teams that matter to me. Now, on the other end of the spectrum, you can start with lsux and work your way down!--LudlowReb Florida--Indiana Rebel, TexasReb, chumanfu2000
Arkansas. I live there and I'm an Ole Miss fan in a Hog family. They josh with me quite often.--JesusL...TRYING
I hate them all!--Valley_Reb
I go for all SEC teams when they're playing other teams (minus LSU and depending on my mood arkansas)--futurepanther
I don't really have a second favorite. If you made me pick, I'd probably say South Carolina. Their fans are the best in the league. And you gotta love the Ol' Ball Coach throwing barbs through the media every week. Plus, they're an underdog.--thegroveguru
LSU tied with GA. I just love Cajun Food & Peanuts.--RedNeckRebel
If I had to chose, it would probably have to be South Carolina or Georgia--University_grey
Georgia.--PiedmontRebel, shaunp38
tie between lsu, florida, and msu. i don't really dislike any sec team... but root for msu b/c they're in-state. i also have always been fond of lsu and florida for whatever reason.--rebmus
Tennessee if I had to choose one --MidtownReb
Florida or Georgia.--germantownrebel

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