03 August 2007

Ole Miss v. Georgia: GA fans weigh in

Here is what the GA fans are saying about our upcoming game:

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

I predict we win the game because Ole Miss is in a complete program rebuilding mode and we are at home.--Otto Dawg

Prediction - a)Coach O will lose his temper ar some point in the game and embarrass all those MS folks who've talked bad about coonasses their whole lives--SidetrackSilvera

I'd say we win 28-14 or so. Home field advantage is big, and while the game was competitive last year, it was during the 6 game midyear funk we went through where we couldn't seem to find an offense. Ole Miss returns some good players, including the running back with four names, and the overall talent level seems to be going up. The problem seems to be a lot of the guys coming in are transfers and JCs that are out of eligibility by the time they really get accustomed to the system.--Marietta CPA

(2) What are your strengths and weaknesses this year?

Our strength on offense IMO is our running game and our OL is our weakness. Our WR's will be better than most expect.On D we need to replace a lot of linemen and LB's, but studs are waiting to shine. someone in the stands will be wearing something made by The Northface, croakies and wallabies--Otto Dawg

We should have a good offense. Given a less experienced offensive line than last year, I think we'll probably run more gimmicks - trick plays, bombs, etc. trying to keep defenses from just loading the box and blitzing. O line will be our biggest weakness as we return only two players with significant game experience. We'll have a good secondary and interior defensive line, but have big question marks at linebacker and defensive ends. Highly recruited players, and plenty to chose from at those positions, but nobody that is really proven.--Marietta CPA

(3) What do you respect about Ole Miss?

I respect Ole Miss for their hot women and I can honestly say there isn't much too dislike Ole Miss for except that it is stuck too close to Miss. State.--Otto Dawg

We loved the entire football experience. The Grove is awesome. We love to hear "Dixie" played and the Rebel Walk was neat. UGA is a close second, but the charm of Oxford and the eating places on the square are tops. Ajax and City Grocery were very good. We loved Abbeville's fish place. I miss the Confederate flags in the stands. It was an incredible sight to see thousands of them waved. Sigh! The good ole days! I cheer for the Dawgs first, but Ole Miss is second on my list. HOTTY TODDY!--dawgsig

Love the tradition and atmosphere - seems to be a good fan base, relatively knowledgeable, into the game without being overly obnoxious.--Marietta CPA

Hottest Chicks per capita of any SEC school ...super coodl place to see a game.....fun town w/ lots of great eats.....only bad side is it's stuck in the middle of no-where with the worst roads in the country.But it in the middle of no-where might what helps make its charm so cool.--FirstDownRusty

(4) What do you dislike most about Ole Miss?

your dropping of the new mascots that was supposed to have been voted on by your fans and alumni. They were pretty funny. --DAWGNATION,UGA

No offense, but I think your coach is somewhat of a nutjob. He doesn't seem to be a good fit for the Ole Miss job. Cutcliff was a great fit and I think he got shown the door a little too quickly given his success in his early years.--Marietta CPA
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