03 August 2007

Ole Miss v. Georgia: Ole Miss fans weign in

Here is what Ole Miss fans are saying about the Georgia game:

(1)What are your predictions on our game?

Ole Miss 24 Georgia 14--yobes

I think it will be a close game, but Ole Miss will pull it out in the end. With our offensive line returning four of five starters and UGA losing 6 of their front seven (I think), we should dominate the line of scrimmage. Also, we return our entire D-Line. Anyone who thinks that Patrick Willis was the reason it was close last season must not have seen the game stats after last year. PWilly had four tackles against UGA.--tizzownes

Ole Miss, 24-21--shaunp38

Its a sandwich game for the bulldogs with them traveling to Alabama and Tennessee the week before and after. They could easily overlook a home game with the Rebels.--steriossreb

UGA 20 OM 17--KAGReb

Ole Miss 17 UGA 23--Indiana Rebel

Close but the home team wins.--KennesawReb

(From LSU fan) UGA 30, Ole Miss 16--Flyman

This is one of my upset picks for this year.--ozzy2378

(2) Are you planning to make the trip to Athens?

Yes, but Athens is only 1½ hours away for me.--yobes


Yes, I can't wait.--Indiana Rebel

Yes, i live in GA and have friends at uga--KennesawReb

I will be at the game (one of the few I've been able to attend since graduating 5 yrs ago). I will absolutely be there, a Rebel in a sea of Bulldogs.--ozzy2378

(3) What are your overall thoughts on the GA campus and stadium?

Stadium much nicer than Auburn. Campus very nice.--yobes

I think it's a great town, campus, and stadium. Athens is like Oxford but bigger.--tizzownes

I love it, beautiful scenery and a great atmosphere--shaunp38

My favorite place to visit in the SEC...great campus and my favorite stadium I have been to.--KAGReb

Parking sucks, the campus is really nice and the stadium is difficult to get into and out of. They stick visiting fans way up in the top corner of the upper deck.--Indiana Rebel

Large but nothing to write home about. Nothing stands out as unique or different. The downtown area is great...many good nights down their with my friends. (the victory bell is a cool tradition)--KennesawReb

(From LSU fan) Never been there, but I've always heard it was pretty nice.--Flyman

UGA folks are as close to Ole Miss folks as I've found anywhere. Their fans love us and our fans, from what I hear love playing them. Very friendly game day atmosphere.--ozzy2378

(4) What do you respect about GA?

Fan loyalty. Unlike the Clemson and South Carolina perception, I have always found Georgia fans hosptiable, even when they lose.--yobes

I like everything about UGA. They're just very much like Ole Miss.--tizzownes

They have a solid football program but also excel in smaller sports, winning titles in Gymnastics, equestrian, swimming (I think), tennis and having solid baseball teams.--shaunp83

Everything...Great athletics, academics, campus, and fans. I also really like Mark Richt.--KAGReb

Their ability to party before, during and after a football game. They also have pretty good athletes.--Indiana Rebel

Great coach on and off the field. Their defense is always fun to watch.--KennesawReb

(From LSU Fan)Mark Richt, first and foremost. He seems to be a class act who's desire is to run his program with integrity. As the face of the UGA football program, I believe he represents UGA very well. On the field, UGA never seems to let up. They play with heart from beginning to end, and they generally exude confidence. Tough team that will play hard, hit hard, and make you remember that you played the Bulldogs. Never an easy game. --Flyman

I hung out in the Grove last year with a bunch of Georgia fans before our game. They were all good guys. They loved the Walk of Champions when the players came through.--ranchreb

(5) What do you dislike most about GA?

A lot of Georgia fans are arrogant. See Jeff From Atlanta to Stewart Mandel **(See below)--yobes


Very little that I dislike about UGA.--shaunp38

That they can't seem to beat Florida!--Indiana Rebel

The fans...I live in Ga and they are almost all the same. Before they became a contender, no one really cared, but now every car and truck has a georgia sticker or tag. They all have an attitude that no one can beat them and most of them that run their mouth can't name 3 players on the team.--KennesawReb

(From LSU fan)Went to the LSU-UGA game in 2003, and after the game I ran into more jerks in red than I could have imagined. It wasn't true of every fan, but about half of the ones I talked to were some of the sorest losers I've ever seen. Before the game, great fans all around. After the game, a bunch of pissers. Other than this, however, there's not much negativity I can say about UGA.--FlyMan

Thing I don't respect is the neverending "coach speak" from their fans about how good they will be next year or the next year or next. I'm surrounded by it here in Albany, Ga. but I do root for them harder than any other team (born and raised on UGA football.)--ozzy2378

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**For two years you've been dodging my question. When will Georgia coach Mark Richt start to feel the heat for never making the BCS title game, let alone bringing a national title to Athens? It seems like every year the Bulldogs are overhyped and every year they load the NFL, but it never translates to the BCS Championship Game. What gives?--Jeff, Atlanta
It's not that I've been dodging it -- I just can't believe anyone would ask that with a straight face. The last time I checked, Richt has produced four 10-win seasons and two SEC titles in a six-year span. That's two more titles, by the way, than Georgia had won in the previous 20 years. Perhaps you'd prefer to go back to Jim Donnan? Or Ray Goff?
Not that Jeff represents the average Georgia fan (I hope), but I lived in Atlanta for five years, and it always baffled me just how inflated a perception people have there of that program's place in the national landscape. Keep in mind, because of my age, I didn't start following college football until about the mid-'80s, so I missed the Herschel Walker glory years. To me, Georgia was just an average, top-20 type program for most of my life. But to listen to their fans, you'd think Georgia was a USC or Notre Dame. They've won two national titles in their entire history, the last one coming 27 years ago. BYU won one more recently.
I think part of the problem is that many old-school Georgia types still view arch-rival Florida as their measuring stick. Yes, it's true, the Dawgs used to beat up on the Gators regularly in the '70s and '80s, but that changed in a big way after Spurrier took over Florida. (The Gators have won 15 of the past 17 meetings). Times have changed, and both because of Spurrier's legacy there and because it's the flagship school in the most talent-rich state in the country, Florida is now one of the elite programs nationally; Georgia is still more of a regional power. Which is not to say the Dawgs shouldn't beat the Gators from time to time or make an occasional run at the national title, but to hold Richt or any other coach to a national-title-or-bust standard is just plain ludicrous.


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