29 August 2007

Powe: What they are saying.

We as Rebel fans are still reeling from the injustice handed down to Powe yesterday by the NCAA clearinghouse. We feel it's obvious that he has completed all things asked by the clearinghouse and therefore should have the right to play this fall. The "partial" eligibility perplexes all. It seems this is something new, perhaps created for a one time use.
We as Ole Miss fans are much more connected to the situation and therefore have knowledge that others don't. With that in mind, how are commentators, blogs and sports reporters reporting this? Are they as confused as we are with this new "partial", perhaps "Ole Miss" eligibility?
Let's see what they are saying.

Sunday Morning Quarterback, a popular blog, says this of Ole Miss's appeal of the clearinghouse decision:

Such pure humanitarianism is only possible motivating factor for the
university, which has obviously admitted a student whose qualifications - the
ones entirely invalidated by the NCAA - are woefully inadequate; according to
the Association, Powe's coursework verges on non-existent, but he apparently
will remain at Ole Miss until he finds a way onto the field, come hell or high
water, or, I dunno, bad knees. This is the kind of academic environment Steve Spurrier can

He comments on Powe's attempt by saying:

I will say this for Powe: he and his handlers are persistent, and getting
into school is a victory, even if his chances to play are delayed another year.
Powe, like everyone, will be better off on a college campus, with a shot at a
degree, and he has powerful forces in his corner. Assuming the planned appeal
fails next week - again, the NCAA invalidated basically all of Powe's previous
work - he's still right where he needs to be to achieve his goals by next
fall. At some point, he just has to meet the standard.

Rick Cleveland of the Clarion Ledger says it's time to move on. He advises Powe to enroll at a junior college. He says that is best for Powe. He then goes on to rant about Ole Miss fans' belief that the NCAA is out to get us. Here is what he said:

What is beyond me is how so many educated, otherwise intelligent people
believe that the NCAA is out to get Ole Miss or get Jerrell Powe.In the first
place, Ole Miss is the NCAA. Ole Miss is a member of the NCAA, the governing
body of college athletics. Robert Khayat, the Ole Miss chancellor, has been a
high ranking member of any number of NCAA committees. He has championed the
cause of academic integrity in athletics.That the NCAA would be out to penalize
a poor kid from Waynesboro just doesn’t make sense.What does make sense is for
Powe to do what he should have done in the first place. Think about it. Had he
gone to Jones — and passed — he would play in red and blue in Saturday’s opener
at Memphis, no questions asked.

I will continue to scan reactions and post any new information I find.

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Anonymous said...

We need to move on - this whole thing is embarrassing - why do we recuit these types of players, we are still awaiting word on two more players - this is every freaking year - it gets very old.

He obviously does not belong in a University.

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