29 August 2007

Memphis fans re-visited.

It's game week. I visited a Memphis chat board to ask Memphis fans a few questions.

(1) What will the final score of the game be?

Memphis 31, Mississippi 21--aTxTIGER

Memphis 38, Mississippi 14--HornLakeTiger

Memphis 27 UMiss 20--Original Sabretooth

Mighty Memphis Tigers 31 - Weebles 17--griffin

Memphis 39 Mississippi 21--SCConway

(2) Name one player every Ole Miss fan will be familiar with after the game on Sat?

Duke Calhoun...although i would think most Mississippi fans would already know him.--aTxTIGER

Without question, Duke Calhoun.--HornLakeTiger

Steven Black--Original Sabretooth

#50 MLB Winston Bowens--griffin

Duke Calhoun--SCConway

(3) Are you going to watch the game in person or on tv?

Neither, I'll try to watch it online here in Austin, TX.--aTxTIGER

I'll be watching it on tv since I live in Panama City, FL. A little too far away to come up for just a game. Besides, I am currently making plans to come up to Memphis during Thanksgiving week for a game.--SCConway

(4) Which Ole Miss player do you dread facing the most?

Benjarvis Green-Ellis...if we stop him, we win the game. If not...well...Spetember 1st in Memphis will look a lot like last year in oxford.--aTxTIGER

It's gotta be BJGE. We've absolutely GOT to stop him.--HornLakeTiger

I think Orgereon will come back with Brent Schaeffer after Adams fails to move the team, and he will have another big game against Memphis--Original Sabretooth

Eli Manning but since he is gone, I have no worries.--griffin

The only Mississippi player I can even name is Brent Schaefer and that is just because of that funny song that Chris Vernon did the last year or so, so I can't say I dread us facing anyone on Mississippi's roster.--SCConway

(5) Name the best place to eat before or after the game?

RP Tracks, Central BBQ, Tobey Field. --aTxTIGER

I'm all about some Corky's BBQ--HornLakeTiger

Central BBQ; Young Ave Deli; Soul Fish --Original Sabretooth

Before The Game - Any Tailgate Party - After the game Touhy's Taco Bell @ Poplar and Estate--griffin

The parking lot before and after the game.--SCConway

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