11 August 2007

USC fans talk about Ole Miss

Southern California

We haven't played USC in football but most Rebel fans are familiar with USC fans because of Coach O. Oxford and LA are 1,876 miles apart.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Ole Miss .... I know who the coach is. Otherwise, nothing.--USCTrojanDave

Eli Manning--WhiteLightning8

Archie Manning! and Coach O.--HectorSpectre

Ed Orgeron. Great former assisant coach who was instrumental in leading the trojan defense, namely the d-line towards the current Trojan Dynasty. Think Mike Patterson, Sean Cody, Kenechi Udeze, Omar Nazel, as some of the guys he helped make it big. Some of which are in the NFL right now. I actually root for Ole Miss because of Coach O. --GeauxTrojans

Meredith, Manning, Orgeron, The Grove, you guys always play Memphis.--wannabegaucho

Coach O ( He is welcome back anytime)--Wino John

Even though Coach Orgeron has been gone for 3 or 4 years, my 9 year old remembers him at practice, yelling at guys.--rbell

Beautiful women.--arktrojan


(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Feelings? I don't know if I have ever seen them play. Sure, a few highlights, but I don't believe I have ever watched an entire game, or even an entire half, of Ole Miss football.--USCTrojanDave

Bottom rung team in the SEC--WhiteLightning8

I want them to win the SEC.--HectorSpectre

Ole Miss can go as far as the coaching can take it. Its in the middle of the south, so recruiting shouldn't be that big of a problem, even if Mississippi isn't a total hot bed for top recruits. But if a coach can manage to land solid talent from the neighboring states and keep the top talent at home, any SEC team can find success. It will be harder now with Urban Meyer building Florida, and Saban running BAMA now. But still, those programs were a bit down and good coaching is/will turn them around.I know Coach O is popular because he came from USC, but i don't think he is the answer. Hopfully he can turn it around this year though, and get Ole Miss going in the right direction. Down the road, if they develop into a solid team i would love for USC to take them to the cleaners.--TrojanJP

They're a good program. From what I year, their fans are very classy and humble.--GeauxTrojans

Well I hope you guys do well, maybe beat LSU?--wannabegaucho

Do they realize they lost the Civil War?--Wino John

Nothing negative, I'm familiar with Ole Miss enough to know that they truly want to overcome any negative thoughts from another era. Very underrated school as well. --arktrojan


(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

While I would welcome a game like that -- always great to engage in a home and home with a new school -- Ole Miss does not stand out as a program "we have to play." So I have mixed feelings on it.--USCTrojanDave

Hell yeah--WhiteLightning8

Basketball. Mississippi is not an important football recruiting ground for us, so make no sense to come to Oxford to play.--HectorSpectre

Ole Miss is a program in mediocrity living in the past.--SCAllan

Sure. I have a feeling that if we do, it'd be like the series USC had with Arkansas in football and basketball. Arky fans were great.--GeauxTrojans

Yea, either or both sports--wannabegaucho

Football - sure, especially if Coach O is there, Basketball - why not?--Wino John

I'd love to play in both sports.--arktrojan

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

The SEC spends so much time trying to claim to be the best, I have begun to susptec that even SEC supporters don't believe it. All that talk is b.s. It's one of the four remaining major conferences, along with the Big10, Big12 and Pac10.--USCTrojanDave

I think the SEC is the best conference in the country right now, and I plan on seeing games involving LSU, Auburn, Florida, MSU (only because of who they are playing), Tenn, 'Bama and possibly UGA. No offense to Ole Miss, but they just aren't relevant right now--WhiteLightning8

I think they play a good tough brand of football that tends to be conservative (run-wieghted).--HectorSpectre

Great conference. Historically, one of the best although a lot of their fans give the Pac 10 a lot of trouble in terms of trolling and flaming our message boards. In general, I see a lot of them as hostile towards USC/PAC 10 fans especially those from LSU with some exceptions. Of course, I don't want to beat any dead horses on SEC v. PAC 10 arguments..--GeauxTrojans

Best football conference in the country, but the Pac-10 is second, and closer than you guys think (at least until Cal embarrasses us on 9/1)--wannabegaucho

Extremely provincial in their thinking. There is football being played west of the Mississippi and north of the Mason-Dixon. --Wino John

SEC is an excellent league but comletely over the top in its misguided belief that it invented the game of football. Not to sound like a homer but I believe 100% the PAC is year in year out the league that should get much more DESERVED respect.--arktrojan

One of best football, basketball and baseball conferences. Which conference is best in all sports? Pac10.--TROBOB

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?
No. But I hear they have a pretty wild time down there.--USCTrojanDave

No, haven't heard anything. Truthfully if it wasn't for Eli Manning you guys would be that one team in the conference that's hard to remember (at least for me), like Wake Forest, Baylor, Northwestern, Vanderbilt (ok maybe you're the second team), and.... if I had to pick one for the PAC 10... Stanford (only because it doesn't have the state in their name)--WhiteLightning8

I have not. I know those Southern Belles would steal my heart!--HectorSpectre

Nope. Yes, I heard your gameday experience is one of the best, like many SEC school experiences during game day. I'm not sure if yours is crazy as LSU's but I heard it's right up there.--GeauxTrojans

Nope - heard that The Grove is real nice.--wannabegaucho

....I always hear about how hot a lot of the women are that tailgate in The Grove, but I have never seen published pictures. How come? Also, I love Coach O, so if he doesn't make it there as a head coach I hope he comes back to SC where he belongs. Good luck this year and for the record, I hope Coach O succeeds.--BAP

No, reportedly great experience, but what school with a traditionally bottom half of the conference team wouldn't promote their gameday experience? --Wino John

I've been to Oxford once and found the football to be honest, as average as average can be. However, I found the atmosphere to be excellent and some of the nicest people I've ever meet bar none. Very good thoughts from those travels.Best of luck this year.--arktrojan

No, the Grove.--TROBOB

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