10 August 2007

Ole Miss fans respond to ASU fans.

For the first time, I had a fan of another university ask questions of Ole Miss fans. I presented the questions to Rebel fans and here are their responses.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Arizona State?

Hot chicks --flowoodreb14

Hot weather. --rebelnugs

The Mascot: Sundevils ... The first organized league football team that I played for was named The Sundevils. Jake Plummer and his amazing scrambling abilities while playing for ASU. ASU Basball --JohnTHErebel8er

Baseball and Reggie Jackson--StevieRayVaughan

Barry Bonds and bleached blonde girls--Reb4DaleMurphy

Barry Bonds / Jake Plummer / Phil Mickleson--BrandonReb58


Sundevil Stadium and Cuba Gooding saying he was "A Sun Devil Jerry!" on Jerry MacGuire.--MississippiKite

Girls, Golf and Hot weather. --om4ever

Classless.....I mean CLASSLESS! Worst I have ever encountered.....If you were at the Super you know exactly what I am talking about....Look at Pat Murphy and the way that he carries himself.....fans are the same way....they suck, they all suck.....After that fantastic game one I heard not ONE, "What a GREAT ball game, sucks that someone had to lose", but I heard several, "You know there are gonna be some sad rednecks in Mississippi tonight!!!!--TheGratefulReb

The best golfer on the planet, the one and only Mr. Mickelson. Pat Murphy is an assclown. Barry Bonds. Pull for them during football season, as they are pretty fun to watch. The barnburner they had to open the season with LSU two seasons ago. Think they will miss Koetter. Outside of the two Oregon schools, quite possibly the worst uniforms in college athletics.--independencebowlma

The heat, at least its a dry heat -Jake Plummer vs. Ohio State, 1 of the best bowl game I ever saw - Beautiful women, much like Ole Miss (except ASU girls are half dressed!!) - Big city - Baseball loss in this years super regional (sucks, again!!)--RebInLorton

Frank Kush, Jake Plummer, Barry Bonds(or was it USC), Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe, good golf, great weather other than summer, hot girls, the reverse humidity index, cacti, the desert.--Grovie

Not a quality education.--johnsonp

A-Hole fans and the worst baseball experience I have ever had--SwayzeCrazy

Frank Kush--Classics

Our recent super regional against them and hot chicks.--JaySuede

Last state to honor MLK birthday.--rebelliousb

ASU is big school...60,000 -70,000 students...located inTempe, kind of a middle class area, nice, not bad.....fun especially during party times......--ArizonaDave

FRank Kush. I think was his name. Bad ass coach that had some very good teams. I think he pulled a Woody Hayes type deal and they fired him though.--Sandcrab1

Sundevils, nice stadium, the game against LSU--MeridianOMRebel

Jake the snake--DixieCop28

Your baseball coach is an ass--AndrewA12

Hot chicks with big fake boobs. As close to a small town environment in a big town that anyone will find--jasongreer

Terrible Baseball Stadium--MPSAFlash97

Their dumb ass baseball coach--ole veteran

Awesome campus--mdmcdani

Oddibe McDowell, Barry Bonds, and Bob Horner...but I like college baseball a lot and pretty sure I'm not the norm.--TJRebel

Their big, fat baseball coach yelling down at our little bitty baseball coach. Just the absurdity of the overreaction was amusing--Buster_Bluth
(2) What are your feelings about ASU?

Don't know much about it. Great Baseball team. I can't speak from personal experience but I heard the baseball fans were trashy. Reading the blog ASU fans think Ole Miss is a racist school. Reeeediculous. Ask Rob Evans and family what they think about Ole Miss and racicm will not be on the list.--flowoodreb14

Not the "University of A", but the second tier "A State University". Like all "State Universities", they are "University of" wannabees.--StevieRayVaughan

I heard from a friend that this is the school that all of the Not So Smart students from California go to after they are rejected by UCLA, USC, and Cal. --rebelnugs

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for ASU, I guess because of the mascot connection. I pull for them whenever I get to see them play.--JohnTHErebel8er


When we played baseball against each other...They seems overly cocky (which i guess worked cause we lost)--BrandonReb58

Do not like them. The people are rude in general anywhere we went. Went to the baseball game and the fans were the worst ever. Very mean spirited from the parking lot to the field. I even had kids with me and they didn't care. --mereb

Great school. Good-looking chicks, I hear--MississippiKite

After going to Tempe for the Super Regional, not very good. Fans seemed to like us until the Kliman incident and then they started telling the Ole Miss fans to go back to our trailer parks, that we were trash. I was disappointed to go to a Super Regional in a large area to find out that it was so small, but the campus was cool I guess. Some of the fans were nice, but majority we rude.--om4ever


No real feelings, except that they are a solid baseball program. --independencebowlma

Great school, pretty large student body--RebInLorton

Like it anytime anyone brings beats the Ca schools at anything.--Grovie

High crime rate neigborhood and city.--johnsonp

They suck.........barry bonds, and all the things you think about him are indicative of ASU.--SwayzeCrazy

not especially--Classics

Right after the super regional series with them, I was pretty bitter towards them, especially with the heated first game. But now that time has passed and I've cooled off, my feelings toward ASU are neutral. Oh, yeah and they always have the best looking girls in Playboy: Girls of the Pac 10 issue.--JaySuede

My feelings....Hey, I like tihe SunDevils...pull for them every time they play...Jake Plummer was my hero...he was a winner in college...ASU started off as a teachers school, similar to Memphis State, but got much bigger quicker due to great weather and increasing population of the Phoenix area.--ArizonaDave

They have an idiot for a baseball coach. I really don't like big cities in the desert even though I have traveled many times out west and through Arizona several times. Love the west just not the big cities. Loved Arizona but hated Phoenix. Don't like big university settings either.--Sandcrab1

Good Pac-10 team--MeridianOMRebel

While we are there we need Orgeron to take on your arsehole baseball coach.--jasongreer

Almost went to school out there and loved the town and campus, not a big fan of Pat Murphy though.--mdmcdani

hot women and the desert. It balances out. :)--Buster_Bluth
(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

I think it would be great to play asu in football and basketball. Would love to play a PAC-10 School.--flowoodreb14

Would love to. Our excoach in basketball coached ASU for a short period. --rebelnugs

YES!!! Definately in football (home/home: Sept in MS and Nov. in AZ ) and Baseball ... Basketball would have been more interesting to me if Rob Evans was still there.--JohnTHErebel8er

That'd be fine, I like playing other BCS conferences--Reb4DaleMurphy

Shure...Sun Devil Stadium would be a cool place to visit (no pun intended). No on the basketball..not a big basketball guy--BrandonReb58

Yes. Either one.--MississippiKite

Baseball and Football--om4ever

Could care less....only good thing out there is the golf--GratefulReb

Sure, in both sports. One solid OOC game per season would be good with the SEC schedule. ASU is a team that I would enjoy coming to Oxford.--independencebowlma

yes, in all major sports (would give me a chance to visit my brother in Tempe--RebInLonton

Would love a trip to Tempe. Wont' forget my golf clubs or suntan lotion.--Grovie

Yes, visitors could enjoy nice weather in fall and winter.--johnsonp

I hope we never play them again in any sport.--SwayzeCrazy

Sure. Would love to play in football and get a chance to go down there. Basketball? Sure. Why not? Baseball? Hell, yeah.--JaySuede

Would be great home & home series...if you don't like Arizona, its' scenery, golf courses, shopping, and restaurants, you are hard to please.--ArizonaDave

Yeah. In both. Get rid of Memphis high and add someone with a football tradition.--Sandcrab1

Would be great. Very easy and cheap to get there from Memphis.--jasongreer

No..but love a 'yearly with 'em in baseball.--ole veteran

Football definatly, Basketball not at all, Baseball revenge would love it.--mdmcdani

good football conference, fun to watch, glad to see Oregon man up and start playing baseball to "complete" the conference in that sport--TJRebel

4)What do you think about the Pac-10 in general?

2 or 3 teams as good as anybody. the rest yawn--flowoodreb14

Weak conference in football other than USC.--rebelnugs

PAC-10 is really good conference. Most all teams field a pretty competitive team on a yearly basis, much like the SEC. Obviously So. Cal has been the belle of the ball here lately, but they got lucky last when playing Washington last year. That was a great game. ASU played USC down to the wire, also. I think there is a lot of parity between BOTH the PAC-10 and the SEC, more so than any other of the conferences.--JohnTHErebel8er

Top heavy conference, both football and basketball.--StevieRayVaughan

Its fine. Some good programs out there. --Reb4DaleMurphy

MAYBE 1 or 2 competitive teams...one of those teams ALWAYS being USC and rotate ASU , AU , UCLA, Cal, etc.--BrandonReb58

average not sec--mereb

I respect the PAC 10, although I do agree they are not as "tough" top to bottom. After only about 3 or 4 great ones, the rest are not real great.--MississippiKite

Pac Ten is good, I would like to see the SEC play more teams out west.--om4ever

Great basketball conference, pretty good football conference(don't think the other schools get enough credit, as all the national media has a boner for a perennially overrated USC team) Im trying to remember the last solid OOC team USC beat. Love the late night FOX game. Gives you something to watch after getting in from our game.--independencemanba

great conf., very solid/sound education (Stanford, Cal) - Solid sports programs across the board - Students/fans do not seem to be as "into" their teams as the SEC. My company landed Boeing as an account and I speat a month in Seattle in October (don't get me started on the weather!!) and it was the middle of football and not much energy or excitement at the sports bar I went to to watch my rebels play. I ended up hanging with some Michigan fans as they were into it.--RebInLorton

I respect the PAC 10, except for ASU.--SwayzeCrazy

a conference looking for an identity--Classics

The Pac 10 is a solid conference that is getting pretty darn good and real competitive...at least I've heard Snoop say it is. They are defenitely creepin on a come up.--JaySuede

Pac 10 OK, not SEC, but certainly competitive.....I would equate it to the ACC, some great teams and some weak sisters.--ArizonaDave

Evidently has some very good teams. On par with SEC,ACC, Big 10 & 12. Used to love watching USC/UCLA football game back in the 60's.--Sandcrab1

like the big ten couple good schools rest are scrubs --DixieCop28

Power conference that would help our OC schedule. ASU today sits where we do in the SEC so its a good match in football. In basketball, ASU is actually lower in the PAC 10 but I'd still like to play.--jasongreer

PAC lives or dies with USC and Washington..would love for our league to play 'em top to bottom- betcha' the Sly would wear their bottom team out podnah'. --ole veteran

Decent conference that has nothing on the SEC and yet they all think they are better.--mdmcdani

would interesting symmetry in basketball with Evans having left here in the 90s to take the ASU job to be closer to his family. Football? sure, why not?--Buster_Bluth

(5) Have you ever visited Tempe on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No. Nothing--flowoodreb14

Never been, but would love to visit. N/A, Not heard a word ... tell me about it.--JohnTHErebel8er

Not on a gameday, but I've been there before. I enjoyed it. It was a nice little town. Haven't heard much.--Reb4DaleMurphy

No, never been...but I would like to. I have never really heard about your game day experience. I do know that ASU has a winning tradition.--BrandonReb58

yes, there is nothing but dirt and hot weather. Not impressed.--mereb

No. I've heard it's nice there. Nice area.--MississippiKite

Yes I have been to Tempe for the Super Regional, weak atmosphere in my opinion. I don't know how it is for football, the lake behind the field is cool and the stadium is situated nicely, Mill Ave. has some good food and bars and plenty of good looking co-eds.--om4ever

Traveled over there during spring training while playing minor league ball. Hot chicks with fake boobs Hot, but not humid weather. LSU fans said gameday experience sucked, but they are LSU fans. Their opinions are irrelevant.--independencebowlma

No, would love to, just to eye the female sights!!--RebInLorton
not on game day. Seems really laid back, love the way the ladies dress down in the Pac-10.--Grovie

Weak. Other than USC--johnsonp

Yes, worst experience I have ever had on an opposing campus.--SwayzeCrazy
have not been and never heard anything about a gameday experience in the desert - not on my list of places to go either--Classics

I have not been but would love to go. What have I heard? Not much, but going back to the Playboy/female thing, I can imagine.--JaySuede

As I said, I have been to several games at Sun Devil stadium...great experience, just too hot in September and early October.--ArizonaDave

No. Not heard a thing about it.--Sandcrab1
dont know too much about their gameday but heard there are some hot girls out there--Dixiecop28

No, my cousin went there for a year said gameday was awsome.--AndrewA12

No but the company I work for is based out of Tempe and I go there frequently. Cool area.--jasongreer

Enjoyed their fans, students ...whole atmosphere-only downer was the display by their baseball coach.--ole veteran

No, would love to go if we played them, I think it would be a great game. Haven't heard much about it but can imagin good things with the girls and temperatures.--mdmcdani

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This was interesting to read. Thanks for doing it. I'm a little surprised that no one thinks of Pat Tillman when they think of ASU. Hopefully someday soon we'll set up a home and home in football so we can both make road trips to each others campuses.


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