09 August 2007

Washington & Washington State talk about Ole Miss

Washington State
Ole Miss and Wash. State have never met in football. Oxford and Pullman are 2,290 miles apart. There are rumors on the message boards that Ole Miss and Washington State are in talks for future home and home football games.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Mannings--CoCoug/wazzubruce/Battle Ground/LDopaPDX/SelahCoug/FlatlandCoug/LeifKJ

The girls--LoCoug

Old man on Confederate Flag--WSUFreak

First thing that sprang to mind was Ed Orgeron. We know him from his time at USC.--dgibbons

I think of the Mannings. I also think of "the Grove". I really know nothing about it except it being a bunch of trees, but hear it mentioned on college gameday.--E Jones

William Faulkner / James Meredith--taf88

The Egg--CrimsonW

William Faulkner and Michael Oher (I recently read "The Blind Side" by Michael Lewis).--Hoops Coug

When I think of Ole Miss I think of literature (Faulkner and Grisham), hospitality and fun. The community of Oxford also has great education and is a really pleasant town. Oxford, in short, is a winner. --KuguarZupan

Archie Manning & that little Colonel Sanders guy with the rebel flag.--CoupHawg

You need a new mascot.--79coup

Lovely debs who dress for FB games like they are going to church. The Grove.--Wazzu4ever

Archie Manning and Chucky Mullins. Old-school uniforms.--bwcoug


(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

I love Mississippi and would gladly travel to Oxford for a game--LDopaPDX

Don't think much of them. Don't like em, dont hate em.--WSUFreak

Lots of tradition. Southern belles.--HawgCoug

Just another middle-of-the-line SEC program.--LeifKJ

Neutral. --bwcoug

No real feelings either way. Die hard fans, just like every other school in the SEC.--E Jones

Long established SEC team with a solid football history, unaware of their history in other sports.--Battle Ground

One of the lower rung teams in SEC in football--wazzubruce

I like them personally. They seem to have similarities to WSU.--JayCoug

Usually feel sorry for them--CoCoug

Oxford is small, quaint, and full of history. Ole Miss campus has many similarities to WSU campus. Forced to stay there due to some furniture show taking place in New Albany and Tupelo (home of Elvis Presley) and where one had to go to get alcohol since New Albany is in a dry county.--taf88

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The enemy in this case being Jackie Sherrill. I like the Ole Miss logo too...and the hedges--CrimsonW

I like Ole Miss; I've heard it's good academically and I like underdogs (thus my WSU affinity).--Hoops Coug

Don't know much about it, pretty much neutral.--SelahCoug

Ole Miss seems like a decent program that is beaten down by the big guys. Reminds me of WSU to some degree. We've been pretty lucky from 1988 to 2003 with plenty of good seasons to ease the pain of the bad. You guys haven't had highs quite as high as us, but we've had a few more lows.--FlatlandCoug

They are in a constant uphill battle with the big programs of the SEC. Lack of fan base and money makes it difficult. Much like WSU.--Wazzu4ever

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Absolutely, especially a home/home in football. I'm 100% in favor of playing Ole Miss. I'd be in attendance regardless of whether it was a home or away game.--LDopaPDX

Sure. Nice change of pace from the west coast schools we usually play.--HawgCoug

Sure, both would be preferred, especially if you come to Pullman.--WSUFreak

I'd be happy to have a home and home with Ole Miss. --dgibbons

Sure. Just as long as you come to Pullman.--bwcoug

Yes, fellow middle-rung BCS schools are exactly who I'd like to see the Cougs play. Big enough name with a chance for a Cougar win.--LeifJK

I would love a home and home. I would travel to oxford if the chance came up.--E Jones

Either football or basketball would be welcome.--Battle Ground

Playing Ol Miss would be excellent in both sports. In Pullman, NOT Seattle.--Wazzubruce

YES- a perfect game for WSU!--CoCoug

Would love to see FB hook-up providing we didn't travel all the way to MS to only get hosed by SEC officials.--taf88

Not a fan of the SEC but do like some schools like Ole Miss/Auburn.--CrimsonW

I think the SEC is awesome, it's my second-favorite conference behind the Pac-10. I love the football tradition and passion for the game. I think the Pac-10 is its equal in hoops.--Hoops Coug

I would love it if WSU scheduled both football and BB games Vs Ole Miss. This would be super! I cannot think of a better fit. Seems like a no brainer!--KuguarZupan

Would love to play them in both sports.--SelahCoug

I'd love a home and home with you in both sports.--FlatlCoug

Absolutely, but only in a home-home series. SEC schools need to play more non-conference road games against BCS schools.--Wazzu4ever

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

The SEC has quality football and great game day atmospheres.--LDopaPDX

Over-rated. Fans tend to think too highly of their conference.--HawgCoug

Overconfident--WSUFreakMy thoughts on the SEC is that it the reputation for the toughest conference is deserved, but not the extent SEC fans and to a lesser extent the media believes. It seems like there are 4 or 5 teams that have a legit shot to win the conference in any given year, and by extension are contenders for the NC. No other conference is as strong at the top, but the middle and bottom of the conference are nothing special. I've also learned that when two of those top teams play, ALWAYS pick the home team in your College Football Pick'em.--dgibbons

Good conference, but not as great as the media makes it out to be. Bowl record leaves something to be desired. Large gap between the haves and the have nots. Also some fan bases really living in the past. (hint: Forrest Gump in an alum there)--E Jones

SEC is great, my second favorite conference after the Pac-10.--LeiJK

The SEC is the breeding ground for a lot of what is wrong with college athletics these days, particularly the amount of money spent on everything--coaches, facilities, etc. The fans are passionate--many to an unhealthy degree, and the win-at-all-costs mentality has bred a level of insanity across the country. Fans of SEC schools are obsessed with proving that the SEC is the best. Not their team, their CONFERENCE. That, and they're a bunch of sissies when it comes to intersectional games. For example, Georgia hasn't left the south for a game since the Eisenhower administration. After reading question #5, I'll add this--they're also obsessed with showing that they have the best gameday experience.--bwcoug

The SEC is one of the strongest conferences in the country in many sports, including football. Any of the teams would be a good addition to the schedule.--Battle Ground

The SEC is probably the best conf. in CF. But not as far separated from other conferences that SEC homers would have you think. Top 4 or 5 are good teams. Bottom 4 or 5 are nothing to write home about. Do alot of the good players drive brand new vehicles there?--Wazzubruce

The SEC is a good conference, but only 3 or 4 of the teams will scheduel tough or travel for non-conference games. It has 3 or 4 good teams that everyone likes to focus on, but the bottom 5 or 6 of the SEC are worse then the bottom 4 or 5 of the PAC10.--CoCoug

They take themselves to seriously. --JayCoug

Good teams @ top, but awfully tired hearing about the strength of the entire conference. It is difficult to win on the road in any BCS conference, not just the SEC.--taff88

SEC fans and coaches (LSU) think way too highly of themselves. They may be a good league, but they aren't so far above everyone else as they think they are. Would love to see them play some road games outside of conference.--SelahCoug

The SEC is way too proud of itself and abuses its standing to artificially enhance its image. If you look at Pac-10 teams against SEC teams, you see that the SEC plays 3 home games for every road game against Pac-10 schools. Great conference, but cheats its way to the top.--FlatlandCoug

The SEC places too much emphasis on athletics and not enough on academics, in general. See Spurrier's recent whining about two recruits not being admitted to USC.--Wazzu4ever

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

Never been to Oxford, but I've been to most SEC East stadiums for games.--LDopaPDX

Never been there, never heard anything about it. I think you guys got some babes though--WSUFreak

No. Nothing.--HawgCoug

Never been to an SEC game, but like I said, I have heard of the grove. The SEC has a great reputation of welcoming visiting fans, especially those of non-SEC teams. Plus I have heard the girls are second to none. Though without seeing them, I still have to give my vote to Arizona State.--E Jones

Never been to Mississippi for any purpose. The closest I have come is New Orleans.-- Battle Ground

One of the best gameday experiences in the country.--JayCoug

A positive feeling about the SEC in general...and yes they have babes for cheerleaders.... but ASU and San Diego State both are in the same leauge.--Wazzubruce

Wouldn't mind going to Oxford if the weather was cool.--CoCoug

Never visted on game day, but have been to Oxford on a couple of occasions. Have business associates who are MS grads and they support the Rebels like loyal fans support their alma maters throughout the country.--taf88

Never been to Oxford, but I've heard about that fantastic pre-game party. I've heard nice things about the southern belles down there! I'd go to Oxford if they played WSU.--Hoops Coug

Never been there, but would love to have the opportunity.--SelahCoug

Have never been, haven't heard much, but I seem to recall seeing some serious hotties from Ole Miss on a football website at some point.--FlatlandCoug

I've never been. I've heard about The Grove and the lovely ladies.--Wazzu4ever

Nope, I've heard it's great though. Lots of booze and pretty girls.--bwcoug

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Ole Miss and Washington have never met in football. Oxford and Seattle are 2,494 miles apart.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Hot girls in sundresses on gameday.--ndube

Eli manning..........cool uni's--Dub56

I think about dressing up in suits and people getting crazy drunk religiously on saturdays. I also think it is humid and hot and would be almost uncomfortable. --typicalusername

Eli Manning.--MonaLisaOverdrive

First coming to mind is the book "Blind Side" and the player in that book Michael Oher. A recruit to Ole Miss in 2005. Read the book it is great.--jefter

The last time I paid any attention to Ole Miss was when Archie Manning was there.--PeopleMuncher

It's Mississippi!!! It doesn't get more white trash than that, unless you want to put Alabama and LSU in the picture too. All they care about is football. That's it, no academic credibility at Ole Miss. Just football.--SeXyHuSkYbOy5000

James Meredith and how difficult it must have been for him.--DawgBert

The General Lee--DAWGLANDER2


NY Giants Suck--huskyheaven

I think, first, of Chucky Mullins.--whenpigsfly2005

Houston 17, Ole Miss 0. (??) Houston's running back Warren McVea taught Ole Miss a lesson. The other thing that remains in memory is how long it took for black players to play at Alabama, Mississippi, etc.--arfarfarfarfarf

ELI MANNING--HuskyZealot

The Confederate Flag and the quintessential "old-[southern]-boys" social institution.--newenglanddawg

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Your coach is crazy, but not as crazy as your AD was when he fired Cutcliffe.--ndube

Middle of the pack, or lower in the SEC--Dub56

I think it's the most old school football program in the country, but sadly has fallen into mediocrity.-typicalusername

I don't have any.--MonaLisaOverdrive


Ole Miss and football - they have a great tradition.--jefter

Often underrated because you play in a tough conference--DawgBert

Don't really have any feelings one way or the other.--DAWGLANDER2

That I'd never think about going there--ItstheKrustytheClown

I like the name...sounds cool, just say it..."Olllllllllle Misssssssss"--huskyheaven

No feelings, really, other than empathy regarding Chucky--whenpigsfly2005

Feelings? _______. I'll root for them against ND, the Florida Schools (any), and the New York Yankees if they every play.--arfarfarfarfarf

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Why not. I think it would be cool to play more SEC teams--Dub56

Football more so, it would be good to get exposure down south. Hoops, I think exposure would be better elsewhere.--typicaluswername

Maybe, I guess so, sure.--MonaLisaOverdrive

After reading the book how Michael Oher got into Miss., I wouldn't want to play you guys until your admission standards were the same as ours.--THEJOZ

Would love it if the Dawgs played Ole Miss.--jefter

Why not? --DawgBert

Yes in Football. It would be nice to play a SEC team every once in a while. --DAWGLANDER2

Sure, but I doubt an SEC team would travel to Seattle--ItstheKrustytheClown

Football! I'd love to see a Husky-SEC matchup in our OOC schedule--huskyheaven

Rather play Ole Miss in football.--whenpigsfly2005

Don't care.--arfarfarfarfarf


Football, yes. But if we're going to play an SEC team (home and away), I'd prefer Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia (in that order), before Ole Miss.--newenglanddawg

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

Very good top half.......but i think they are overated as a whole.--Dub56

The sec has some fantastic defensive football. I dislike the haughty attitudes against the west, provoked mostly between lsu and usc fans. There is open feelings out here that there is good football down south, but nobody cares about the pac on the east coast, let alone the south. The lack of exposure and poor sample size of head to head matchups [pac/sec] makes everybody think the pac-10 is weak against the south, and also because usc lost 2 games last year in conference. Wouldn't that make them think the pac is stronger? It also bothers me that they won't make return trips out here, OSU, WSU, etc. Yeah california lost big to a team in the first game with a new qb with 100,000 screaming fans, but I digress...--typicalusername

I think the SEC is overrated big time. The PAC10 is the best conf. in the nation easily this year and most years. --MonaLisaOverdrive

As I said, a tough conference, very tough. The PAC-10, however, is tougher than some SEC people think, and a much better conference scholastically.--DawgBert

On the same level as the PAC 10 & Big 10. A cyclical rotation of those 3 as the toughest conference in America year in and year out--DAWGLANDER2

Great D, lousy O, a bit overrated, lots of cheating and other than Vandy and Florida the schools aren't very good--ItstheKrustytheClown

Love it. Strong programs and history--huskyheaven

SEC, in general, is conceited and way,way,way, way, way overrated. --whenpigsfly

SEC has great teams and is probably the best conference in the country right now.--arfarfarfarfarf


Great athletes, very good top 6, then not so good.--newenglanddawg

One of the five reasons why the SEC is overrated See also Mississippi State, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt. --hillsboroDawg

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No, and i haven't heard anything. --Dub56

Bruce Feldman said you must experience gameday down there. I plan on attending a game someday as well as hopefully the Egg bowl someday. Like I said it sounds very southern, very traditional, and for at least one saturday, a lot of fun. That said, I prefer the west coast.--typicalusername

Never have visited. I imagine it being a rowdy game day experience, as with most SEC schools. I mean rowdy in a positive way...loud and supportive.--DawgBert

No, I have not heard much-probably overshadowed by other SEC teams such as LSU, Tenn and Bama--DAWGLANDER2

Thankfully, no--ItstheKrustytheClown

Never been, haven't heard anything.--huskyheaven

Never been to oxford on game day.--whenpigsflyI was so young I don't remember. (Born in Houston with relatives in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi and have been told I went to a game once.)--arfarfarfarfarf

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