09 August 2007

Oregon State and Oregon talk about Ole Miss


Oregon and Ole Miss have never met in football. Oregon did play a series with MSU recently. Oxford and Eugene are 2,506 miles apart.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

Strong Past Tradition with NCs but Middle of the road team at best in SEC right now. Also offers a lot of West Coast Kids.--Baciami21


Isn't that where Archie Manning and his sons played? ..oh wait I guess it was just Eli, ... Payton went to Tennessee.--Chile Duck

Eli Manning--DuckyVandal

I don't think of Ole Miss, except to wonder if they called it that when it was NEW?--A1Duckfan

The confederate flag, Archie and Eli Manning, John Grisham novels, also I think about how supportive the community was to Chucky Mullins when he got hurt and die – that told me a lot about Ole Miss. --colezduck


Stopping at tunica on the way back to the memphos airport and trying to make a run at the craps tables--AtomicDuck

Change the channel.*click*--JayDuck12

The stupidity of trying to compete in Division I using a confederate soldier as your mascot, with fans waving confederate flags in the stands. You lost the war. You won't be able to own slaves. Get over it.--73Duck

confederate flags--cheswick

single wides--impur

The Confederate Flag, William Faulkner--NEWSDUCK

Sadly, Archie Manning--SalKeizDuck

A.) Your head coach's name kind of sounds like our state B.) Mannings C.) Egg Bowl--BlazerDuck

Oxford, Miss with the famous pre-game setting under the Grove, as I believe its called. Hot girls. The school that the wealthy families in Miss send their kids to if they can't get into an Ivy League school. The Manning family. Deuce McAllister. A program that may never be seen as a power, having to compete with the upper echelon of the SEC. --mihan

Isn't Ed Ogeron the coach? I love him. I wish him well.--fixinto

James Meredith, Archie Manning, Books on the Square, Oxford, Bob Dylan, The Grove, rabid fans, cocktail dresses and seersucker suits at football games.--snotty69

Unbelievably hot women who will party with you at night, wake you up in the morning to biscuits and gravy, take you to church, and then come back home and be hot again--ThePick

I like their uniforms, they're nice.--RoaringDuck

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?


Same as Ned Beatty's in "Deliverance"--87ducks

They have good tradition, but middle of the road performance.--Chile Duck

Poor football team in the south.--DuckyVandal

They are the rival of our friends at Mississippi State.--A1Duckfan

I would love to visit Oxford. It’s my understanding that James Meredith son is a full professor at Ole Miss. --colezduck

Mediocre SEC team--JRockDuck

Good teams not great better in football than basketball--AtomicDuck

I really have no feelings about Ole Miss--JayDuck12

Middle of the road football program, no strong feelings either way on the school--NEWSDUCK

Second tier program desperate to regain status of many years ago.--SalKeizDuck

Indifferent. I got to know some Mississippi State fans who hated you, but other than that, I've never heard a good/bad thing about you--BlazerDuck

Indifferent. I was curious to see how Brent Schaeffer would work out at QB there after leaving Tennessee and playing Juco. mihan

Not a bad school but too many alumni think it's an elite academic institution. You can't think about Ole Miss without thinking about James Meredith integrating the school in the early 60's...Nice campus...hot as hell.--snotty69

Beautiful campus--ThePick

Very traditional school. I would like to visit there someday. Lots of authors live in Oxford. I had a friend that went there and he said the chicks were hotter than hell! He was from SoCal........--RoaringDuck

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

I'm all for scheduling future opponents against the SEC, we have Georgia and Tennessee Scheduled, would love to schedule Ole Miss.--Baciami21

Ole Miss has no future--87ducks

They have good tradition, but middle of the road performance.--Chile Duck

Not really--DuckyVandal

How about baseball in a couple of years?--A1Duckfan

Yes would love to play you!--colezduck

Yes, would always welcome a game against a SEC teamJRockDuck

you bet Im sure the ducks would cream you in hoops but football could go eitherway--AtomicDuck

Sure. I'd rather play BCS conference schools than Mid-majors any day.--JayDuck12

Possibly, if you guys are any where close to as nice and accomadating as MSU fans were.--cheswick

Absolutely, always looking for new match-ups--NEWSDUCK

No real interest in playing Ole Miss in anything--SalKeizDuck

It would be a good way for the Ducks to get some exposure in SEC country. For comparison's sake, if the top teams think the Ducks would get smoked by the lower SEC teams, it may help show otherwise. --mihan

An Oregon-Ole Miss home and home football series would be fantastic.--snotty69

(4) What do you think about the SEC in general?

Best Conference when it comes to Top Half, also has the most powerhouses. Best Overall Game experiences/environments. Oregon's considered Best game experience west of SEC.--Baciami21

Every game is packed and is like a big family reunion...literally.--87ducks

Lots of tradition, in the most passionate football area of the country.--Chile Duck

The conference has 4 or 5 very good teams that don't all play one another every year, and many easy teams. I think the SEC overall is hugely overrated.--DuckyVandal

I think they are pompous, I think they play weak non-conference schedules, I think they own the BCS and get all the benefits of ownership, and I think other bad thoughts about them as well.--A1Duckfan

Very passionate about football and willing to bend the rules to win games.--colezduck

Overrated as a conference, LSU & Florida are great teams, but the others are just as beatable as anyone else. --JRockDuck

Its over rated they don't play all the good teams in thier own league if you made the best sec team play every pac-10 team this year the best sec team would loose 2-3 games the worst would win 1-2--AtomicDuck

Good conference, but Overrated and never plays out of the south.--JayDuck12

I live in an SEC town. The fans are far more informed and loyal than west coast fans, and have earned my respect. The many national championships in football speak for themselves.--73Duck

A very over rated conference that rarely goes out on the road to play any one tough, beats up on very weak D1 and D2 schools and doesn't even play everyone in their own conference.--cheswick--cheswick

over rated, weak OOC, don't play all the teams in their own conference and don't travel out of the south--impur

Great football conference, always several strong teams, and amazing fan support--NEWSDUCK

Wonderful fan support, crazy fun game day experience, poor academic standards, cheating, arrogant, fan bases willing to "buy" success at ANY cost.--SalKeizDuck

Not as good as ESPN would have you believe--BlazerDuck

Low academic standards, huge talent base to recruit from, and a football culture that other regions couldn't dream to replicate. --mihan

The SEC has by far, the most passionate fans in the country...Sometimes it's taken way too far. But on the most part, great football conference, great fans, great programs and much passion.--snotty69

Fast as all heck on the d lines, always, but somewhat over-rated--ThePick

Football is life and death. They take it real seriously, I mean, 92,000 at the Bama spring game and they had to turn away thousands. I would love to go to a big game in Baton Rouge, Tuscaloosa and the rest. Baton Rouge would be my number one pick, for the food!--RoaringDuck

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No, heard it was nice and has a lot of beautiful women.--Baciami21

No, I was turned down for a Rhodes Scholarship so I never made it to England--87ducks

Never visited. I'm not recalling anything. I would expect plenty of passionate fans and a good experience.--Chile Duck

Have not been to Oxford but I understand the experience is something very different from the Pac-10. --colezduck

No I just know were it is becouse I used to live in memphis and worked in tunica Miss--AtomicDuck

Never have been there, and honestly, haven't heard much about it though my answer to question #1 (*click*) is probably a big reason why.--JayDuck12

I haven't heard anything about Ole mis & Oxford.... but the MSU fans were great, & their game days & hospitality are awsome.....I have heard the women in oxford are outstanding!--cheswick

Nope. Haven't heard. But if the Ducks play down there i'd try to come.--impur

Never been to Oxford...but I've seen pics of the co-eds...and they're quite fine.--NEWSDUCK

No. Heard more about Miss. St. and other SEC programs. Actually very little about Oxford.--SalKeizDuck

I've heard its a nice gameday experience...one of the best in the country. Once you get in the stadium...not so much, but the pre-game is supposed to be stellar. I've heard that speed limits are often 18mphs out of love for Archie Manning. --mihan

I have been to Vaught-Hemingway stadium and spent much time in The Grove before and after games. A unique college football environment. Good food. Most fans were very courteous.--snotty69

No, but send me a ticket, I would love to go!--RoaringDuck

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Oregon State

Oregon State and Ole Miss have never met in football. Oxford and Corvallis are 2481 miles apart.

(1) What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ole Miss?

General Lee & the Confederate Flag. After thinking about it, Eli & Archie Manning, but that's not the 1st thought.--GenerationBeav

The movie 'Deliverance--markinthecouv

Eli Manning. Hot co-eds. Not necessarily in that order.--TheGlove

Eli Manning. Don't know much about the hot coeds. Always be interested to learn more.--wilkyisdashiznit

Lower-profile SEC team.--CastorMaximus

The athletic logo with the Confederate general or soldier.--dnorz

Eli Manning--markmark

hot girls and confederate flags

(2) What are your feelings about Ole Miss?

Indifferent, overshadowed by the higher profile schools of the SEC (LSU, Tenn, Flordia, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, even Kentucky). They don't get the national exposure to really feel one way or another about them.--GenerationBeav

Don't really have any feelings. My perception is that "UM" or is it "MU" (I don't get the whole "Ole Miss" thing) is a bottom tier SEC football school, same with basketball. Like your football uniforms.--TheGlove

No feelings. I don't hate them as much as Arkansas, LSU, or Bama.--wilkyisdashiznit

Neutral; neither positive nor negative. I'm not really into the big negative-Southern stereotypes some others seem to be.--CastorMaximus

I have none because I don't know that much about Ole Miss.--dnorz

Excellent football program, cute southern belles, polite men who all dress and talk exactly the same.--markmark

good learning institution with proud tradition but is not a heavy hitter year in and year out in football or basketball--bernduck

(3) Would you like to play us in football or basketball in the future?

Absolutely, as long as it's home-home. It's been nearly impossible getting a BCS conf team to visit Corvallis in football.--GenerationBeav

Let's set up a Home and Home.--TheGlove

Sure both. Home & home.--wilkyisdashiznit

Sure; a home-and-home arrangement would be great, especially in football. I'm afraid there's not too much interest in basketball here at the present.--CastorMaximus

Yes. I would love to see a home and home with a team that the Beavers have not played recently.--dnorz

(4)What do you think about the SEC in general?

I like it overall & think it's great for the growing popularity in college football, which is probably not a common sentiment in Pac-10 country. The teams do get tend to get overhyped, but no more so than the Big 10 or Big 12...and it's better than those conferences without a doubt. The drawback of the SEC though is the OOC scheduling. It's really becoming weak.--GenerationBeav

Overrated teams, arrogant and delusional fans--markinthecouv

Overrated. Passionate about sports. Generally, I don't enjoy it very much when I travel to the SE US...lot's of poverty, racial divide, muggy weather. Nice people though.--TheGlove

SEC is a very powerful conference. They don't leave the Southeast that often, which I think bloats their record &, as a result, their hype. They should play more north of the Mason-Dixon, but the pollsters have yet to punish them for it. Pac-10 & SEC should have a Pac-10--SEC showdown weekend each year in football. Pretty much decide which conference gets to beat up on some undefeated team outta the ACC/Bigs, see, e.g., 2003, 2004, & 2006 championship games.--wilkyisdashiznit

A very high-profile conference, but quite overrated. SEC teams are generally known for playing very few tough OOC games, let alone tough OOC games on the road. If Ole Miss were willing to play on the road, that's definitely a point in your favor.--CastorMaximus

A conference who has 3-4 teams per year who are ranked and has a fan base that are extremely passionate about their teams. And right now, I think of Les Miles whining about how USC has an easier schedule.--dnorz

Tough one - I wish the SEC would schedule more mid-tier Pac10 teams, so they wouldn't have to ask other people how good they are. --markmark

in football the best conference, but NOT head and shoulders above everyone else astheir fans would have you believe, fans are provincial and biased but very friendly and hospitable (with the exception of LSU)--bernduck

(5) Have you ever visited Oxford on game day? If yes, what was your experience? If no, what have you heard about our gameday experience?

No. I'm sure it is a big time party. SEC fans love their college football and do it right. If we played down there, I would love to go.--TheGlove

Never visited Oxford. Never heard about the experience.--wilkyisdashiznit

No, nor have I really heard anything about he experience in Oxford. In general, however, I know the SEC gameday experience to be very good.--CastorMaximus

No, but I know the LSU game was a lot of fun and I am sure it would be a blast at Ole Miss as well.--dnorz

No - I have heard it is awesome gameday- I heard the people are total class acts. --markmark

No, would love to as it has to be better than Starkville--bernduck

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